25 Blog Topic Ideas Proven to Be Popular

Blogging is essential for any business. Providing informative and engaging content can showcase your expertise and credibility. However, it’s also crucial that your blog topic ideas are relevant to your industry and what your audience wants to read. 

Here are 25 proven-to-be-popular blog topic ideas to implement into your blogging strategy. 

1. Industry news

Search Engine Journal (source)

Does your industry have frequent news, updates, or announcements? Creating blog posts around relevant industry news can help keep your audience in the loop and establish your business as a frontrunner in the field.

You can easily convert news into blog topic ideas if you already follow websites or publications that alert you to industry news. If a particular topic is divisive, try approaching it from a new or fresh perspective. Here are some headline examples you can use for industry news blog topic ideas:

  • X vs Y: Which is better?
  • Here’s what we know about X
  • Have you heard about the new X?

2. Case studies

Google (source)

Case studies are a valuable blog topic idea for any business, as they can showcase how popular your product or service is for your customers. Within the case studies, you can add images, statistics, the goal of your client, and how you helped them achieve it. If a visitor is on the fence about purchasing your product or trying out your service, case studies can often be the final “push” they need to trust your business. 

Case Studies are a good blog topic idea if you already have lots of experience working with clients. Ideally, you’ll want a range of examples to show your range. Here are some headline examples if you’re going to use case studies:

  • How X used Y to drive sales and increase revenue
  • How we helped X To grow and scale their business
  • Our approach: A customer-focused strategy for X

3. Interviews

Examine.com (source)

Interviews are an effective way to create authentic, shareable content with conversations with industry-relevant experts. If you’re wondering what blog topic ideas your audience will find helpful, interviews are a great start. You’ll be able to ask questions about topics your audience may find useful and get professional insights into niche ideas. 

While interviews are a great blog topic idea, it’s essential to avoid common questions that are regularly asked and might be boring for the visitor. You’ll want to try approaching interviews from a unique or fresh angle. Here are some headline examples for Interviews:

  • The future of X: An interview with Y
  • A candid conversation with X
  • Meet X: An Interview with the expert

4. Tutorials and how-to guides

Medical News Today (source)

Most internet users like to learn new things. Because of this, tutorials and how-to guides consistently remain popular blog topic ideas for any type of business and across all industries. Tutorials and how-to guides are primarily instructional and can help the audience solve a problem or figure out a solution. 

By using practical and conversational English and demonstrating your expertise and knowledge, these blog topic ideas can pique the interest of future customers and provide value-rich content. Generally, bullet points or numbered lists do well in tutorials and how-to guides, as they break down the content into bite-sized information. Here are some headline examples:

  • How to X: With examples
  • 10 tips to help you achieve success
  • X: An in-depth tutorial

5. Tips and tricks

Parents.com (source)

Just like tutorials and how-to guides, tips and tricks is a useful blog topic idea as they provide value for your audience. Tips and tricks are popular, as they’re often easy to read and understand — so the visitor remains engaged throughout the entire blog post. 

This is another chance to demonstrate how much you know about the industry you’re in and set yourself apart from the competition. You’ll want to include tips and tricks that are easy to implement, easy to understand and provide answers to commonly asked questions. Here are some headline ideas if you’re looking to include tips and tricks as a blog topic idea:

  • Our top 20 X tips and tricks for beginners
  • 50 tips to help you X: The complete list
  • Grow your business: 10 Tips to help you succeed

6. Beginner guides

Skillshare (source)

Beginner guides break down an idea or a topic in a concise, relatable way, without compromising on detail. While beginner guides are generally shorter and not as in-depth as ultimate guides, they are equally as popular. Visitors will usually choose beginner guides over ultimate guides if they’re shorter on time or they still want to learn information without any extra detail. 

