10 Best SEO Companies in Austin (2024)

Austin Texas is not just live music and delicious food; Business is booming in the Texas’ capitol and competition is fierce. From tech startups to corporate giants, there’s a business around every corner that is reaching for success.

There’s plenty of tricks of the trade that allow businesses to grow: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being one of them, as well as a number of other useful digital marketing techniques. SEO may be one of the most underrated yet most effective solutions in gaining organic growth amongst Austin businesses. Jump on board with one of these companies and watch the results happen before your eyes.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio may just be the secret weapon your business is looking for. If your company requires high-converting, expertly written content across the board, look no further. This team of masterful writers have seen businesses scaling and getting the SEO results they dream of in no time. 

Writing Studio offers a range of services; all of which provide organic growth and quality engagement for your business. Often overlooked, blog posts and other forms of written content are amongst the most practical and effective forms of digital marketing your business can utilize. Partner with this team of experts and you’ll see why.

2. Regex SEO

Regex SEO has an excellent system in place for how they go about their SEO campaigns. Starting with discovery: Finding what’s working amongst your businesses industry in terms of products or services. They then perform a site analysis: an in-depth look at how well your website performs in its current state; whether it needs some fine tuning or a major overhaul. From here, keyword research and content map generation take place.

With such an advanced, well rounded strategy, you’d expect impressive results and your expectations would be right. There’s no surprise Regex SEO is one of the best SEO companies in Austin.

3. Complete SEO

Another long running, quality SEO provider is Complete SEO. This agency goes above and beyond for their clients to ensure SEO goals are met and results are seen sooner than later.

Their Month to Month SEO service ensures rapid results, and consistent reporting to your business so you know precisely what is going on every month. This provides easy to track progress, and a clear understanding of how your business is performing in search results.

4. Dash SEO

Dash SEO may be the new kid on the block if we’re comparing them to their aforementioned competitors, but this is by no means a reason to avoid them. These maestros have their finger on the pulse when it comes to SEO.

Search engine optimization is a rapidly evolving field; blink and you’ll miss the latest key secrets to ensure your SEO strategies will work as intended. Dash provides a range of effective services: On-site SEO, SEO-Focused Content Production, and CRO (Conversion-Rate-Optimization) to name a few. There’s something for any business up Dash’s sleeve. 

5. Lucid Crew

Lucid Crew are paving the way for Austin businesses that wish to learn how SEO works while also receiving top-of-the-line assistance and strategies to thrust them ahead of their competition.  SEO can be like opening a can of worms; people tend to avoid it as it seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Lucid Crew ensures that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish, while being transparent throughout the journey with their clients.

6. Tasty Placement

With 14 years in the game, it’s no surprise that Tasty Placement has gained a foothold amongst Austin businesses for their SEO mastery. With such an impressive amount of time spent learning the ins and outs of all things digital marketing, Tasty Placement are able to provide virtually any SEO service you could possibly need. Back that up with certifications in AdWords, Analytics and GTM (Google Tag Manager) and you’ve got a serious powerhouse of an SEO company.

7. Motiliti

Veterans amongst Austin Digital Marketing, Motiliti have over ten years of digital marketing experience, providing them with in-depth knowledge of all things SEO. Their devotion to helping businesses reach search engine success is paramount, and this is clearly reflected in their good reviews and great testimonials.

Motiliti shines when it comes to Local SEO. This means that if you partner with this agency, your company will be amongst the top of search engine results for the Austin public that search for anything related to your business.

8. Neon Ambition

“Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science, but if you want an SEO rocket, Neon Ambition knows how to build one”. If your business really does need an “SEO Rocket” to propel your business to the next level, this agency is a name to consider. Boasting a massive skill-set of SEO services and expert advice, you’ll be confident right from the start of the campaign to the moment your business lands on the first page of search results.

9. The Search Engine Guys

If you can’t already tell from their name, The Search Engine Guys specialize in all things search engine. Their belief that SEO is a process, not an event, shows that they’ve put in the time and effort to evolve their understanding of search engine optimization. In using this process drive approach, The Search Engine Guys see excellent results that scale organically as your business grows, meaning there’s no down time. The only way forward when working with them is up.

10. Motoza

Transparency is the name of the game, and Motoza plays this game well. Their effortlessly easy to work with nature provides security and confidence for any business that wishes to partner with a digital marketing agency to achieve SEO success.

For over ten years Motoza have been honing their skills. Enterprise SEO, Local SEO, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to name a few. Pair this arsenal of services with top notch customer service and friendly staff and you have got yourself a match made in digital marketing heaven.

The bottom line

Whether your business is on the fence about search engine optimization, or ready to dive straight in, there’s an SEO business in Austin that will guide you from the very beginning right to the finish line. SEO doesn’t have to be a daunting task, yet without an in-house team of marketers, it can feel like an almost impossible task achieving SEO success.

Scour this list to find out what best suits your businesses, shop around, try your luck and jump on board with some industry experts. Witnessing the organic power of SEO magic occur before your eyes will have you thinking “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

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