10 Best Ghostwriting Services (2024)

Today a lot of content is ghostwritten. You hire a writer or writers to write content for you, and then you publish the content under another name, either a person’s or organization’s name. Ghostwriting was initially popularized in traditional publishing but has remained standard practice in content marketing.

What are ghostwriting services?

Ghostwriting services provide companies with written content published under a name other than the person who wrote it. For example, a company may order 100 blog posts from a ghostwriting service and publish them on their website under their staff members’ names.

Ghostwriting services provide different content types; some focus on marketing-related content such as articles, product descriptions, and white papers, while others focus on fiction works such as books or nonfiction books and biographies. 

Why work with a ghostwriting service?

Working with a ghostwriting service is helpful if you don’t have the time to write the content yourself, or you may not have the skills to write well. Suppose you’re not naturally a strong writer. In that case, having dedicated writers can help improve your ability to communicate your message to your audience. If you don’t have the time to write, a ghostwriting service can take care of writing so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Best ghostwriting services

If you’re looking for a ghostwriting service to use for the content you need, finding the right service provider can be challenging, as there are so many to choose from. We’ve listed some of the best ghostwriting services to make things easier.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a ghostwriting company that offers various writing services, including ghostwriting articles, SEO content, white papers, eBooks, press releases, and product descriptions. We’re a great place to start if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable partner to ghostwrite content for you regularly.

At Writing Studio, our mission is to help companies create better content faster. We aim to make things as hands-off as possible for you so that you can order content and receive it ready to publish. We have writers with subject matter expertise in countless industries and can deliver content at scale. To learn more about how we can help you with your writing needs, please visit our website and get in touch.

2. Verblio

Verblio is a well-known blog and content creation service. They have a large platform with vetted writers where you can order ghostwritten search-friendly blog content at scale. With writers in various industries and an extensive network of writers, Verblio is a great place to order blog content at scale. 

Verblio offers clear and transparent fixed pricing making it easy to budget your monthly blogging needs, and takes measures to ensure quality, such as checking for plagiarism on your behalf. While Verblio primarily advertises itself as a blog and SEO-writing service, they also write other content types such as white papers, press releases, and eBooks. 

3. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is a leading content writing agency that offers fully managed ghostwriting services. They have a platform where you can order various content types, such as blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, and social media posts. Then they will carefully select the appropriate writers for the job, and the content will be written, edited by the editors, and sent to you for approval within the platform.

You can order as a ‘self-service’ which is cheaper, or if you have more extensive content needs, you can work with a dedicated account manager who will take care of your regular writing requirements. ContentWriters serve every major industry, including health, automotive, law, and more.

4. The Book Butchers

The Book Butchers is a ghostwriting/editing service with a team of skilled editors and ghostwriters who have decades of experience transforming books into masterpieces. With comments about them like “insanely talented book editors”, you can rest assured that your book will stand out against the rest.

The editors on their team hold at least an MA in Literature and two years of writing/editing experience. The Book Butcher’s team are skilled at advanced story structure and can bring out the hidden value of your manuscript to make it into the best seller it deserves to be! While they don’t have a fancy marketplace platform, they have the talent the marketplaces wish they had.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance platform where you can hire writers. There are tens of thousands of writers on Upwork; some don’t ghostwrite content, but plenty will. Because the network of writers is so extensive, you’ll be able to find writers with specialties in virtually all industries, from healthcare to cryptocurrency. Furthermore, some writers charge less than $20 per hour, and others charge well over $100, meaning no matter your budget range, it should be easy to find a suitable writer for your needs.

Getting set up with Upwork is easy. You post a job, wait for freelancers to apply, and then choose which you want to work with. You can also invite specific writers interested in applying directly to your job post.

6. Scripted

Scripted is a freelance writing platform that provides you access to a large pool of writers for hire. It’s kind of like Upwork but specifically centered around freelance writers. You pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the platform, and then you can work with individual freelancers there to sort out your project’s specifics, including rates.

Scripted has a huge pool of writers, which means that you can find freelancers specializing in any industry and writers that can write most content types (everything from articles for your blog to social media posts for LinkedIn). Furthermore, Scripted also offers managed services for companies that want everything taken care of on their behalf as additional monthly service fees. 

7. Express Writers

Express Writers is another writing service that provides various content types ghostwritten. You can order everything from blog posts to web pages, social media posts, and email copy here. Something that sets Express Writers apart from other providers is that you can decide whether you want ‘specialty’ content or ‘authority’ content. If you require content written by subject matter experts, you can pay a higher fee for that expertise guarantee.

If you need content that isn’t so technical, you can pay less for ghostwriters with less technical expertise who can still write well. Express Writers have a content shop that provides a simple process to order content on their website quickly. Unlike some companies, they also ensure all your ghostwritten content is fully edited and proofread by their editorial team.

8. Semrush Marketplace

Semrush Marketplace is a ghostwriting service platform that offers a range of content types, including blog articles, press releases, product descriptions, and more. Here you can seamlessly order content on their marketplace and then have it delivered within a few days to review.

One unique benefit of Semrush Marketplace is that you get access to a range of SEO tools offered by Semrush (a leading provider of various SEO and content marketing tools). The platform is easy to use, has transparent and reasonable pricing, and offers a good range of cotnent types, all of which are entirely ghostwritten and private per their terms.

9. Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency that provides writing services as a core part of its solutions. They can write many content types, including blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and landing pages. Brafton doesn’t offer fixed pricing like many other companies and requires you to inquire about their services to get a specific quote. They provide custom services depending on your needs.

Brafton’s writers are all domain experts and cover various industries. One benefit of Brafton is that they don’t just provide writing as a service; they can also help with the strategy, planning, and distribution of content to help with multiple aspects of your marketing campaigns. 

10. The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a ghostwriting company that can help write many types of content such as fiction and nonfiction books, SEO articles, Children’s books, book descriptions, and more.

The Urban Writers offers a user-friendly platform where you can post your project and gain access to hundreds of vetted and specialized writers. The platform also offers live order tracking, so you never miss an update, a freelancer search tool to browse written profiles, and the ability to build teams with your favorite go-to freelancers. While The Urban Writers looks great, their rates are pretty low, so they may not offer the highest quality.

The bottom line

There are many ghostwriting services available. Ultimately, the right ghostwriting solution depends on factors such as your budget, the type of content you’re looking for, the industry you’re in, whether you require other services apart from writing, and how closely you want the company to work with your team. Hopefully, this list has made making a choice easier.

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