Beginner guides are a great blog topic idea if you’re in an industry with relatively complex processes or techniques. Here are some headline examples if you want to include beginner guides as a blog topic idea:

  • How to achieve X: A beginner’s guide
  • An introduction to X: A beginner’s guide
  • A simple guide to X

7. Ultimate guides

Shopify (source)

Unlike beginner guides, ultimate guides are multi-chapter guides covering a specific idea or topic in detail for visitors looking for advanced guidance or information. Because of this, ultimate guides are generally longer than beginner guides and utilize more complex language.

To build the credibility of an ultimate guide, the blog topic idea should be backed with relevant research, statistical data, infographics, images, and lists. You can also add in sub-headings or ‘chapters’ to break up the guide and improve its readability. Here are some headline examples for ultimate guides:

  • The complete guide to X: Everything you need to know
  • How to X: The ultimate guide
  • Comparing X and Y: A comprehensive guide

8. Personal storytelling

Metro (source)

Personal storytelling or personalized posts helps businesses connect with their audience in a more meaningful way, making it an often-utilized blog topic idea. Sharing the personal story of your business, the employees, or other behind-the-scenes information, can help build emotional attachment and build brand loyalty. 

While you don’t have to share your deepest business secrets with your audience, emotive language and tone can go a long way. You can also attract more traffic to your website depending on your headline. Here are some headline examples for personalized storytelling blog posts:

  • Why I moved halfway across the world to start a business
  • Lessons I learned from a year as a working mum
  • What no one tells you about leaving university

9. Product or service reviews and testimonials 

Stripe (source)

Social proof is everything in the digital marketing world. While your business can be the most prominent endorser of your product or service, it’s easy for visitors to think you’re overly biased — so this is where reviews and testimonials come in.

It might seem odd to have reviews and testimonials as a blog topic idea, but they work. Shorter testimonials don’t have to be utilized in a blog, and they can be displayed on your website. Still, longer testimonials can be included in a blog post showcasing a specific service. Here are some headline examples if you want to utilize product or service reviews and testimonials in your blogging strategy:

  • Grow your business with X: 5 testimonials that show it works
  • Reviews from some of our happy customers
  • The X Solution: 3 testimonials from clients just like you

10. Troubleshooting guides

Samsung (source)

Troubleshooting guides are an excellent blog topic idea, especially if you sell products that require setting up, maintenance, and upkeep. The customer journey doesn’t just stop once you sell a product or service to a customer. If the products are complex and require instructions (i.e. appliances or kitchenware), troubleshooting guides can help make the setup and repairing process smooth and easy. 

Generally, troubleshooting guides have step-by-step instructions, but you can also include common FAQs depending on the industry you are in. Here are some headline examples:

  • How to set up X: A step-by-step guide
  • Is your X leaking water? Here’s how to fix it
  • Signs your X needs repairing 

11. Travel and exploration

Brightly (source)

Everyone loves to travel and explore, and even if your business isn’t in the travel industry, you can still bring some adventure to your blog posts with travel and exploration blog topic ideas. Blog posts don’t necessarily have to be in your exact niche. Linking to other topics like outdoor pursuits, fitness, and adventures can appeal to a broader demographic and bring in a new audience. 

Of course, it’s essential to keep it relevant. If your business is nowhere near the realm of outdoor adventures, you can find other similar topics that overlap with the industry you are in. Here are some headline examples for travel and exploration blog topic ideas:

  • X in action: Snapshots of clients from around the world
  • 5 ways to make the most out of your summer vacation
  • 10 must-have bag essentials while traveling 

12. Upcoming events

LOTI (source)

Blog topic ideas don’t have to be external topics. Blogs are also a great way to let your customers know about any business or company updates or upcoming events they might be interested in. If you have an upcoming event that your audience is invited to, letting them know ahead of time with a blog post can be a great way to boost participation.

