5 Places to Find Amazon KDP Businesses for Sale

Whether you’re a writer, someone who loves books, or simply someone who wants a remotely operated business that sells products online, the Amazon KDP business model appeals to many.

While the barrier to becoming a published author was way higher in the past, nowadays, almost anyone can write and publish their own books, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. 

However, this easier access to the market also brings higher levels of competition. That’s why many are choosing to give themselves a leg up in the industry by buying an already-established Amazon KDP business rather than starting their own from scratch.

If you are one of these people, this article will help your acquisition go as smoothly as possible. We list the five best places to buy Amazon KDP businesses so you can find the high-quality opportunities you’re looking for that match your specific criteria.

Why buy an Amazon KDP business?

There are numerous advantages to buying an already established Amazon KDP business over starting your own, such as:

Revenue generating

Existing KDP businesses are already generating revenues and profits, which can help pay for the staff, marketing, and costs of running the business. In comparison, generating revenue from scratch takes a while, so you must self-fund everything initially. 

Established brand

Existing KDP businesses already have an established brand, a collection of published books, a fanbase, social media accounts with followers, email marketing lists, and more. These things take time, money, and skill to build.

Infrastructure in place

Existing KDP businesses already have strong teams and well-established systems that allow them to operate successfully. This includes ghostwriters, editors, VAs, graphic designers, marketing and paid ad strategies, websites, and more.

Greater chance of success

Starting a new KDP venture can be risky, as it takes a lot of time and work to reach profitability. Many give up after investing tons of effort and resources into their KDP project without significant results. Buying a KDP business helps remove this risk.

Save time

As mentioned, it takes time, skill, knowledge, and resources to build a successful Amazon KDP business from scratch, and there’s no guarantee of success. Buying a KDP business allows you to save time and leverage existing systems from a venture with a proven track record.

Best places to buy Amazon KDP businesses

The truth is, there aren’t loads of places you can buy Amazon KDP businesses; however, there are a few places that are highly reputable and have a decent amount of high-quality listings. 

Here are the five best places to buy KDP businesses today. Pay special attention to options one and two, as these are the best.

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is an excellent place to buy profitable Amazon KDP businesses from trustworthy sellers. Here, you will find a healthy number of KDP businesses for sale, each with strong financials, a team of ghostwriters, editors, and other staff, as well as a collection of published books.  

Finding them doesn’t take any time, as you can specifically filter for KDP businesses and then again for your preferred niche and budget. 

Another great thing about this marketplace is that you don’t have to worry about fake or inflated numbers. Empire Flippers independently verifies that the revenue, profit, and all other figures are accurate before they allow a listing.

When you find a KDP business you’re interested in purchasing, the team of experienced experts at Empire Flippers will assist you every step of the process to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

2. Flippa

Flippa is another top-tier marketplace where you will find plenty of high-quality Amazon KDP businesses for sale. Here, you have KDP businesses with various asking prices specializing in many genres, including fiction and non-fiction, romance, horror, self-help, history, children’s books, and more. 

Flippa was founded in 2009 and quickly became a leading marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. They’ve facilitated the sale of over 300,000 digital assets and serve over 3 million users globally.

While they have an extensive number of listings, you can conveniently filter for Amazon KDP businesses and other key criteria, so it takes seconds to find what you’re looking for. Flippa carefully vets every business, so you don’t have to worry about scams or fraudulent listings.

If you find something you’re interested in, Flippa offers all the tools and support you need for a successful acquisition. 

3. FE International

FE International is a serious marketplace for serious investors. To date, they have overseen the sale of 1,500+ businesses, with a combined value exceeding $50 billion. However, that said, we’re not sure how many of those were strictly Amazon KDP businesses, but many were content-related businesses.

While you likely won’t find many Amazon KDP businesses listed on their site, if a big one with lots of revenue ever comes up for sale, these guys will likely know about it. 

If you are a large investor with a big budget, it could be worth reaching out to this specialist merger and acquisition advisor to let them know what you’re looking for. We’re sure they’d be willing and more than well-prepared to assist you in your search and eventual acquisition. 

4. BizQuest

BizQuest is a well-established online marketplace where you can buy and sell all types of businesses, including online and brick-and-mortar businesses. While you won’t find loads of Amazon KDP businesses here, they do pop up occasionally, so it’s worth a check.

Plus, it’s easy to find them; just use their handy search bar to search for terms like “KDP,” “Kindle,” or “publishing,” and all the relevant listings will come up.

5. Acquire.com

Acquire has a community of over 200k entrepreneurs looking to buy and sell high-quality startups. They have thousands of meticulously vetted companies listed on the platform at any given time, and every now and then, Amazon KDP-related businesses do come up for sale. 

To browse their listings and unlock their full suite of features, you need to create a free account, but this doesn’t take too long. When you find a business you’re interested in, they make it easy for you to connect with the founders so you can ask questions and investigate further.

You can also let the team at Acquire know the type of businesses you are after, such as Amazon KDP businesses, and they will send you a curated list of what they have. They will also send you notifications when new listings that meet your criteria come onto the marketplace.

Tips for buying Amazon KDP businesses

Before jumping right in and purchasing the first Amazon KDP businesses you see, it’s best to do some due diligence. Using one of the above platforms certainly helps, as they have various safety measures in place. 

However, to ensure you are actually buying an Amazon KDP business best suited for you, here are some tips and advice to follow:

Read some of the books

You can only get a true feel for the quality of their books by taking the time to read some. If you find them uninteresting or poorly written, maybe this isn’t the right KDP business for you. It’s especially important to look at their more recent publishes, as writers can come and go, so this will give you an idea of the quality of the current content team they have in place.

Assess the fanbase

Does the KDP business you’re interested in have a loyal and engaged fanbase excited for the release of the next book? Do they get much genuine engagement on social media, and do their marketing emails get read by their subscribers and convert?

Verify its finances

By taking a proper look at the business’s finances, you can gauge whether sales are growing, maintaining, or steadily declining. This will also give you an idea of whether the business is sustainable or if cuts will need to be made in the future unless you can turn it around.

Check its reviews

By reading the reviews left by verified customers, including the negative and positive ones, you can get a well-rounded view of what the readers are satisfied and unsatisfied with.

Can you add value?

When taking everything into consideration, do you feel this is a business with strong growth potential that you can add value to? If so, it could be a good option to consider purchasing. Ideally, you want a business to be strong in areas where you’re less specialized and have room for improvement in areas in which you excel.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this list of the five best places to buy Amazon KDP businesses will come in handy. As mentioned, there aren’t loads of places where you can find them for sale, so these really are the cream of the crop, especially Empire Flippers and Flippa.

Using one of these reputable marketplaces helps ensure you don’t fall victim to any scams and have all the support and tools you need for a smooth transaction. We wish you good luck building your publishing empire!

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