10 Best AI Headshot Generators (2024)

Unless you have been living off the grid for the past year or two, you would have noticed that AI technology is increasingly everywhere these days. From chatbots to art and music generation, AI applications represent a seismic shift in the way we work and live. Just a short while ago, who would have imagined AI being capable of producing headshot photos suitable for LinkedIn, job applications, corporate profiles, and even dating apps? Yet, here we are!

What is an AI headshot generator?

AI headshot generators use artificial intelligence to create professional-quality headshots. They work by analyzing input images (usually selfies or other photos of a person’s face) and use machine learning algorithms to generate new images that resemble professional headshots.

These generators can adjust lighting, background, and even clothing to create a variety of headshot styles. They’re often used by individuals for professional profiles, social media, or any situation where a high-quality headshot is needed.

Why use an AI headshot generator?

If you are anything like me, being asked to provide headshots elicits a groan. There are all sorts of aspects to this request that frustrate me. At the top of the list is the time required, the cost, and the memory of how impossible it seems to take a photo of me that I actually end up liking. There is also clothing and location (travel) to consider, and often the lack of control over editing and enhancement, forced to leave that in the hands of the photographer.

This is where AI headshot generators come into play.

Save time

Instead of scheduling a photoshoot, traveling to a studio, choosing your clothes, and waiting sometimes a week to get your photos, you can simply upload a few selfies from the comfort of your home or office. The AI technology analyzes your photos and generates a professional headshot that’s ready to use in just a few hours.


Traditional photoshoots can be quite costly, with expenses potentially running into hundreds or even thousands of dollars once you account for the photographer’s fee, studio costs, and time spent. In contrast, among the top 10 AI headshot companies, the pricing starts at a mere $10 for 40 images, and at most, $96 for 300 images.


AI headshot generators offer a high degree of customization that goes beyond traditional photoshoots. You can select your preferred clothing and background locations, tailoring the headshot to fit your specific needs. The AI technology also allows for advanced editing options. From adjusting lighting and shadows to enhancing facial features, the control is in your hands.

So, for anyone looking to make a strong digital impression, an AI headshot generator is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Best AI headshot generators

1. Portrait Pal — best overall

Taking out the number one place as the best AI headshot generator is Portrait Pal. This isn’t just another face in the crowd; it’s the face that stands out. Developed by experts in artificial intelligence, the quality of Portrait Pal’s AI-generated headshots is unrivaled. Trust me when I say, trying to guess which images are AI-generated is a lot harder with Portrait Pal.

The magic behind Portrait Pal lies in its sophisticated machine-learning AI, which has been meticulously trained with hundreds of thousands of images, fine-tuning its ability to produce lifelike and professional headshots. It’s no wonder nearly one million users trust Portrait Pal for their professional image needs, generating over 600,000 headshots monthly.

What’s more, the process is super easy and stress-free. Simply answer a few questions, upload your pictures, and within two hours, you’ll receive 20 images that are sure to exceed your expectations. Plus, Portrait Pal offers 24/7 support and confidently backs their results with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

  • Pricing: Starts at $36 for 20 headshots in two hours
  • Data protection: Images are deleted immediately after headshots are generated
  • Refund: 7-day money-back guarantee

2. HeadshotPro 

Snagging the second spot on our list is HeadshotPro, a platform that’s all about giving professional teams the edge with consistent, studio-quality headshots—minus the studio. With a service model that’s as simple as upload, click, and impress, team members can individually contribute photos while the team lead takes care of the tab. 

As for image quality, with over 70k customers, including big names like HubSpot and Shopify, users report being floored by the realism of HeadshotPro’s AI-generated headshots. The user-friendly customization features also stand out, making it easy – and fun – to try out different looks and backdrops in your quest for the perfect headshot. It is also easy to edit your headshots on the platform, with more editing options available depending on your pricing plan.

Speaking of pricing, the price and plan flexibility HeadshotPro provides is another great feature. Choose from $29 for 40 headshots in three hours, $39 for 100 headshots in two hours, or $59 for 200 headshots delivered in just one hour. The team package starts at $39 per person, becoming more cost-effective as you include more team members.

  • Pricing: Starts at $29 for 40 headshots in three hours
  • Data protection: The AI model trained with your images is deleted after 7 days
  • Refund: 14-day money-back guarantee

3. Aragon.ai  

If you’re on the hunt for an AI headshot generator that combines technology with a personal touch, Aragon.ai might just be the digital portrait artist you’re after. Renowned for producing high-quality, realistic headshots with meticulous attention to detail, Aragon.ai has carved out a reputation as a leader in the AI headshot space.

A standout feature of Aragon.ai is its text prompt tool, which allows you to convey precisely what you envision for your headshot. This tool facilitates personalization, enabling the AI to understand and materialize your unique vision, resulting in headshots that truly embody your individuality.

