10 Best SaaS Content Marketing Agencies (2023)

SaaS or ‘software as a service’ is extremely popular and competitive. Companies are fighting for their respective market share, but only a few understand the value and advantage of content marketing as a long-term growth strategy. Luckily for those that do, there are some great SaaS content marketing agencies that can help scale and streamline your content creation process.

This article will outline 10 of the best SaaS content marketing agencies and elaborate on some of the basics of what a SaaS content marketing agency does and how to choose the right one for your needs.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content marketing agency that helps SaaS companies create better content, faster. More specifically, Writing Studio’s team of writers can help create content for your website and/or blog that helps increase organic traffic and revenue. Whether you require landing pages, blog posts, or white papers, their team of writers, editors, and content operations team will provide you with an effortless experience. With Writing Studio, you can create SaaS content at scale while ensuring high quality.

Writing Studio can help with various types of content from the top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel content. They cover various industries within SaaS, from healthcare to finance and architecture. To enquire about our content writing services, please click the ‘let’s talk’ button. We’d love to hear about your content needs.

2. Animalz

Animalz is a SaaS-specific content marketing agency. They have worked with well-known names such as Google, Amazon, and Airtable. Their content marketing services primarily focus on SEO content with the aim of ranking high with keywords in your industry.

Their services range from SEO consulting to helping you find keywords to target as well as doing audits of your content and site structure. They can help with content for brand awareness, such as blog articles and thought leadership posts, and other content types such as white papers, video scripts, and case studies. Animalz also helps with the distribution and promotion of your content.

Animalz has an experienced team of content writers and content marketing managers that can help you create exceptional content that performs. To enquire about their services, simply visit their website and head to their ‘get in touch’ form.

3. Codeless

Codeless is a content production company that combines strategy, SEO, writing, design, and video content marketing to help some of the world’s largest SaaS companies grow. They primarily focus on creating in-depth and high-quality long-form articles. Codeless has worked with companies such as Monday.com, ActiveCampaign, Robinhood, Zapier, and other big names in the SaaS space.

While Codeless isn’t the most affordable option (starting at a minimum of $7,500 per month), the company certainly provides a high-quality and comprehensive service, perfect for fast-growing SaaS companies with the budget to create the best content possible.

They provide customized services for each of their clients. Their process includes:

  • Strategy: keyword research, topic ideation, ranking plan.
  • Production: style guide creation, content outlines, draft review.
  • Optimization: editing and plagiarism checks, CMS uploading and formatting, and on-page SEO optimization.

Overall, Codeless is a great SaaS content marketing agency perfect for those wanting to get the best quality possible.

4. Single Grain

Single Grain is a marketing agency ‘with a strict focus on ROI.’ Having worked with some of the largest SaaS companies in the world, such as Uber, Lyft, Salesforce, and Airbnb, they have a great deal of experience helping fast-growing brands expand their online presence at scale.

As part of their marketing services, they offer content marketing. Their team will help design a conversion-focused content marketing strategy that generates high-quality leads. They have content specialists who can help you create various types of content, such as blog posts and articles, case studies, white papers, landing pages, and more.

Single Grain offers three primary services: 

  • Done-for-you: where they provide a full content strategy and ongoing execution. 
  • Done-with-you services: where they create a content marketing strategy and set you up for implementation on your end, and lastly.
  • DIY services: where they share SEO and content marketing frameworks that you can model and use as you wish.

What separates Single Grain from other SaaS content marketing agencies is their care in ensuring every piece of content they create is custom-built to help grow your specific SaaS business. They have a great team and an excellent overall reputation.

5. Ironpaper

Ironpaper is a B2B marketing agency that provides content marketing services for SaaS. Ironpaper’s goal with its content marketing services is to help drive better lead acquisition, engagement, education, and action through the customer sales journey.

The company’s team acts as a strategy and execution partner, helping you to build, test, and optimize content marketing programs to help drive new sales opportunities. They can help you with various aspects of content marketing: from thought leadership to content for demand generation, inbound marketing, and more. They can help you with articles, eBooks, landing pages, or interactive content.

Overall, Ironpaper has great reviews, is a reputable agency, and is a good choice for anyone needing high-quality marketing campaigns planned and executed.

