10 Best Business Brokers (2024)

Selling a business is just as important as buying one, with numerous points on your checklist needed to be ticked off. If you want the whole process to go smoothly and to walk away with a tidy profit, getting help from a professional business broker will be your best bet. 

Here is what you need to know about the benefits of working with a business broker, plus some of the best ones available for all your needs. 

Why work with a business broker?

Whether you’re an expert at buying and selling businesses or clueless about what to do next, working with a business broker can give you peace of mind as you navigate the finer details.  

Get a better idea of your business value and potential 

Business brokers are experts at evaluating all kinds of businesses, based on factors like your industry, current market conditions, the economic outlook, and more. From this, they can advise you on a realistic price range you can list your business at — and the right time you should sell to maximize potential profit.  

Position your business to find the best buyer 

A common top goal of anyone looking to sell their business is making a tidy profit. Business brokers work alongside you to tailor your marketing strategy, vet potential buyers, and position your business in the best light. 

Manage all the details 

Even if you understand how to sell a business, actually sunsetting one can be complex, with numerous details to keep in mind before, during, and after the sale. And while you’re sure to have an in-depth checklist, a business broker can act as a “safety net,” catching any important things you may have missed throughout the process. 

Organize the paperwork and any legal requirements 

When a business goes for sale, there are often piles of paperwork to sift through. Business brokers are familiar with all the legal ins and outs you may not be as accustomed to — meaning a smoother transition to the new buyers and correctly preparing or filing anything important. 

Offer support and guidance through the entire process 

Experienced and qualified business brokers have worked with business owners in all kinds of industries like yours. This makes them uniquely qualified to provide tips and tricks along the way to improve the process. Also, they often have connections with accountants, solicitors, and any other key individuals that can help the process be even smoother. 

Best business brokers 

1. Website Closers

Website Closers focuses on businesses in the internet technology space, with skilled business brokers that have experience selling many types of digital business models. From mobile apps and websites, to ecommerce sites across any industry, Website Closers have what it takes to conquer the sale of any business — as seen by their extensive selection of case studies and client testimonials. 

Because the team behind Website Closers are serial entrepreneurs, accountants, and consultants in the tech and digital space, they understand the nuance required to sell these types of businesses. They’ll be able to help you from the ground up, no matter how complex the process may be. 

2. Empire Flippers 

If you want to get your business out to as many people as possible, and see what types of businesses are being sold in the current market, Empire Flippers could be worth trying out. As a marketplace to sell your business listing, you’ll be able to join a network of thousands of business buyers and sellers and make the whole selling process effortless. 

With over 450 million businesses sold on their platform, the team at Empire Flippers hold your hand through the whole process, from weeding out the non-serious buyers, to transferring the business to the buyer. 

3. Acquire.com 

Touted as “the world’s #1 startup acquisition marketplace,” Acquire.com acts as an all-in-one platform, connecting buyers and sellers so they can make the first step towards their goals. While it differs from the rest of the companies on the list due to acting as more of a marketplace to browse listings like Empire Flippers, Acquire.com can still get you the results you’re looking for from a traditional business brokerage. 

You’ll be able to publish your business on their website and showcase what you’ve got to a collection of over 350k potential buyers. Accessing their range of tools and 24/7 customer support means you’ll get help along the way, and you can also work alongside a dedicated SaaS specialist if needed. 

4. Business Exits 

With a focus on business with $2-60M in revenue, Business Exits is a business brokerage that serves entrepreneurs across the US. With a pool of over 20K buyers in varied industries and expert services including custom, state-of-the-art marketing and a free valuation, the skilled team behind Business Exits is entirely transparent about the many facets of their process, and how long they could potentially take. 

Clients constantly praise the fast process, the straightforward communication style, and high quality offers due to their vetted buyer network. Their focus on strategic acquisitions means you’ll get maximum value with no fuss. 

5. First Choice Business Brokers 

With over 170 business brokers and 70 office locations across the US, First Choice Business Brokers know what it takes to sell a business smoothly. From business sales and buyer representation to getting a correct business valuation, First Choice Business Brokers have a large network of happy past and current clients. 

With their creative and innovative selling process that gets results since 1994, First Choice Business Brokers are completely transparent about what it takes to sell your business, including an extensive FAQ section on their website, a free business evaluation offered, and confidentiality at the forefront of every step. 

6. Digital Exits 

Founded in 2013, Digital Exits is centered around their main mission, which is providing a high-quality brokerage for owners to comfortably sell their business. Because Digital Exits is founded by online entrepreneurs and is for online entrepreneurs, they have an incredibly varied depth of experience to maximize profit. In particular, Digital Exits specializes in helping clients sell online companies (and their respective websites). 

And if you’re going into the process of selling your business blind, the team behind Digital Exits work closely with you to correctly estimate how much you can sell your business for, with a powerful bundle of appraisal resources that can be accessed. 

7. FE International 

With a special focus on businesses in the technology field, like SaaS, digital media, and ecommerce, FE International aims to make the selling process as seamless as possible for their clients, with their expert advisors taking care of all the complex details. What sets FE International apart from their competitors is their experience — they are constantly up-to-date on current market trends and have completed over 1500 transactions since their inception. 

FE International keeps all aspects of their business broker services in-house, including accounting, legal, and onboarding. This means a potentially quicker turnaround time, and less miscommunication as you dive into the process. 

8. Transworld Business Advisors 

Transworld Business Advisors acts as a crossroad for buyers and sellers to connect, get assistance from trusted advisors, and access their comprehensive resource center — including helpful blogs and podcast episodes. With a network of over 850 business brokers, Transworld Business Advisors have over 40 years of experience in the field, making them one of the leading business broker companies in the world. 

Whether you’ve already drafted your exit strategy or need some extra help navigating the selling process, their team can be there all the way. Plus, their substantial involvement in various community organizations means you can feel good about working with a company that champions support for their staff and wider community. 

9. Raincatcher 

Specializing in small to medium-sized businesses, Raincatcher has served over 20 industries since 2011. Because their small but mighty team consists of former accountants, investment bankers, and business owners, they have a unique advantage over other business broker companies who may not have as much first-hand experience. 

Raincatcher has a dedicated and specialized “investment banking style” process for their clients so they can get the best possible outcome. As industry veterans with an extensive buyer database, Raincatcher can help you prepare and give advice for a business exit plan. 

10. Synergy Business Brokers 

With a focus on medium-sized companies (annual revenues of $700,000 and up to $50 million), Synergy Business Brokers was established in 2022 and is currently based in New York, US. However, their services span various states in the US and even across Europe and Asia — and with an impressive client resume and multiple awards under their belt, you’ll be able to sell your business with confidence. 

Synergy Business Brokers have a handy step-by-step guide on their website with a comprehensive 15-step sales process so you can get the best price outcome efficiently. At every stage of the process, you will be working alongside an assigned business broker for maximum impact. 

The bottom line 

Selling a business involves a lot of moving parts, and working with a business broker ensures everything proceeds seamlessly. From getting the best profits to managing all the legal details, business brokers can work with a wide range of businesses and business owners across various industries.

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