10 Best Digital PR Agencies (2024)

In the age of social media and rapid consumption of the internet, strong PR is crucial for success. A digital PR agency can improve your reputation, increase exposure, and position your business at its most optimal. 

But if you’ve never considered PR before, where do you start? We’ve collected the best digital PR agencies on the internet, what you need to know about working with a digital PR agency, and some tips on finding the right fit. 

What is a digital PR agency?

A digital PR agency helps companies establish and maintain a good reputation online, with services that include link building, social media management, blog writing, surveys and research, media outreach, and more. 

As an abbreviation for “public relations,” PR is all about providing the right information to your audience so they can have a favorable and positive view. While you may have heard of PR from their use in Hollywood, almost all types of organizations and businesses can benefit from positive PR. 

Digital PR is similar to traditional PR, with one key difference — there’s a focus on improving the presence online, or in digital channels like social media and online publications. And with almost everyone in the world connected to at least one or more digital channels, digital PR is now more important than ever. 

Why work with a digital PR agency?

If you already have an in-house marketing or communications team, you can still benefit from working with a digital PR agency. These experts work with a wide range of businesses, just like yours, so they’re well-versed in all the up-to-date digital PR best practices. Plus, they’ll be able to provide a unique standpoint for strategy and help you from the ground up if you’re not familiar with digital PR. 

Managing the reputation of your business or organization not only increases exposure to drive website traffic and revenue, but builds trust in your audience community. All of this helps to improve the relationship between your company and past, present, and future leads. 

Best digital PR agencies

From full-scale digital marketing agencies offering digital PR as just one of their many services, to specialized link building experts, here is our selection of the best digital PR agencies to get results that create an impact.

1. Prosperity Media

Prosperity Media is a specialist SEO and digital PR agency based in Australia. Its team of over 27 experts is ready to craft your brand’s perfect Digital PR campaign.

Prosperity Media’s digital PR services focus on earning high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant online media publications to increase your brand’s authority, awareness, and organic rankings. The team uses a variety of tactics, such as reactive, proactive, and campaign-led digital PR, to achieve these results.

With experience working with global clients such as PepsiCo, Binance, HomeAway, and many more, Prosperity Media serves the mid-to-enterprise market. Semrush awarded Prosperity Media the ‘best SEO agency’ title, making it a market leader in the global market.

2. SearchEye

SearchEye is dedicated to being a frontrunner in transforming the future of digital PR with clear and actionable strategies and insights. They offer separate services for brands and publishers, and by enabling enhanced collaboration between the two, SearchEye builds up brands and helps improve SEO on sites. 

For brands that want a PR boost, SearchEye can elevate your efforts by combining numerous services, including media placements, earned links, guest posts, and more. And best of all, their competitive pricing scheme means there’s no commitments or contracts. Instead, you only pay for the links you successfully receive. 

3. Dofollow.com

Unlike some digital PR agencies, Dofollow.com is not afraid to leverage AI to lead the future of link building. With the rise in AI use amongst most of your audience, it’s now more important than ever to build links optimized for AI powered search. This focus on context, relevancy, and solving user needs allows Dofollow.com’s clients to consistently outperform competitors. 

Sometimes, it’s all about focusing on your business and letting the experts take care of the rest, and the team at Dofollow.com understands this. They offer incredible full-service premium link building with a dedicated account manager, industry experts that can be connected with at any time, transparent reporting, and more. Whatever website or business type you have, you can be confident that Dofollow.com will create only the most powerful backlinks for your needs. 

4. Siege Media

With an impressive collection of past and present clients spanning SaaS, FinTech, and more, Siege Media is a clear frontrunner in the digital PR world. Expressed as a SEO, content marketing, and PR agency, they are all about driving evergreen value with consistent results that continuously hit the mark. 

If you’ve never worked with a digital PR agency before, you may have better peace of mind with ones with years of experience under their belt. Siege Media boasts a track record of over 7,500 media relationships built, so they definitely have the know-how to get your content seen by the right eyes. 

5. Builtvisible

Through the application of content, SEO, and data, Builtvisible is all about connecting audiences to brands in an imaginative and insightful way. If you need assistance with a wide range of options, from strategy all the way to consulting, Builtvisible connects you with specialists that can help join the dots for you through every step. 

In particular, if you’re looking to increase exposure, SEO campaigns are a surefire way to get your business out there. Builtvisible run SEO campaigns for those who want long-term brand building visibility including off-site and on-site optimization for link building that strikes the perfect balance. 

