10 Best Websites to Sell a Business

Selling a business is a significant milestone that requires careful planning, strategy, and a well-thought-out approach. Whether you’re looking to cash in on your hard work, retire, or move on to a new venture, finding the right platform to sell your business is crucial. 

In today’s digital age, many websites are designed to connect business sellers with willing and able buyers. This post will explore the 10 best websites to sell a business. We hope it helps you find the right platform to ensure a successful sale.

The best websites to sell a business

To compile our list of the 10 best websites to sell a business, we looked at several factors, including the website’s useability, the platform’s size, and its track record in the industry. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, one of these excellent platforms will surely be the perfect partner to help you sell your business.

Let’s dive into the list.

1. Empire Flippers

The number one website to sell a business is Empire Flippers. We love the simplicity of listing a business for sale and the various features they provide to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. To add a listing, you start by submitting your business details on their website. Their team will review your listing and verify important business metrics. Before officially listing your business, you can obtain a valuation to get a good idea of the price you might receive.

Once your business listing is live, potential buyers will review it and submit offers. You can then begin the negotiation process, and if an agreement is reached, the platform will help facilitate the deal. The company charges a commission for every successful sale, which ranges from 15% to 2.5% depending on the sale price. Given the size of the platform and the level of service sellers receive, these fees are very reasonable.

2. Flippa

Another great website to sell your business on is Flippa. Listing fees start at just $39 per month and go up to $499 per month, depending on the price of your business. Success fees between 4 and 10% are charged when the sale process is completed. This means you don’t need to pay hefty upfront fees to start the selling process.

Selling a business on Flippa is very straightforward. Simply create an account and then write up a listing with comprehensive information about your business. You can then set an asking price or choose an auction-style listing. Once your listing goes live, you can easily engage with potential buyers through the platform’s messaging system to answer questions and negotiate terms. When you find a suitable buyer, you can use Flippa’s secure escrow service to ensure a smooth transaction.

3. BizBuySell

If you don’t want to pay commission fees, BizBuySell might be the website for you. Businesses can be listed from just $65 per month if you choose a 6-month plan with optional upgrades for more extensive marketing. All you need to do is create a seller account and complete a listing with detailed information (including supporting evidence) about your business. Once your listing is live, interested buyers can contact you directly through the platform. 

Once buyers start to respond to your listing, you can use the communication tools within the platform to respond to inquiries and negotiate the terms of the sale. You can proceed to due diligence and finalize the sale agreement when you’ve found a suitable buyer. Once terms are met, you can complete the business transfer and finalize the sale through the BizBuySell platform.

4.  BusinessesForSale

BusinessesForSale is a large marketplace for buying and selling businesses across many industries. All you need to do is create an account and list your business with detailed information and supporting documents so potential buyers can verify your claims. You can choose various listing packages for enhanced visibility, which start at just $149 per month. There is also a free valuation tool to help you decide on an asking price.

BusinessesForSale provides resources and support throughout the selling process. When you and the buyer agree on terms, every aspect of the deal can be finalized through the platform.

5. Quiet Light

Quiet Light is a platform specializing in selling online businesses. If you’re selling a business, you start by submitting your business information and financial details on the website. Their experienced team will then review your submission and assess its potential value. If approved to be listed for sale on their website, they’ll create a comprehensive listing and begin marketing your business to their extensive network of potential buyers.

You’ll collaborate closely with Quiet Light during the sale process to facilitate due diligence and negotiations with interested parties. When an agreement is reached, they ensure a secure and successful transaction. The company only charges a commission (maximum of 10%) if the sale is successful. If you want to sell an online business and have access to expert business brokers, working with Quiet Light would be an excellent choice. 

6. Website Closers

With a rich history spanning over two decades in the industry, Website Closers has firmly established itself as one of the most experienced and reputable online brokerage marketplaces for selling businesses. The website has thousands of registered buyers to ensure you’ll get your listing in front of entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities to add to their portfolios.

Once you list your business for sale, the company subjects your listing to rigorous vetting, ensuring data accuracy and the authenticity of your information. Once a successful deal is reached with a buyer, Website Closers facilitates a smooth ownership transition. While they don’t publicly state their commission fees, expect to pay between 6 and 10% of the sale price.

7. FE International

FE International offers comprehensive advisory and brokerage solutions for individuals looking to sell online businesses. Their services are designed to facilitate the secure and seamless transfer of digital assets, making them a great partner if you’re selling a digital business.

The first step to selling your business with the company is to set up an initial consultation with one of their expert business brokers. They can talk you through the sale process and inform you of their fees. If you decide to proceed, they will market your business to their network of buyers and advertise it on their website. Should a deal be reached, you can rest assured that FE International will handle every aspect of the transaction, ensuring a smooth and secure exchange of ownership.

8. Business Exits

Business Exits is an online business brokerage firm. They have an impressive track record of successfully selling businesses across a range of industries, with a focus on digital-based businesses. Many of their deals are in the tens of millions of dollars range, so they are an excellent choice if you have a well-established business.

If you choose to work with Business Exits, the first step is to organize a valuation of your business, which can then be used to help create an informative and fact-checked listing. Once your business listing goes live, the company will market your business to their network of buyers to help find you the perfect acquirer. The company manages the ownership transfer process if a mutually satisfactory deal is reached. Due to their focus on selling multi-million dollar businesses, their fees are customized for each deal and tend to be lower than many other platforms.

9. Acquire.com

Acquire.com stands as a top choice among the best platforms to sell an online business. Leveraging advanced technology and rigorous human vetting, Acquire.com ensures that every listing in its extensive database represents a high-quality opportunity. This commitment to quality assurance expedites the process, allowing sellers to find buyers in as little as thirty days.

Once a deal is reached, Acquire.com steps in to facilitate the entire transaction process and ensure a smooth transfer of assets. They only charge a very reasonable flat commission of 4% for their services. With a substantial user base boasting hundreds of thousands of members, Acquire.com is likely to find you the perfect buyer.

10. Latona’s

Latona’s is a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Catering to various niches, including apps, SaaS companies, and e-commerce stores, it’s an excellent choice for selling digital businesses. As a seller, you can list your business based on key metrics such as revenue, asking price, business size, and geographical location. These filters help you attract potential buyers genuinely interested in your business’s unique value proposition. 

Once your listing catches a prospective buyer’s eye, they can access detailed information and financial data to make an offer. The company provides secure systems to ensure a successful ownership transfer if a deal is made. For their services, Latona’s charges a 15% commission.

The bottom line

Selling a business is a significant endeavor that demands careful planning and a strategic approach. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, various platforms are available to connect business buyers and sellers. No matter the size or nature of your business, these platforms offer many opportunities to connect with potential buyers and facilitate a successful business sale. Whether you’re looking to cash in on your hard work, retire, or embark on a new venture, the websites on our list can help you find the perfect buyer and take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

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