Because blog posts are easily shareable across multiple platforms like social media, you’ll also be able to share the post across your social feeds or embed them into email newsletters to let your entire audience know. Here are some headline examples if you want to include upcoming events as a blog topic idea:

  • Something exciting is on it’s way — and you’re invited!
  • Join us in celebration for our new product launch
  • Calendar update: What’s coming up in March?

13. Business updates

Glossier (source)

As mentioned earlier, updating your customers on what’s happening in your business can build transparency, increasing trust and credibility. If you have an exciting company update like a new hire, a new website, or an exciting business takeover, here’s your chance to let the audience know.

Business updates are a popular blog topic idea, as it shows your customers that you care, and you want them to celebrate your wins and company news with the rest of the team. Here are some headline examples:

  • We’ve had a social media revamp! Be one of the first to check it out
  • Meet X, our new CEO 
  • X wins business award for 2022: Check out all the pictures here

14. List posts

Greatist (source)

A list post, also known as a listicle, is a blog post that revolves around a list of points. These points can be in a bullet-point form or numbered and can cover any topic in any industry type. In fact, this post you are now reading is a list post! 

Numbered lists are an efficient blog topic idea, as it allows readers to quickly skim the blog post when they’re short on time or trying to multitask. By utilizing attention-grabbing headings and subheadings, readers will understand the main concepts quickly. Here are some list post headline examples:

  • 50 X ideas for any business
  • The top 10 tools you can use to help you X
  • 20 reasons why X is essential for your business

15. Competitor breakdowns 

Business News Daily (source)

Talking about your competitors may seem counterintuitive, but competitor breakdowns can reflect your neutrality and professionalism. Many customers are used to companies pitching their product or service as the best and only one they should be buying from. While that might seem like an effective sales strategy, it can also make you seem ingenuine or biased to make a sale. 

Competitor breakdowns offer an unbiased look into an industry, with detailed information from separate companies. You can break down the differences between your business and a similar one with key benefits, functions, features, and drawbacks. Here are some headline examples if you’re considering competitor breakdowns as a blog topic idea: 

  • X reviews 2022: 10 reasons why you should believe the hype
  • X vs Y: Which one is best for my business?
  • A quick review of X: Features, benefits, and potential challenges

16. Trending or the latest topics 

Vice (source)

The internet moves rapidly, and trends can rise as quickly as they fall. Incorporating trending or the latest topics won’t be good for evergreen posts or probably make up the most of your blog strategy for the year. However, including some of the latest pop culture and worldwide trends can put your name out there and increase search engine rankings. 

It’s important to note that your business or industry should overlap with the topic to some degree. Incorporating trending or the latest topics as blog topic ideas won’t make sense if you’re writing about something completely different from your industry. Here are some headline examples:

  • Have you heard about X? The new product taking over the world 
  • 5 reasons why you should give X a go
  • The rise and fall of X: A quick breakdown 

17. Industry research

Nature (source)

Depending on your specific industry, industry research can be a great blog topic idea to inform and educate your audience. For example, if your business is in medical cannabis, then creating research-based blog posts with excerpts from studies and reviews could be interesting for your audience. 

Industry research can become very technical as you’re pulling from research papers. It’s vital that the language and tone remain as approachable as possible to increase its readability. Here are some headline examples:

  • X and Y: What the research shows
  • A scientific-based approach to X
  • Is X actually effective? Here’s what researchers say

18. Highlight social causes or charities 

Starbucks Stories (source)

Feel-good stories and a community spirit can go a long way. Modern consumers want more than just a company selling to them. If your business is involved in charities or contributes to social causes, here’s your chance to highlight what matters — by giving back to the community. 

This doesn’t have to mean donating thousands of dollars to a charity of your choice. If you’re in a local community, hosting a community event or a fundraising day can be a great way to get out and get involved. You can also blog about charities that you love and support. Here are some headline blog topic examples:

  • Fundraising for charity: A day out with X
  • 5 charities supporting women that we love
  • 10 easy ways to give back to the community 

19. FAQs

Mailchimp (source)

Are there questions you get asked about regularly? Adding FAQs in blog posts can make it easier for your audience to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. While you might already have a FAQ section on your website, having separate blog posts for commonly asked questions means you have more space to give in-depth answers with graphics and imagery. 

