BKA Content: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Creating and publishing high-quality content is an essential part of effective brand marketing.

Suppose you aren’t looking to hire in-house or create content yourself. In that case, outsourcing content writing to a company offering content writing services is a great idea. One website that can help you with content creation is BKA Content.

BKA Content overview

BKAContent.com is a platform to buy different content types such as articles, blog posts, and website content. They offer their content writing services to various clients, including small businesses, enterprises, and different types of agencies.

As a customer, you can go to their content shop. Here you can find the type of content you’d like to buy. You can select the expertise level of the content and choose which service model you prefer.

BKA Content offers:

  • Blog subscriptions
  • Managed services
  • Self-service

BKA Content offer blog subscriptions where you can regularly receive blog posts each month. They offer a self-service where you can purchase content on an as-needed basis. They also provide a managed service, which is a bit more hands-on for businesses, agencies, and ecommerce stores who want to automate more of the process and potentially order large amounts of content which requires a more hands on approach.

BKA Content as a company specifically focuses on content creation. In their own words, “We Write Awesome Content. That’s literally all we do.” And so, if you’re looking to work with a company that specializes in content creation, BKA Content could be a great choice.

BKA Content reviews

BKA Content reviews on Glassdoor give them a great rating of 4.6/5 stars from 66 votes as of June 2021. 

Writers say the application process is easy, the team has excellent communication and management skills, and pay is transparent.

Some reviewers commented on the extended waiting time to be accepted.

Keep in mind these reviews are from employees. BKA Content doesn’t appear to have publically listed reviews from clients on well-known client review sites such as G2.com and Trustpilot.com.

Though, BKA Content does have very positive testimonials and reviews from clients on their website.

These client reviews comment on the excellent research skills of the writers, how they take projects seriously and deliver quality work on time.


  • Diverse Writers – BKA Content has content writers in a variety of industries, most likely including yours.
  • Multiple Content Types – You can order blog articles, web content, product descriptions, press releases, and social media content.
  • Fixed Pricesfixed prices offer an easy and transparent way to order and track your content spending. If you’re not happy with the content, you can request changes to the content.


  • BKA Content only works with U.S writers that are tested for their proficiency in English.
  • Content writers have trained in SEO best practices. Their content writers will write content in a way that naturally includes keywords.
  • BKA Content offers various services ranging from fully managed to self-service, meaning they can cater to your specific content needs as a client. 
  • The company offers keyword research as an add-on to their content writing services which can save a lot of time coming up with topic ideas.
  • BKA Content personally vets every single content writer, meaning going to receive content written by true professionals.
  • Overall the prices are reasonable. They aren’t exceptionally high compared to some alternatives and are not on the lower end either.


  • When you work with BKA Content, you don’t get to select a specific writer. If you order large amounts of content, the same writer probably won’t write the content. While this isn’t necessarily always bad, it can cause inconsistencies in style and tone with the content you receive.
  • There are many cheaper options available for buying content or working with content writers directly. While fixed price fees keep things simple, building an in-house team can be more affordable over the long term.
  • If you work with BKA Content, you won’t work directly with any of the content writers for the foreseeable future. If you build up a good workflow with BKA Content and hire them directly, you won’t legally be able to. This means you’ll have to continue paying fees for the middleman.


BKA Content charges fixed rates per word and fixed prices for subscription services. Their cost per word differs depending on the quality of the post and content type.

Blog posts

  • Blog subscriptions: from $195 per month
  • Basic blog post: 5 cents per word
  • Standard blog post: 7.5 cents per word
  • Pro blog post: 13 cents per word

Web pages

  • Standard web page: 10.5 cents per word
  • Pro web page: 15.5 cents per word
  • Location page: 7.5 cents per word


  • Description rewrites: from $1.50
  • New product descriptions: from $3
  • Amazon descriptions: from $8.80
  • Walmart descriptions: from $8.80
  • Category descriptions: from $2.10

Custom products

  • Social media posts: from $3
  • Meta descriptions: from $3 
  • Standalone editing: from 3 cents per word
  • Press release: from 14 cents per word

When pricing is “starting from”, it increases depending on the number of words/quantity you order. They also offer a number of add ons such as Stock images, keyword research, meta descriptions, and social media post creation.

Top BKA Content alternatives

BKAContent.com is one of many terrific choices to buy content for your website. That said, they might not be the right choice for you, depending on your budget, industry, and specific content needs.

Before making a final decision, check out these BKA Content alternatives to ensure you’re fully informed about the options out there.

Final thoughts

BKA content seems to have a good reputation online from its employees and clients that have used their services.

If you have a regular amount of content you need to be written, whether you’re a content marketing agency, ecommerce store, or a larger business, BKA Content seems to be a solid choice to outsource your content needs. There are many other options out there, some of which might be a better fit for your needs, so be sure to do your research before deciding.

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