10 Best Website Brokers (2024)

If you’re ready to sell your established, successful website, or are in the market to buy one, the fastest way to do so is by using a website broker. Selling or buying a website or online business can be a complicated endeavor. There are many factors to consider, and a broker can provide the expertise and guidance you’ll need for a more streamlined process. 

Why work with a website broker?

Whether you’re the seller or buyer, working with a professional website broker can make all the difference—to ensure you get the best deal as a buyer, or make the most profit as a seller. Below we’ll break down all the advantages of working with a broker, followed by a list of the top-rated brokers we recommend for 2024.

The main reason to work with a website broker is that it makes the sales process easier for everyone involved. A broker provides a platform to connect sellers with potential buyers, and some can even help you evaluate your business, negotiate the terms of the sale, and vet both parties to minimize the risk that comes with any large business deal. 

Along with valuable resources about the sales process, a website broker can provide access to buyers or sellers that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect with. While you will pay the broker a commission, that cost can pay for itself in the time you will save on researching, contacting, and vetting potential opportunities on your own. 

The first step is choosing the right broker, which is easier said than done. To help you with your research, we’ve gathered this list of the 10 best website brokers in the industry today.  

Best website brokers

1. Empire Flippers

For the largest pool of buyers and sellers out there, Empire Flippers is our top choice. Rated the #1 curated online business marketplace, this broker gives sellers access to the most potential buyers, while buyers will have the most high-quality websites and online businesses to choose from—with the ability to streamline each search with custom filters to focus on the exact type of business you’re searching for.

Empire Flippers also offers plenty of resources to help you along at every stage of the process, including a valuation tool to help you determine how much your website is worth, and an education portal for buyers—including a due diligence checklist and buyer ROI case studies.

2. Website Closers

This broker is focused solely on websites in the technology, internet and digital space. So, if you’re interested in those industries, or selling that type of business, Website Closers should be on your short list of potential brokers. With a comprehensive selection of case studies and a strong foundation in brokering online businesses from e-commerce to SaaS, to digital marketing agencies, you can rely on their industry expertise to get the job done.

Each broker has a professional background in the digital space, so they have a deep understanding of the specific needs of both business owners and potential buyers. Their personalized service  includes a full business analysis, so you’ll get an accurate  valuation of your website. If you’re looking for an experienced broker with a hands-on approach, you should definitely check out Website Closers.    

3. FE International 

If you want a broker that takes charge of all the finer details of buying or selling your online business, look no further than FE International. Specializing in the digital and tech markets, their focus is on SaaS, e-commerce, content, and other digital businesses.  

Their expert advisers use a customer-centric, data-led approach to make the entire acquisition process transparent and seamless. Their in-house resources include up-to-date market reports, accounting and valuation services, and technical transfer teams that will make the post-sale transition as smooth as possible.

4. Acquire.com

As a marketplace to connect startup founders with potential investors looking to acquire new businesses, Acquire.com provides a user-friendly platform to showcase the success of each startup to prospective buyers. With a database of 350k potential buyers, any seller with a solid business model will have plenty of offers to choose from. 

Buying and selling websites and their associated businesses can be a slow, fragmented process. This can cause deals to fall off the table before both parties reach their desired terms. With decades of acquisition experience within one convenient platform, Acquire’s founder claims that this brokerage can complete the sale of your startup business in just 30 days. 

5. Business Exits 

Founded by a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Business Exits helps founders connect with buyers who are strategic in finding the most valuable acquisitions. As a contrast to some of the larger “marketplace” brokers on this list, Business Exits features a curated list of several thousand entrepreneurs and buyers who are all serious about making a deal. 

With a 91% success rate of selling your website or business within six months, this brokerage provides resources to give sellers a realistic estimate of their company’s true value. They’ve written a valuation report specific to online businesses that has proven useful to entrepreneurs and investors across many industries. 

6. Quiet Light

The advisors at Quiet Light stand out from the rest because each one of them has firsthand experience in founding, buying, and selling their own online businesses. One of their mantras is “We’re not just data driven. We’re driving the data.” Rather than just crunching numbers, they draw from all the knowledge they’ve gained from the hundreds of successful deals they’ve helped close for business owners over the years. 

Quiet Light will ensure you understand every stage of the acquisition process with a series of personalized calls, from how to value your business to knowing the answers to all possible questions that potential buyers might ask. For a smooth and transparent process, Quiet Light will support you every step of the way. 

7. Raincatcher

Founded in 2011, Raincatcher brokers deals for brick and mortar businesses as well as the online space. In that way, they’re a bit different than the other brokers listed, but this brokerage is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more traditional approach. 

The team prides itself on their “investment banking style” process for mergers and acquisitions, so they are very comfortable dealing with larger, more established, and high-value businesses. The brokers at Raincatcher bring decades of experience as entrepreneurs, accountants, and investment bankers, so they are well-prepared to guide you at every stage of the buying or selling process.  

8. Website Properties 

With more than 20 years of experience and over 600 sites sold, you can be confident the sale of your website or online business is in great hands at Website Properties. Their customized service is uniquely suited to each specific business they represent. While they do boast an impressive list of 30,000 buyers, they’ll also help curate your listing to attract the right buyer and help you close that deal. 

Website Properties focuses on all types of websites and online business, including e-commerce, Amazon FBA businesses, SaaS, among others. With over $550 million in gross sales and a 90% closure rate, it’s clear that this broker is one of the best. 

9. Ecommerce Brokers

For entrepreneurs who may be interested in buying or selling multiple websites, Ecommerce Brokers is laser-focused on maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. Not only is their process simple and efficient, it always includes frequent communication and full transparency. You can rely on the highest levels of trust and integrity when you choose to work with Ecommerce Brokers.

For frequent buyers, they offer a premium acquisition service, which includes buy-side representation, early access to new listings, as well as help with sourcing, negotiating and closing your next acquisition. The team at Ecommerce Brokers will even make the effort to meet buyers and sellers in person—showing how serious they are about building true relationships with every client.   

10. Flippa

One of the best sites for buying and selling smaller businesses, Flippa has one of the largest marketplaces out there to list your website. It claims to be the #1 platform for blogs, shopify stores, e-commerce, affiliate sites, apps, and even domain names. 

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, and you don’t need a lot of hand-holding through every stage of the process, Flippa is a reliable platform that will streamline your search. They review each listing to verify its financial and operational performance, so buyers and sellers can both be confident that they’re getting a fair deal.   

The bottom line

Buying or selling a website or online business can be a complicated affair, but one way to make the process more streamlined and less stressful is by choosing the right website broker. No matter how experienced you are in your business, the expert guidance of a broker can ensure that your valuation is accurate, financials are in order, and the ownership of your business changes hands without any unnecessary delays.

 What are you waiting for? Choose a  broker from this list, and close that deal!

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