6. Brafton

Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency and can help with the creation of different content assets for SaaS, including blog articles, eBooks, white papers, infographics, video production, case studies, newsletters, and email copy. The company can also help with other aspects closely related to content marketing, such as technical SEO, automation, and more.

The team at Brafton can help create content and map out a content marketing strategy, implement complicated campaigns, measure performance and ROI, and provide recommendations for the future. Brafton has clients around the world and can help SaaS companies in various industries, whether you’re in healthcare, finance, logistics, or architecture.

Brafton has a solid reputation online, with great reviews, case studies, and they boast more than two decades as a successfully operating content agency.

7. NoGood

NoGood is a growth marketing agency with plenty of experience helping SaaS brands develop and execute content marketing campaigns.

NoGood has a team of content marketing experts with a unified goal to help your content stand out, tell your unique story, and make an impact. Their team will audit, refine and refresh content to help establish authority in your industry through constant engagement. They’ll take the time to understand the customer journey of your particular case to ensure the content created not only engages customers but drives conversions. 

The company’s content marketing department can help you create various content assets for your SaaS brand, including blog posts, video content, pillar content pieces, webinars, newsletters, eBooks, content competitor analysis, tracking, and insights. 

NoGood has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Nike, ByteDance, Amazon, and Citi. The company has several case studies with high-profile clients where they showcase the results they have achieved for them, such as increased traffic and leads.

Overall, NoGood is a solid choice with a great reputation, high average reviews, and case studies in the SaaS space, which provide evidence that they know what they’re doing.

8. Simple Tiger

Simple Tiger is an SEO SaaS marketing agency that helps SaaS companies increase revenue with simple but effective methods. Simple Tiger has worked with various well-known SaaS brands such as JotForm, Bitly, Capsule, and Segment. Simple Tiger focuses on creating content that speaks to your customers, not just crawlers. This is great to see when it comes to content marketing. They help build a strategy and execute it to help you earn qualified traffic that converts.

As part of their content marketing services, Simple Tiger can help with keyword research, competitive analysis, site structure optimization, blog, and resource optimization, content strategy, and last but not least, ongoing content production. Simple Tiger has subject matter expert writers on their team sourced individually for each project to ensure you receive the highest quality content possible. They can write about the most technical SaaS-related topics at a level that customers can understand. They cover various topics, too, from machine learning and data security to healthcare and finance.

Overall, Simple Tiger appears to be a solid choice for SaaS content marketing. They have great client reviews and detailed case studies from multiple high-profile clients.

9. Kalungi

Kalungi is a B2B SaaS marketing agency. Kalungi’s services are specifically designed to help software entrepreneurs and ventures that don’t have time to build an in-house content marketing team to grow through any stage of marketing maturity. They specifically focus on B2B SaaS companies as opposed to B2C SaaS.

Kalungi works with four primary categories of companies.

  • “Coach” which are companies from $0-1m ARR
  • “Start” for companies between $1m-10m ARR
  • Scale for $10-100m ARR 
  • Profit for companies over $100m+ ARR

Each stage will require different focus points for marketing, ranging from kick-starting marketing initiatives to later, down the line, exploring new verticals and optimizing costs-to-service.

It appears at least that while Kalungi helps with content marketing, they do market themselves as a full-service marketing solution – meaning the company may not be ideal if you’re just looking for content marketing. If you’re looking for a full-service marketing solution that includes content creation, strategy, and distribution, then they are a solid choice to consider.

Overall, Kalungi has great reviews, a true specificity towards SaaS, and they have worked with various established B2B SaaS companies before.

10. Bay Leaf Digital

Bay Leaf Digital is a SaaS marketing agency that helps SaaS companies grow through various marketing channels, including SEO, paid search, social media, and email nurturing.

When it comes to content marketing specifically, they follow a three-step process.

  1. Attract, educate, and convert customers
  2. Grow brand and thought leadership
  3. Improve customer experience through educational content

Bay Leaf Digital’s belief is that writing and posting blog posts and case studies are not enough to effectively compete today. Instead, you need to consider the entire customer journey to ensure you are providing your customers with the content they need at every stage. With Bay Leaf Digital being a company that specifically helps SaaS companies, they are a great choice to consider. The company also helps SaaS clients in various stages of growth, ranging from pre-product market fit companies, emerging SaaS companies, and companies transitioning from on-premise to SaaS.