Technologically, Aragon.ai is distinguished by its pedigree—boasting AI algorithms refined by experts from Meta and Microsoft. This ensures that your headshots are versatile and suitable for everything from casual social media profiles to the most formal professional environments. Moreover, security is paramount at Aragon.ai, with AES256 encryption in place to protect your data, affirming that your personal information remains secure.

  • Pricing: Starts at $59 for 20 headshots in two hours
  • Data protection: Images used for AI training; can ask Aragon to delete them
  • Refund: 7-day money-back guarantee

4. The Multiverse AI

Turning skeptics into superfans, The Multiverse AI is transforming the game for professionals seeking top-notch digital headshots. It’s not just about the quantity; the 100 headshots you get are of such “insanely good” quality that they’re turning heads across the board, from high-flying execs to innovative entrepreneurs. These aren’t just any headshots; they’re a mirror to your professional persona, reflecting you in the best possible light.

When it comes to team solutions, The Multiverse AI excels with its dedicated account management and admin dashboard that sets the standard for user-friendliness, ensuring that your team’s branding is consistent and on-point. Privacy is also paramount, with a guarantee that your photos remain yours alone, and a commitment to delete them on your command, ensuring peace of mind.

Similar to Aragon.ai, The Multiverse.ai also offers a text-prompt customization feature, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your headshot to perfection, ensuring the end result is precisely what you envisioned.

  • Pricing: $29 for 100 headshots within 2 hours
  • Data protection: Images deleted after two days, not kept for training
  • Refund: Money-back satisfaction guarantee

5. Secta Labs

Secta Labs is like your personal photo studio, right in your pocket. With just 25 of your favorite photos, Secta’s AI gets to work, delivering hundreds of professional-looking headshots in less than an hour. And the best part? You’re not stuck with what you get. Secta offers a unique remix and retouch feature, allowing you to change elements like clothing styles, backgrounds, and even facial expressions. It’s like having a personal stylist and photographer at your fingertips.

Enhancing the quality of their headshots even further is Secta’s commitment to authentic representation. Celebrating diversity across all ethnicities and genders, they’ve spent over 1.5 years fine-tuning their AI to ensure a true representation of all people regardless of ethnicity or gender.

When it comes to pricing, Secta Labs simplifies the pricing game with a single, straightforward plan for $99. But stay alert for special promotions—you could land the same great service at a steal for $49. 

  • Pricing: $99 for 300 images in one to two hours
  • Data protection: Images used for training; not sold to third parties
  • Refund: 100% Money back guarantee

6. Fotor

Building on its strong foundation as a leading photo editing platform, Fotor has expanded its horizons to include AI headshot generation. The result? You get an AI headshot generator tool that’s been honed over years of development and refinement, backed by a team that’s as passionate about technology as they are about helping you look your best.

Fotor sets itself apart with its extensive options for perfecting headshots. Whether through a wide variety of locations and wardrobe choices, advanced editing features, or a multitude of professional photo types, Fotor provides a comprehensive service that guarantees a headshot that surpasses all expectations. Fotor also offers a text-to-image feature, similar to Aragon.ai and The Multiverse.ai, enabling users to generate or refine an image with text instructions.

Another highlight is the convenience of Fotor’s mobile app, which enables users to edit and generate images wherever they are, streamlining the creation of high-quality headshots. It’s akin to having a personal stylist and photographer in your pocket. This combination of cutting-edge features and intuitive design positions Fotor as a leading choice in the field of AI-generated headshots.

  • Pricing: Starts at $19.99 for 40 headshots within seconds
  • Data protection: Images are deleted within 24 hours of generation
  • Refund: 14-day money-back guarantee

7. Remini.ai

Sliding into the seventh spot with a flair for transformation is Remini.ai. Originally renowned as a powerful editing tool for breathing new life into old and damaged photos, Remini is now making waves with its impressive AI headshot capabilities. This shift in focus has allowed the platform to leverage its advanced technology in creating high-quality, realistic headshots that cater to both personal and professional needs.

Remini’s ability to generate “insanely good” headshots has earned it strong endorsements from users across the board. The platform offers a wide variety of settings, poses, and outfits to choose from, ensuring that each headshot is uniquely tailored to the user’s preferences. Coupled with Remini’s industry-leading photo editing tools, users can expect not just realistic, but also highly polished and professional-grade headshots. 

It’s worth noting that Remini requires an iPhone or Android device to generate AI images, which might be a downside for some. Pricing is straightforward, with personal plans starting at $6.99 weekly, and business plans at $9.99. While there’s a 7-day free trial available, the headshots come watermarked during this period.

  • Pricing: Starts at $6.99 per week for 20 images in 30-90 minutes
  • Data protection: Data is kept for training purposes; not sold to third parties
  • Refund: 7-day free trial before purchasing a plan

8. Insta Headshots

Insta Headshots offers a unique, cost-effective, and high-quality solution for anyone needing professional headshots. Their use of AI technology, coupled with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and privacy, makes them a top choice in the AI headshot generator market.

