10 Places to Find Affiliate Websites for Sale

Affiliate website businesses make money by connecting buyers with sellers through various advertisement placements. It has emerged as an excellent way to make passive income for digital entrepreneurs. Acquiring established affiliate websites is one of the quickest ways to start affiliate marketing. This is because you’ll acquire a business with pre-built content, traffic, and revenue streams, allowing you to hit the ground running. 

But where can you find these valuable online assets? This comprehensive guide will explore ten places to discover affiliate websites for sale. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer eager to enter the field, these sources will provide you with many opportunities to explore.

Why buy an affiliate website?

Affiliate websites offer an excellent opportunity to enter or expand your digital business portfolio. Due to the thriving world of online commerce, there are billions of dollars spent each day that you can potentially earn commissions on if you help facilitate the sale. Let’s examine some of the main benefits of buying an affiliate website.

Focus on growth

Many affiliate websites can be purchased with an established reputation, regular traffic, and reliable income streams, meaning you can implement growth strategies from day one.

Proven market

Buying an established affiliate website business can reduce the risk of entering the digital business world. When you buy a business, you can vet the seller’s information about it to ensure the website is in a growth market.

Scale quickly

If the business has established cashflows, you can invest them back into the business by expanding into new markets or implementing growth strategies that have proven to work in other categories.

Add value

If you purchase an affiliate website in a niche you’re familiar with or passionate about, you can leverage your expertise to grow the business. This makes managing and improving the site’s content and marketing strategies easier.

Diversity your portfolio

If you’re already involved in affiliate marketing, buying additional affiliate websites in different niches can help diversify your income sources. This will protect you from the risks of relying too heavily on a single website or niche.

Best places to find affiliate websites for sale

If you’re looking for an affiliate website for sale, you have many options for where to find them. While large marketplaces like Empire Flippers have hundreds of listings, there are also smaller brokerages with fewer but more highly vetted opportunities for you to consider. Here are our picks for the top 10 places to find affiliate websites for sale.

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is the number one place to find affiliate websites for sale. The company operates a large online marketplace for buying and selling digital companies, including businesses with affiliate earnings as their main revenue source.

Finding affiliate websites for sale is as simple as visiting their website and conducting a search. Once you have a shortlist of opportunities, you can create a free account and access detailed information about each business, including monthly revenue and net profit. Empire Flippers has systems to ensure the validity of all information sellers provide to assure buyers that they receive accurate information. If you purchase an affiliate website business listed by the company, the transaction can be completed securely through the platform.  

2. Motion Invest

Motion Invest lists hundreds of content websites for sale across various topics, such as automotive, travel, and fitness. When it comes to affiliate websites with content, they make their money through affiliate links and adverts displayed within or next to the content. Buying such a business provides a great opportunity to build traffic and the subsequent affiliate commissions earned.

You need to sign up for a free membership on the Motion Invest website to find businesses for sale. You will then be allowed to search for businesses and access detailed information about the financials and traffic numbers for the website. Like other major marketplace websites, you can complete the transaction through the website and securely take ownership of your new affiliate website business.

3. Flippa

Flippa is a prominent marketplace for trading online-based businesses of various kinds. It lists various businesses encompassing different models, including those based on affiliate commissions. Finding affiliate businesses to buy is super simple. Just go to their website and search for all relevant opportunities. Accessing in-depth information about each business requires signing up and agreeing to their terms and conditions.

Once you have found a business that matches your criteria, you can undertake due diligence with the help of tools provided by Flippa. You can then make an offer to purchase the business and, if successful, take ownership of all the associated digital assets.

4. Quiet Light

Our next featured platform on our list of the best 10 places to find affiliate websites for sale is Quiet Light. The company is a reputable player in the industry known for its stellar customer service and team of seasoned brokers who help you find great business opportunities.

Quiet Light has affiliate website business listings of various sizes, catering to a diverse range of budgets. Whether you’re searching for opportunities spanning a few thousand dollars to multimillion-dollar ventures, Quiet Light has you covered. They also have listings across multiple categories, such as food, fashion, automotive, and healthcare. To discover all of their current listings, check out their website.

5. SideProjectors

SideProjectors is a marketplace to find various web-based businesses for sale, including affiliate websites. The marketplace has thousands of listings from digital entrepreneurs who have built businesses with the required systems set up. Most of these businesses are “side projects” which have been recently launched. This means plenty of excellent opportunities to take on a new business and apply growth strategies to boost the venture’s profitability significantly.

Finding a business for sale on SideProjectors requires you to visit their website and search for opportunities using various filters to narrow your search. You can then create an account and begin negotiating with the seller. Once an agreement is reached, the deal can be completed seamlessly through the platform.

6. Website Closers

Website Closers allows you to explore some of the best online business opportunities available. One of their largest categories is affiliate website businesses across a range of industries. Their curated selection of high-quality online businesses has been vetted to ensure the information provided about them by the seller is accurate and backed up by documentation. 

