10 Places to Find Apps for Sale

From games that can be played on-the-go, to social engagement platforms and productivity must-haves, apps are an integral part of our everyday lives. And just like websites and social media channels, it’s possible to buy apps to broaden your market and make a tidy profit. 

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of buying an app, and the best places to browse and find what you’re looking for in 2024. 

Why buy an app?

The average global smartphone user spends over 3 hours on their phone every day. Pair this with the amount of time spent on all devices (laptop, tablets, and anything that can access the internet), and you get a whopping number of people (your potential market) that are constantly using apps. 

And with thousands of new apps created and sold daily, it’s never been easier to find apps for sale to tap into that market. 

More creative opportunities 

Unlike a typical website, apps can be personalized all the way from the product usage to navigation and in-app notifications. If you have a creative streak or enjoy transforming underrated products to high-quality ones, then buying an app gives you that opportunity. 

Expand your audience and revenue 

Whether you’re looking to acquire a competitor app to solidify your position in the industry, or access additional marketing channels and traffic sources, buying an app can significantly expand your audience, allowing you to reach people you may not attract with just a website. 

Also, while apps can also make revenue from in-app ads, the options for additional forms of revenue are vast. There are monthly subscriptions, premium pricing options for an ad-free experience, paid features, in-app purchases, text marketing, and more. 

Minimal upkeep

Once you’ve refined your app to be as high-quality and user-friendly as possible, it generally requires minimal upkeep — unlike a content website or other information-rich sites. 

In some cases, updates may be required to fix bugs and keep everything running smoothly, but once the initial design and development is completed, an app can be relatively self-sufficient. 

Best places to buy apps

1. Empire Flippers

As the #1 curated online marketplace to buy and sell online businesses, Empire Flippers is the best choice if you’re thinking of buying an app. The main benefit of Empire Flippers is their strict vetting system, which ensures that only the highest quality app listings get posted for you to browse. Key information, like financial checkpoints, app metrics, and accurate business information are all verified, so you can browse with confidence. 

Plus, their listings are a joy to navigate. The filter functionality lets you search by niche or listing, type of app, and price, with further filters accessed once you register and log in. Also, there isn’t any registration or subscription fee, with only proof of funds required before you enquire further details about the app for sale. 

2. Acquire.com

Due to being a startup acquisition marketplace, Acquire.com is no stranger to having all types of online businesses across a variety of niches available for sale on their platform. Note that you won’t even be allowed to glimpse the type of apps for sale before you sign up — but once you do, you’ll also get access to a whole range of features, including a guided acquisition process curated by their experts. 

Like any good online business marketplace, all of Acquire.com’s listings are vetted, with verified seller profiles. This provides a better chance of avoiding scams, and ensures that only serious buyers and sellers are allowed on the platform. 

3. Website Closers

Another great place to find apps for sale is Website Closers. And while their name may suggest otherwise, Website Closers offers more than just business websites for sale with some online businesses being sold with corresponding software tools, like apps. 

Because they operate more as a business broker than a marketplace platform, you can expect a certain level of support from their team. From walking through what and when to buy, to providing tips on how to let your seller inquiry stand out from the rest, Website Closers is more “hands-on” than some of the other options on this list, making them a popular option. 

4. Flippa

If you’re looking to access an incredibly wide range of applications and other ecommerce businesses for sale, then look no further than Flippa. While Flippa may not be as curated as other business brokers or online marketplaces, its main advantage is the sheer amount of listings that you can view at any one time. 

You can filter by type (android app or iOS app), industry, monetization option, net profit, and more. And while there’s an easier vetting process, meaning more lower-quality options also available for listing, you’ll also find cheaper apps for sale on Flippa. 

5. FE International

For sellers, FE International is one of the most private online business brokerages around. As a buyer, this usually means more selective and credible businesses and apps. At the moment, FE International offers 4 types of online businesses for sale, technology, content, SaaS, and ecommerce. These also come with all the corresponding assets, including apps. 

Due to their exclusive buyer and seller network, it may not be as easy to start the acquisition process. However, if you want to take the time to find the right fit for you, their team has been known as the gold-standard. 

6. BizBuySell

With over 65,000 businesses listed every year, BizBuySell is a clear frontrunner in the world of buying and selling businesses — and not just online businesses! Their widespread listing directory includes everything from brick-and-mortar coffee shops to multi-million dollar online businesses with their corresponding apps. 

And while BizBuySell doesn’t have as hands-on of an approach like a typical business brokerage, they do offer a great range of resources and tools for buyers, including educational content if you’re a first-time buyer and handy valuation tools. 

7. Quiet Light

When it comes to buying and selling any online businesses, having an experienced team backing you is crucial. Quiet Light approaches this process in a highly methodical and data-driven way, with their team members having owned, bought and sold their own online businesses in the past. 

And while their filtering options aren’t the best (there’s currently only the option to filter for “under offer” or “available,”) you also get the option to sign up with your email address and receive listing alerts directly in your mailbox. 

8. Transferslot

Another credible place to find apps for sale is Transferslot. They have relatively unique offerings on their platform, due to being a curated marketplace for side projects meaning you probably won’t find any online businesses or apps turning over a high revenue on here. 

Instead, expect to find interesting websites and applications, ranging from $1,000 to just over $150,000. Transferslot is a great platform to browse if you’re just looking for something simple to start with, and with minimal investment. And with the options to receive new projects in your inbox, you won’t miss a listing. 

9. SideProjectors

Like Transfer Slot, SideProjectors is all about selling and buying side projects. You can filter by side projects, including mobile apps and desktop apps, and buy directly from sellers like UX designers or software engineers. 

From handy shopping apps designed to save you time and money, to quirky games with beautiful visuals, SideProjectors is almost like the Etsy of the online business world. And for those creative souls out there, you’ll love browsing the often weird and wonderful listings!  

10. AppBusinessBrokers

AppBusinessBrokers is all about bringing qualified buyers and sellers together to buy and sell with ease. Alongside apps, you’ll be able to browse software, ecommerce, and even social media businesses in the USA or worldwide. 

And while most of the app listings are pretty standard (like photo editor apps, fitness apps, and games), you’ll also see more obscure options, including security apps and relationship apps. Basically, any type of app you’ve got in mind is likely to be found on AppBusinessBrokers. They also have extensive testimonials, praising their professionalism, level of service, and support throughout the buying process. 

The bottom line 

While finding the right app to buy can be a complex approach, the ROI you can get from acquiring a good app is substantial. Adequate research is essential for the best possible outcome — so take the time to browse apps across different reputable platforms, perform due diligence, and consider your expectations before you commit to buying an app.

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