Top 10 Amazon Aggregators to Sell Your FBA Business

Amazon has seen explosive growth in recent years, leading to the rise of Amazon aggregator companies that acquire and scale successful Amazon brands.

However, the Amazon aggregator landscape has experienced a sharp rise followed by an even sharper fall. While Aggregators aren’t scooping up every available FBA business for sale anymore, there are still plenty of active ones looking for acquisition opportunities.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics around what aggregators do and how they work, the best Amazon aggregators, plus alternative exit strategies.

What are Amazon aggregators, and what do they do?

Amazon aggregators are companies that acquire and consolidate multiple small to medium-sized brands selling on Amazon’s marketplace. Their primary goal is to leverage economies of scale and expertise to grow these brands more efficiently than individual sellers could, ultimately driving profits.

Aggregators typically look for established Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) businesses with strong sales, good profit margins, and growth potential. They purchase these brands using large amounts of capital, often raised from venture capital or private equity firms. Once acquired, aggregators apply their operational expertise, technology, and resources to optimize various aspects of the business, such as supply chain management, marketing, and product development.

The rise and fall of aggregators

In theory, the aggregator model sounds great — creating a portfolio of complementary brands that can benefit from shared resources and cross-selling opportunities. But the real-world outcomes haven’t been as good as one would think.

During the pandemic-induced online shopping boom, Amazon aggregators emerged as the darlings of investors, acquiring small- to medium-sized Amazon sellers at a breakneck pace. Aggregators like Thrasio, Perch, and Berlin Brands Group raised billions in funding, with the sector collectively amassing well over $10 billion in combined funds by 2021. Thrasio actually became one of the fastest-growing unicorns in history.

At their peak, aggregators were acquiring multiple businesses weekly; however, the party came to an abrupt halt in 2022. As interest rates rose and consumer behavior shifted back to brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce growth plateaued. Revenues fell, profitability slumped, and Amazon hiked seller fees.

The once-booming sector faced a harsh reality check. Investments plummeted from over $10 billion in 2021 to under $100 million by 2023. Many aggregators resorted to layoffs, mergers, and cost-cutting measures to stay afloat. High-profile aggregators like Thrasio even filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Amazon aggregators are still around but aren’t buying as much. Nevertheless, plenty of aggregators are actively acquiring FBA businesses — just expect them to be more selective, which is fine if you have a great business.

Now, let’s explore some of the top Amazon aggregators still actively acquiring businesses in 2024.

Top Amazon aggregators to sell your FBA business in 2024

1. Berlin Brands Group

Berlin Brands Group (BBG) is a pioneering Amazon aggregator that has been operating since 2005. BBG creates, builds, and scales consumer brands globally. BBG has a proven track record of success with over 45 brands and 3,700+ products in their portfolio.

For sellers, BBG products are displayed on Amazon at the top of the page. When it comes to acquisitions, BBG has access to capital and resources for scaling, and expertise in optimizing brands across 100+ sales channels in 28 countries.

2. SellerX Group

SellerX Group is a prominent aggregator focused on acquiring and scaling e-commerce brands on platforms like Amazon. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by leading venture capital firms, SellerX has built a diverse portfolio of brands, with investment that allows businesses to grow at scale.

For sellers, SellerX strives for transparency and efficiency. Acquisitions are typically completed within 30–45 days of signing the letter of intent. They provide fair valuations, operational expertise, and a commitment to growing brands post-acquisition.

3. unybrands

unybrands is an e-commerce aggregator that prides themselves on being fair, fast, and reliable. They specialize in buying and scaling Amazon FBA and DTC brands, primarily microbrands. unybrands has a growing portfolio of e-commerce businesses across multiple categories.

For sellers, unybrands offers a fast and reliable exit strategy, typically completing acquisitions within 4–6 weeks. They provide expertise in brand growth, channel expansion, and access to their shared services platform.

4. Growve

As an aggregator Growve focuses on health and wellness brands that you can find on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Their approach is to buy brands, develop new products and brands, or to invest as partners to help brands grow. They have achieved over $300 million in net revenue since 2019.

For sellers, Growve offers vertical integration capabilities, omnichannel expansion opportunities, and vertically integrated shared services. They recognize that selling your brand is a big decision, so they move at your pace during the acquisition.