Having many awards such as ‘best SEO agencies in Carrollton, and ‘top rated SaaS Marketing agencies’ from Softwareworld, Bay Leaf Digital is a solid agency to consider for your content marketing needs.


Before working with any agency, it helps to understand what they are and what they do, which is why we’ve outlined some FAQs here to help you understand the basics. 

What is a SaaS content marketing agency?

A SaaS content marketing agency helps SaaS companies create content (written, video, audio) to help them increase their online presence and increase traffic and revenue. The difference between a ‘normal’ content marketing agency and a SaaS content marketing agency is that the latter has SaaS-specific experience, meaning that they better understand how to communicate with customers of a SaaS product, and have writers, editors, and other content specialists with this kind of experience.

Why hire a SaaS content marketing agency?

There are many reasons why one would want to work with a SaaS content marketing agency. The overarching reason is to create the best possible content. In many cases, teams don’t have the in-house expertise to create content, especially content at scale, which agencies do. It helps to work with an agency that already has an established content creation process, allowing you to easily outsource content for SaaS without vetting, hiring, and managing a team of content specialists. The content that these marketing agencies help you create should increase organic traffic, improve your search engine positioning and help drive revenue and brand awareness for your company.

How to choose a SaaS content marketing agency?

There are several key factors that you should consider when selecting an agency. Read on to learn more about which factors matter most.

  • Reviews: It goes without saying that reviews are essential to check out. You’ll want to check out the reviews of the agency on Google and see if they have a good average star rating. Also check on review platforms such as Google reviews, G2.com, Trustpilot, and Capterra. If you’re interested in seeing how the agency treats its employees, then employee review sites such as Glassdoor are always worth checking out.
  • Case studies: Case studies are essential because they show if the agency in question walks the talk. Every agency will say they create the best content and help their clients get results, but case studies help verify this. Case studies will show that they have gotten results for companies similar to yours, in similar industries, and faced similar problems and challenges. If an agency doesn’t have case studies listed, feel free to ask them via email. If an agency can’t present case studies, that’s typically a red flag (apart from cases where their projects are all private).
  • Communication: It doesn’t matter how talented an agency is. If they can’t communicate well, it’s going to be difficult to work with them. While not often talked about, communication skills are an essential factor that should be considered when deciding on an agency. When you first hop on a discovery call with an agency or simply communicate with them via email, this is the perfect opportunity to see how well they communicate.
  • Industry experience: When creating SaaS content, you’re going to want to work with a company that has experience working with other SaaS companies. But what’s even more ideal is to work with a company that has worked in your specific industry, whether that’s SaaS healthcare, SaaS finance, etc. This will ensure a smoother working relationship and onboarding process and often better content if they’ve created similar content before.
  • Budget: The amount of money you pay is important. Some agencies are simply going to charge more for content marketing, and that’s okay. You don’t have to pay millions of dollars to get an ROI from your content, but it’s a factor worth considering, especially early on when vetting various agencies to ensure you don’t waste time planning content with a company that you can’t afford. Also, agencies that charge too little aren’t always going to do a good job and often aren’t worth working with.

How much can you expect to pay?

The amount you pay for SaaS content marketing services depends on multiple factors, including the quantity of content you’re purchasing and the quality of the content. Also, you must consider the specific services you’re requesting. If you’re just having content written, the cost will be less than ‘full-service’ content marketing, which may include keyword research, content distribution, optimization, etc. You can expect to pay between $1-5k per month on the lower end, $5-25k on the moderate end, and on the high end between $25-100k. For enterprise content marketing, the pricing could be well above $100k per month and even over $1 million in certain cases.

The bottom line

Choosing the right SaaS content marketing agency to work with is important. There are a lot of agencies out there offering content marketing as a service, but far fewer with genuine experience in SaaS — which is what you need if you want to create content assets that last, provide value, and most importantly, generate revenue. When deciding on an agency to work with, don’t be afraid to give several agencies a ‘trial’ before committing to one company long-term. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a few options to consider and some tips on how to choose the right agency for your needs.

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