10 Best Content Marketing Agencies in New York (2024)

Content marketing agencies help businesses and organizations create content to assist their content marketing strategies. A content marketing agency can help you reach your content metric goals including increased reach, engagement, and search engine rankings. 

If you are searching for a content marketing agency in New York, here are 10 content marketing agencies to consider working with. 

1. Writing Studio

  • Location:
  • Year founded: 2019
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: Banks.com, Ruled.me, Livestrong

Writing Studio is a content marketing agency that specializes in providing high-quality writing services across a diverse range of industries, from healthcare and medical cannabis, to appliance repair and finance. Our various content writing services include blog writing, article writing, white paper writing, ebook writing, and more. 

Our writers are industry experts with qualifications and experience that help your business get real results and achieve your content marketing goals. Content produced by Writing Studio is always professionally edited, fact-checked, and CMS-formatted. 

2. Renegade

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: HSBC, Panasonic, Ubisoft 

Renegade is a B2B marketing agency that offers numerous agency services including B2B brand strategy, B2B market research, content and social media marketing, and content marketing coaching.

While renegade has served a diverse client base, they specialize in meeting the needs of B2B clients in the areas of FinTech and MedTech. They write, design, and produce a wide range of content — from blog posts and articles, to videos and other collateral. 

3. Crafted

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2011
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: Asics, Duracell, New York Times 

Crafted is a digital creative agency based in New York City. Their focus on creative storytelling spans their various services including branding, content, design, and marketing. Crafted has multi-channel content services, and through engaging content marketing, they can help build brand awareness and long-standing relationships with your audience.

Their passion is storytelling, beginning with great content. From engaging photography, creative copywriting, and full-length videos, Crafted has got a content type for every client. 

4. Gallery Design Studio

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2015
  • Team size: 2-10
  • Clients: AMN Healthcare, SinglePlatform, Earnix 

Gallery Design Studio is a B2B content creation studio that helps businesses communicate with their target audience through visual content. They serve a variety of B2B tech companies in healthcare, manufacturing, business services, and financial services. 

They offer a unique monthly content creation membership for B2B companies with capabilities such as brand messaging, pitch decks, infographics, website design and development, and employee training materials. With this membership, they’ll help produce powerful content that allows clients to grow and scale their business.

5. Aumcore

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: Unilever, Delonghi, McIntosh Laboratory 

Aumcore is a multidisciplinary marketing agency based in New York that offers complete marketing solutions in brand strategy, social media, and SEO. Their full spectrum of marketing services span strategic planning, creative campaigns, and innovative development. 

Through their creative services, they aim to build an intimate connection between the client and their audience through storytelling. These services include digital and brand design, copywriting, photography, and video. 

6. HUNTER Digital

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Team size: 2-10
  • Clients: Adidas, Dabbl, American Express

HUNTER Digital is a digital agency based in New York City. They help ecommerce retailers, brands, and manufacturers grow their business with digital marketing, conversion optimization, and digital consulting. 

With a breadth of services on offer including email marketing, social media advertising, and affiliate marketing, HUNTER has helped their clients maximize their success in the ecommerce industry. Their skills and passion for their clients bring quantifiable results beyond generating traffic. 

7. Ruckus Marketing

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2002
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: BMW, Crayola, NYC Ferry 

Ruckus is a full-service marketing agency based in New York City. Their core strategic engagements in campaigns, branding, and platform design power many companies that are just starting out or evolving their brand. 

Whether you’re project-specific or global, Ruckus is uniquely positioned to deliver strategic, growth-minded, and results-driven services. They offer branding services with packaging and logo design, and content marketing campaigns that drive consumer action and engagement. 

8. Infographic World

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: Intel, ESPN, eBay

Infographic World is a visual marketing agency that helps companies leverage the power of visual learning to maximize marketing success. Their specialties include infographics, content marketing, content promotion, 3D animations, and print design. 

Infographic World offers numerous full marketing strategies which include digital marketing, content, SEO, and B2B marketing strategies. They also offer content strategies, website design, and landing page design. 

9. LocalVox

  • Location: New York City, New York 
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Team size: 51-200
  • Clients: Whole Foods, Chelsea Piers, Macy’s

LocalVox is a local marketing technology, and a company of Vivial, a marketing company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with their customers. 

While LocalVox is not exactly a content marketing agency, the services they offer span content marketing and online advertising. They act as a mobile marketing platform helping local businesses market themselves online and across a range of publishers, social media, email newsletters, and their website — all with a push of a button. 

10. RXM Creative

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York 
  • Year founded: 2013
  • Team size: 11-50
  • Clients: Under Armour, Ray-Ban, Christian Louboutin 

RXM Creative is a creative agency specializing in branded content, content strategy, and digital campaigns. Their aim is to produce powerful omni-channel campaigns that cut through the clutter, engage audiences, and deliver tangible results.

Their capabilities span four categories — strategy, creative, production, publishing — and RXM Creative can help walk you through the entire content creation process, including brand positioning, campaign concept and design, event coverage, and content planning. 

Final thoughts

If you’re searching for a content marketing agency in New York, there are a lot of great options available. Ultimately, the right content marketing agency for your business will depend on the type of content you’re looking for and your content marketing goals.

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