5. Boosted Commerce

Boosted Commerce is an e-commerce aggregator co-founded by serial entrepreneurs. They acquire and scale consumer product brands found on Amazon, with a focus on identifying high-potential brands. They leverage their expertise to create life-changing opportunities.

For sellers, Boosted Commerce offers a transparent and speedy acquisition process, with a goal of completing transactions within 30 days. You have access to capital for scaling, and operational support. They provide expertise in marketing, supply chain management, and expanding brands into new markets.

6. Acquco

Acquco is an FBA aggregator that specializes in acquiring and scaling agencies, tech companies, and service providers. They take time to learn your priorities and long-term goals so they can optimize your brand’s performance on Amazon and other platforms.

For sellers, Acquco offers flexible deal structures and a commitment to transparency. They’ve built custom algorithms and developed proprietary technology. They have the operational expertise to ensure strategic expansion for your brand.

7. Razor Group

The global e-commerce aggregator, Razor Group, has over 1 million customers and more than $1 billion in funding from leading investors. They have a diverse portfolio of the types of e-commerce brands typically found on Amazon. Their product categories are varied and span international markets.

For sellers, Razor Group is known for committing to high product quality, low complexity, and strong performance. With their global reach and the diverse backgrounds of their staff, they bring a passion for growth and a dedication to entrepreneurs.

8. Heyday

Heyday describes themselves as a unique partner to today’s e-commerce creators. They are an FBA aggregator that provides capital, tools, and expertise to develop next-generation consumer products. They combine their knowledge of M&A, operations, and technology to maximize brand growth.

For sellers, Heyday offers business owners capital and resources to help entrepreneurs reach their potential. They can buy part of your company so you can keep managing it. If you choose to sell the whole business, Heyday provides a lucrative payout.


BRANDED is an e-commerce aggregator that acquires and scales consumer products into omnichannel brands, to include Amazon. They specialize in insight-driven rebrands, global expansion, and awareness-building campaigns. They have a worldwide reach and vast expertise, which allows brands to grow and reach new markets.

For sellers, BRANDED seeks consumer brands with unrealized potential. They have major investors and experts who have built and sold their own companies. BRANDED encourages founders to stay on board while they structure the deals that ensure high earnouts for the founders.

10. Wonder Brands

Wonder Brands is an e-commerce aggregator that specializes in acquiring and scaling Latin American FBA brands. They identify and develop life-improving products that people use every day. They have the expertise and drive to grow brands to their highest potential.

For sellers, Wonder Brands uses an online-first approach, but also sells products in brick-and-mortar shops. They have international investors and their proprietary software allows for efficient scaling, performance marketing, pricing, and forecasting.

The best alternative — Empire Flippers

Empire Flipper is a curated marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, including Amazon businesses. They offer a vetted platform connecting serious buyers and sellers of profitable e-commerce businesses, most of which are Amazon FBA businesses in the $100,000 to $10 million range.

Standout features:

  • Rigorous vetting process to ensure high-quality listings
  • Full-service support, including valuation, negotiation, and migration assistance
  • Large network of FBA acquirers buyers with billions in liquidity

Empire Flippers’ thorough vetting process helps ensure only legitimate, profitable businesses are listed, which can lead to higher valuations and more serious buyers. Their full-service approach, from valuation to post-sale migration, takes much of the complexity out of selling an Amazon business. With a large pool of qualified buyers, Empire Flippers sells over 90% of listed businesses. In addition, a huge percentage of the platform’s closed deals are FBA businesses. 

However, potential drawbacks include a possible longer listing process due to their strict vetting. Additionally, smaller Amazon businesses may not meet their minimum monthly profit requirements, and some may find the commission rates on the higher end. That said, selling the business for as much as possible is in their best interest, so a bit of commission shouldn’t be a big deal.

The bottom line

Amazon aggregators aren’t acquiring FBA businesses as often as they used to. In 2024, aggregators are more focused on growing their current portfolio of acquisitions and increasing their profitability. That said, there are still plenty of companies acquiring high-quality FBA businesses like the ones on this list.

So, an aggregator might be the right choice if you’re looking for an exit. Just keep in mind that they might be more picky these days. And don’t forget that there are alternatives too. 

If you want to increase your chances of getting acquired, submitting your business for sale on a marketplace/brokerage platform like Empire Flippers can help you get exposure to quality buyers quickly (including multiple aggregators).

Hope you found this article helpful, and wishing you all the best with selling your Amazon business!

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