6. Go Fish Digital

As a 4 x “Agency of the Year” award winner for the US Search Awards, Go Fish Digital has an impressive resume. They’ve worked with some of the top brands like AirBnb, The New York Times, and Marriott, to drive success across numerous aspects of their business growth. 

With services that range from web design and development, to copywriting, branding, digital PR, and more, their clients have experienced substantial increase in traffic, revenue, and clicks. Go Fish Digital’s approach to digital PR is all about creating engaging and unique linkable content that has earned extensive digital PR coverage. Their team has over 15 years of experience creating content that actually drives results. 

7. uSERP

Combining SEO and digital PR in one neat package, uSERP is all about scaling organic growth to exponentially drive revenue. Their content-first approach means you can get mentions and links from some of the top-leading publications in your industry, to improve your traffic and conversions. Over time, this can help you build brand authority amongst competitors and even outrank them when it counts. 

From small startups to global enterprises, uSERP has worked with a wide range of clients in diverse industries who all have the same goal — to reap world-class results. With a thorough process that includes audit and analysis at the top, to expert strategy calls to maximize results, you will be guided throughout the whole process with uSERP. 

8. Green Flag Digital

Green Flag Digital provides a wide variety of media strategies to their clients, and their data-driven approach helps to grow traffic and smash goals. Alongside digital PR, Green Flag Digital offers link building and technical SEO services to position any business or brand in a positive light. 

Their digital PR strategy is all about amplifying exposure in a methodical way, with high quality links and media coverage. With content formats including infographics, data studies, blog content, PR campaigns, and more, Green Flag Digital pulls together experts from various industries to help guide innovative link building campaigns.

9. NP Digital

As a full-scale digital marketing agency, NP Digital offers various digital marketing services, like content marketing, email marketing, and digital PR. Their unique range of services are poised to unlock growth and expansion for businesses, and because their strategies are “algorithm-proof,” they align with Google best practices for optimal results. 

Co-founded by Neil Patel in 2017, NP Digital reflects the innovation and passion for digital marketing expressed by Neil, as one of the world’s most reputable digital marketers. And because NP Digital has employees around the globe, they take the time to create the perfect team for every client, based on proximity and relevant PR experience. 

10. Omniscient Digital

If you’re a B2B company looking for digital PR services while simultaneously turning content into a growth channel, Omniscient Digital may be a great option. With a focus on company growth and not just increased traffic, Omniscient Digital has worked with many B2B businesses — especially in the software field — like Adobe and Hotjar, to ensure their marketing strategies work. 

Their digital PR service includes link building, which drives ranking to content. So if you’re looking for a wider range of PR services it’s best to look elsewhere. But if you already have a lot of digital content that needs to be repurposed or to utilize, give Omniscient Digital a go. 

Tips for finding the right digital PR service

While it may require some trial-and-error, you can significantly cut down the time needed to find the right digital PR service by following these tips. 

1. Define your needs 

Before you begin, it’s important to figure out what you need from a digital PR agency. Are you seeking a particular service for the long-term, like social media management? Do you want more full-scope assistance? Or do you require an agency that will help you with your strategy as well? 

Once you’ve defined your needs, you can begin narrowing down your search with PR agencies that offer what you’re looking for. 

2. Research their experience and expertise 

Every PR agency is unique, and will come with their own set of strengths and offerings. Research their website, past and present client portfolios (if available), and read reviews and testimonials to see if what they provide matches your expectations. Forums like Glassdoor or Trustpilot may give you an intimate glimpse into the working culture and whether their services are reputable. 

When it comes to PR, a lot of the work happens behind the scenes. An agency may not have a straightforward portfolio to offer, but they’ll often have a list of past and current clients. How is the online brand presence of those businesses? If you notice that they’ve got a stable reputation with a generally positive online presence, this could be a great sign. 

3. Set up a meeting or go for a test run 

Sometimes the best way to find the right fit is to dive in. Set up a (virtual or in-person) meeting with the agency to have first-hand information on how they can help you. This will also give you the chance to enquire about anything you’re curious or concerned about — such as the pricing or expected ROI.

Another option is to send out a “test run” to a couple of PR agencies that are of top interest. You can send in a brief to each agency and have them come up with a short research-based PR proposal that meets your objectives. While this may be a more monetary and time-consuming option, it’s one of the most effective ways to see if you and the agency are aligned. 

The bottom line

Digital PR agencies help individuals, businesses, and organizations improve their exposure and reputation online. There are a wide variety of PR agencies available, and choosing the right one for you will depend on your preferences and the services required. Ultimately, if you want to stay ahead online, getting the expertise of a digital PR agency is a must!

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