To find businesses for sale, visit their website and conduct a search. When you find a business you like the look of, fill out a form, and one of their expert team will get in touch to discuss the business. Since you work with a dedicated broker, they will provide you with information and advice to guide you through the whole process of buying a new business.

7. FE International

FE International offers a comprehensive suite of services for online business buyers and sellers to facilitate the secure transition of digital assets. The platform represents a diverse group of sellers spanning various categories and industries. To find businesses for sale, your initial step involves visiting their website and checking out their collection of affiliate website business listings. Each listing is meticulously vetted to ensure the accuracy of details such as annual earnings, net profit, and website traffic.

The company employs a team of experienced brokers who work closely with buyers, guiding them through the negotiation process once they have identified potential business acquisitions. Once an agreement is reached, these brokers oversee every part of the transaction, ensuring a seamless transfer. With a strong track record in the industry and glowing testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers, FE International has earned an excellent reputation.

8. Business Exits

Business Exits serves as a specialized online business broker catering exclusively to online business buyers and sellers. Their area of expertise centers around showcasing larger digital businesses with substantial revenues, meaning they command million-dollar-plus price tags. If you’re pursuing a well-established online business, partnering with Business Exits is worth considering.

Within their platform, you’ll discover a meticulously curated selection of online businesses with affiliate commissions as their primary revenue source. Each listing is subjected to rigorous screening, ensuring prospective buyers get comprehensive insights and detailed information. Should a particular business pique your interest, you can connect with a dedicated broker to negotiate price and other sale terms. 

9. Acquire.com

Introducing Acquire.com, formerly known as Micro Acquire, this company lists many established affiliate websites available for purchase. They use a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulous human vetting to curate high-quality business listings, each representing a great business opportunity for budding buyers. Their approach streamlines the process, ensuring that buyers can identify and secure businesses in a remarkably swift timeframe, typically within just 30 days.

Once a deal is sealed, Acquire.com facilitates the transaction and the seamless transfer of assets from the seller to the buyer. With a substantial community of hundreds of thousands of members and a great reputation within the industry, Acquire.com stands as a trusted resource for prospective buyers.

10. Latona’s

Laton’s is another online marketplace specializing in the buying and selling of various online businesses, including many businesses that utilize affiliate commissions as their business model. Their user-friendly platform simplifies the search process, allowing you to filter businesses based on criteria like revenue, price, size, or geographic location. Once you’ve identified an online business that aligns with your preferences, Laton’s grants you access to comprehensive information and data, enabling you to scrutinize the business thoroughly.

When you’re prepared to initiate a bid, you can contact the seller and begin the negotiation process. Upon reaching an agreement, Laton’s offers a secure payment mechanism integrated into the platform, simplifying the transaction. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the transfer of ownership for all digital assets associated with the business.

Tips for buying an affiliate website

Acquiring an online business is a decision that requires meticulous research and planning to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Here are our top tips for buying an affiliate website business. Hopefully, they will help you find and acquire a business that meets your criteria.

Undertake due diligence

Before making any commitments, immerse yourself in comprehensive research about the business. Scrutinize financial records, traffic sources and numbers, revenue streams, and operational procedures. This will help you cross-reference the seller’s assertions with evidence to be confident in the investment. While brokers can help provide information, they often work directly with the seller, so you must check the facts yourself.

Expertise matters

Look for affiliate website businesses where you can use your skills and knowledge to help grow. Your familiarity with the industry or niche can enhance the transition and empower you to create growth strategies and navigate challenges better. For instance, if you have experience working on automotive content, acquiring a business in this industry will give you an advantage you can utilize from day one. 

Understand the market

The best way to ensure the business has long-term viability is to make sure you understand the market the business is in. Examine whether the products promoted for affiliate commissions are subject to seasonality or trends that might wane. Also, check the terms offered by the affiliates the website works with to ensure the relationship the current owner has with them will continue when you take ownership of the business. 

Check the traffic sources

Scrutinize the origins of the affiliate business’s web traffic and the strength of its customer base. Ensure that the traffic isn’t overly reliant on a sole channel or source that could vanish post-acquisition. A well-diversified traffic strategy and a devoted customer base signify a more resilient business. Seek online businesses with room for expansion and diversification.

Check the sale terms

Double-check, and if necessary, seek advice on important aspects of the sale, like the price and whether it has a non-compete clause to stop the seller from starting up a competitor after the sale is finalized. Be prepared to withdraw if you don’t agree with the valuation or if something appears too good to be true. Additionally, if the business is large, craft a comprehensive transition plan for managing the ownership change.

The bottom line

Online businesses that utilize an affiliate commission business model provide an excellent opportunity to grow your portfolio of digital assets. There are numerous marketplaces and brokerage firms that you can work with to find businesses that would make a good fit with your budget and skillset. Before making any offer, conduct due diligence on all aspects of the sale agreement.

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