Insta Headshots’ customers rave about the simplicity of the process and the exceptional quality of the headshots. The wide variety, high quality, and quick turnaround, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional photo shoot, have made Insta Headshots a customer favorite. Starting with 12 or more selfies, it takes about 90 minutes for the AI to train an intelligent model to learn your facial features. To date, they’ve created over 1.2 million professional headshots, a testament to their popularity and effectiveness.

Insta Headshots offers several pricing plans to suit different needs, starting with the Starter plan, which generates 40 headshots. All headshots are in HD resolution (1024 x 1536 pixels), making them suitable for both digital use and printing. Additionally, Insta Headshots prioritizes privacy, ensuring that your images are only used for processing and not stored or accessed otherwise.

  • Pricing: Starts at $39 for 40 headshots in 60-90 minutes
  • Data protection: Pictures are deleted after image generation
  • Refund: 100% money-back guarantee

9. Profile Bakery

Originating in Switzerland, the company is backed by eight years of experience in studio photography, and Switzerland’s reputation for premium quality products. Combining advanced AI technology with extensive photography expertise, Profile Bakery excels at understanding and meeting specific customer needs, delivering incredibly realistic headshots both quickly and affordably.

Profile Bakery offers its services both as an app and online, making it highly accessible and convenient for users. This flexibility allows individuals to generate headshots anytime and anywhere. Profile Bakery also distinguishes itself with its broad selection of hairstyles and outfit options, alongside valuable extras like an AI-powered cover letter tool.

In terms of data protection and privacy, Profile Bakery will hold onto your images for training purposes for up to one month. Images are then permanently deleted, ensuring your data is not sold, repurposed, or used for marketing purposes without explicit consent.

  • Pricing: Starts at $24 for 30 pictures in 2-3 hours
  • Data protection: Images are deleted after 30 days
  • Refund: Free redo if you are not satisfied with the results

10. Hotpot.ai

Rounding out the top 10, with its commitment to delivering cutting-edge themes and exceptional quality, is HotPot.ai. Renowned in the AI image generation sphere, HotPot.ai boasts a suite of innovative editing tools, complemented by a user-friendly mobile app, all at an affordable price point. Moreover, their confidence in their product shines through with a money-back guarantee, ensuring that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of their service.

HotPot.ai has dedicated extensive resources to developing proprietary AI technology, enabling it to produce high-quality headshots with just three photos, a fraction of the quantity required by most of its competitors. Another standout feature of HotPot.ai is its capability to facilitate team headshots, catering particularly to businesses seeking to establish a cohesive and professional image across their workforce.

With straightforward and budget-friendly pricing options ranging from 40 images for $10 to 800 images for $80, HotPot.ai ensures accessibility without compromising on quality. Furthermore, their efficient processing time, typically between 30 to 90 minutes, underscores their commitment to delivering a convenient and prompt service.

  • Pricing: Starts at $10 for 40 images in 30-90 minutes
  • Data protection: Images are kept for training; can ask to have them deleted
  • Refund: Will retrain your AI for free and provide a 100% Money-back guarantee


Do AI headshot generators work?

AI headshot generators effectively produce realistic and professional-looking headshots. However, their accuracy and performance may vary depending on the specific platform and technology used. Factors like image resolution, input quality, and AI model sophistication influence the final output. A good rule of thumb is to expect 10% of generated AI headshots to be usable in a professional setting.

How do AI headshot generators work?

Most AI headshot generators require users to pay for a plan, upload 5-10 images, and wait 1-2 hours before receiving a link to your AI-generated headshots. If you are unhappy with the results, most platforms offer a money-back guarantee, as long as you haven’t used the images.

How to ensure the best quality AI headshots?

To ensure the best quality AI headshots, choose a reputable AI headshot generator with advanced algorithms and positive user reviews. Provide high-resolution, well-lit photos with clear facial features for optimal results. Generally speaking, the more images you provide the AI with, the higher-quality AI headshots you will receive.

How much do AI headshot generators cost?

The cost of AI headshots varies depending on factors like the number of images required, the quality of the image, and how quickly you need them. However, the cost is typically much cheaper than a traditional photo shoot, at less than $100 for more than 20 images.

Is there a completely free AI headshot generator?

Some companies offer free AI headshots. However, free AI image generators often compromise on quality due to limited resources for model training and infrastructure maintenance. They may provide basic functionalities but lack the advanced algorithms and fine-tuning available in paid versions.

The bottom line

It is clear that AI image generation is reshaping how we present ourselves online. As the technology only improves, it seems inevitable that using AI to generate headshots will only become more widespread. While these tools offer unmatched convenience and versatility for platforms like LinkedIn and social media, it’s essential to acknowledge that not every generated photo will meet your standards.

To optimize results, choose from the top AI headshot generators listed, provide high-quality input images, and be open to experimentation. Remember, as this technology continues to evolve, so too will its capabilities, promising even more seamless and personalized digital self-representation in the future.

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