If you want to utilize FAQs as blog topic ideas, take note of questions your visitors commonly ask. Then, think about how you can best approach it in-depth yet concisely. Here are some headline examples:

  • Are you confused about X? Here’s an explanation
  • How do you know X is right for your business?
  • Here’s how to choose the right product for you

20. Competitions

World Photography Organization (source)

Like upcoming events, letting your audience know about competitions is an excellent blog topic idea to increase engagement and reach. While many businesses post upcoming competitions on their social media platforms, including a rundown of the competition as a blog post can explain the process in-depth and clear up any potential questions they may have. 

You can also link the blog post to your social media channels or emails to increase more traffic to your website. Here are some headline examples for competitions:

  • Be in to win X!
  • Our annual X competition: Here’s how to enter
  • Snap a picture of X and win Y!

21. Infographics

PETA (source)

Infographics are visually-striking, attention-grabbing, and engaging. By including imagery, visual elements, and colors, your audience will be more likely to read your written content and stay on the page for longer. 

Infographics are excellent blog topic ideas if you want to explain a complicated subject or idea. You can also include infographics in conjunction with any other blog topic ideas in this list, especially listicles and how-to tips. Here are some headline examples for infographics: 

  • Important X stats you need to know for 2022
  • 10 ways X can help your business
  • The process of X

22. Statistics and analytics 

Statista (source)

Include some numbers in your blog posts with statistics and analytics. Just like infographics, pie charts, bar graphs, and tables can help break up a wall of text and make it more engaging for the reader. They can also be used to back up your claims or research that you have done. 

You should use statistics and analytics in conjunction with other blog topic ideas like industry research or competitor breakdowns. They’re beneficial when comparing two businesses or products against one another. Here are some headline examples:

  • Here’s how social media has changed over the past 5 years
  • X or Y? Here’s what teens prefer
  • X and Y: The pros and cons 

23. Current industry predictions 

Forbes (source)

Current industry predictions are the opposite of statistics and analytics. While you might not have any data to back up your claims, you’ll still be able to use past industry trends, past data, and other relevant information to make predictions about any upcoming trends. 

This is a great blog topic idea for readers wanting to plan ahead. Here are some headline examples for current industry predictions:

  • Top 10 social media trends in 2023
  • How will the X industry change in the next 10 years?
  • Upcoming challenges in the X industry to keep an eye on

24. Tie in audience pain points 

Verywell (source)

To effectively sell a product or service, a business needs to recognize and acknowledge the audience’s pain points and provide a goal. By figuring out what your audience is searching for on the internet, you’ll be able to curate your blog posts around what they’re looking for. 

Tying in audience pain points is also an excellent way to improve your search engine rankings as you’ll be directly addressing what they’re searching up. Here are some headline examples:

  • Why am I sad for no reason? What might be happening 
  • Why do you want to leave your current job? Sample answers
  • Why am I not getting pregnant? 5 possible reasons 

25. Pros and cons list 

Harvard Business Review (source)

Pros and cons lists combine multiple blog topic ideas, including list posts and competitor breakdowns. Pros and cons list gives a brief overview of the main features of the product or service and helps the visitor make up their mind, especially if they are choosing between two similar items. 

Pros and cons lists are usually in bullet point formats and can be easily skim-read by a visitor. Here are some headline examples:

  • A review on X: Is it worth it?
  • Is X worth the hype? 
  • The pros and cons of X, according to Y

The bottom line 

While coming up with blog topic ideas can be challenging, utilizing these 25 blog topic ideas can help get you started.

It’s also important to note that these topic ideas will be dependent on your business, the specific industry it’s in, and your audience type. In some cases, tweaks may need to be made.

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