Animalz: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Are you looking for a content writing company to partner with? One such company you should consider working with is Animalz.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of working with them, their prices, the main features of their service, and what their past and current clients think about them. But let’s start with an overview of the company.

Animalz overview

Animalz is a U.S based content marketing company that specializes in producing high-quality content for businesses such as blog posts, white papers, articles, e-books, and more. They also offer additional non-writing services such as lead generation and SEO keyword research.

To work with the company, you go to their website and fill out a short form letting them know the types of content that you want to be produced and about your business. The company will then contact you to set up an initial meeting so that you can discuss your content needs in detail with one of their client managers.

Once you have agreed on the type of content that you want and the quantity of content, the company will then assign your content order to one or more of their experienced writers. They will then deliver the content to you in the agreed-upon timeframe.

When you work with Animalz you’ll get a much more hands-on level of service than a lot of other content writing services. However, a higher level of service will mean you can expect to be paying much more than other options.

Animalz reviews

As of April 2021, there are no reviews for Animalz on or Trustpilot.

Animalz reviews on Glassdoor are good, with a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, even though the reviews are from past and present content writers more so than clients.


The positive reviews focus on the company have remarkably high standards for quality and that they have a good process for content to be edited and checked before being delivered to clients.

The only negative reviews mention that the company doesn’t offer very high prices for freelance writers even though they charge clients quite a lot for the content.


  • Experienced Writers – All writers that Animalz profiles on their website are experienced in producing high-performing content.
  • Multiple Content Types – the company can produce all major content types such as blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, and articles.
  • SEO Experts – the company says that all content they produce is optimized for SEO to ensure that it performs well in search results.
  • Full Service – every client gets a dedicated client manager to liaise with.


  • Animalz has hundreds of experienced writers who work for them that can produce high-quality content such as well-researched articles, product descriptions, and SEO-optimized blog posts.
  • The company claims to have produced content for well-known clients such as Google, GoDaddy, and ZenDesk. This would suggest they produce high-quality content.
  • Animalz specializes in producing content for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies – so if your business sells a SaaS product then they could be a good fit for you.
  • Animalz can also help you with website SEO optimization, lead generation, and link building in addition to producing written content.
  • The company assigns every client a dedicated client manager who will help you to come up with a content calendar for your business. Other content writing services do not provide this level of service.
  • The company works with every client to come up with a customized budget for their content marketing needs. If you order a large quantity of content you can expect to get a volume discount.


  • When you place a content order with Animalz you might not get the same content writer every time. This can make it difficult for you to receive content that has a consistent tone for your website. Often freelance writers who work for companies like Animalz will only work for the company for a short period, so it could be better for you to hire a freelancer with who you can build a long-term relationship with.
  • The company does not list its content writing prices on its website, and it is difficult to work out their prices from published reviews of the company. But given the high level of service that you receive from the company you can expect to be paying a lot more for their service than if you work with freelancers or other content writing services.
  • There are no reviews of Animalz published online on platforms such as and Trustpilot. This makes it harder to determine how good their content marketing service is.


Animalz doesn’t list their prices on their website. However, since they offer a very hands-on level of service and work with very high-profile tech companies it is a good bet that their prices are a lot higher than a bunch of their competitors. If you do work with Animalz you should get a detailed quote before agreeing to hire them. 

Top Animalz alternatives

If you want to work with a content marketing company that provides hands-on service and has a team of experienced writers then working with Animalz might be a good choice for you.

However, there are plenty of other great options for you to consider, many of which will cost your company a lot less but still result in high-quality content.

Please check out our reviews of some of the other top content writing services by clicking on the links below.

Final thoughts

Animalz is a full-service content marketing company that can produce all of your company’s content to a high standard. However, expect to pay a lot more for their services than other content writing companies or if you work with freelancers.

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