10 Best Business Brokers in Atlanta (2024)

Choosing the right business broker can make the process of buying or selling a business much smoother and less time consuming. Whether you’re a business owner planning your retirement, or an investor looking for new prospects in the Atlanta area, working with a business broker can make all aspects of your transaction easier and bring you that much closer to achieving your goal. 

Below we’ll break down some of the benefits you’ll have using a broker versus selling or buying a business on your own. If you’re not sure where to look for one, keep reading for our list of the 10 best Atlanta business brokers—before you know it, you’ll be closing that deal!   

The benefits of using a business broker

For sellers/business owners

You’ve grown your business for years and are ready to finish at a high point and hand over the reins forever. Whether you’re preparing to retire completely or just pivoting to a new venture, a business broker can help ease the burden by taking care of all the details while you focus on reviewing the offers as they roll in. 

Before you list your company for sale, the broker can help evaluate your business to get the best price, based on the raw numbers as well as all the work you’ve put into building it. A good broker will have a network of serious investors ready to buy, and knows the best way to market your business directly to them. 

For buyers/investors

The best business brokers can provide potential buyers many options of businesses for sale with the highest profit potential. Your broker should have a strong sense of your interests and expertise as an investor, so they can connect you with the most relevant opportunities as they become available.

Working with a broker can save you the time and energy it takes to research a business, conduct due diligence procedures, and negotiate the deal. If you’re planning to purchase more businesses over time, having a good relationship with a business broker will be the key to ensuring every transaction is completed flawlessly and changes ownership with minimal disruptions to the business.

Best business brokers in Atlanta

1. Website Closers

If you own or want to buy an online or tech business based in Atlanta, your best option for a business broker is Website Closers. Their advisors are well-versed in the industry, with professional experience in the digital space as entrepreneurs, business owners and long careers within various technical fields. This expertise is paramount to marketing your business to a targeted network of buyers. 

Website Closers will connect sellers with the right investors and help close the deal quickly. The service includes a comprehensive valuation of your business and marketing plans. The tech industry moves quickly, but this broker can keep up, streamlining the process of buying or selling your web-based business to meet the needs of an ever-evolving market. 

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers provides support for sellers and buyers at every stage of the sale. Whether you’re an Atlanta-based business owner preparing your exit strategy, or a seasoned investor looking to grow your own empire, this broker can guide you through the deal so you’ll both walk away satisfied. 

With access to the largest online marketplace for buying and selling businesses, you can set the filters for a targeted search based on your interests, requirements, and budget. Investors also have access to a due diligence checklist, ROI case studies, and other industry research to guide in your search. Empire Flippers also helps sellers understand the value of their business with a valuation tool and negotiation strategies, so you can count on getting the price you deserve at closing.

3. Transworld Business Advisors Atlanta

With more than 10,000 business sales over four decades, your transaction will be in expert hands at Transworld Business Advisors. From assessing the value of your business to creating a strategic marketing plan to attract investors, they’ll guide you through every stage of the process seamlessly. 

Transworld Business Advisors offers more than your average brokerage service. In addition to business sales, they also provide consulting and development for franchising opportunities—ideal for entrepreneurs who are ready to branch out and continue to grow their business. 

4. First Choice Business Brokers Atlanta Metro

With offices in more than 70 locations across the United States, First Choice Business Brokers has the advantage of being a local company with a national reach. You can count on this broker’s experience in the Atlanta business market while maintaining strong connections with their extended network of buyers and sellers.  

First Choice Business Brokers uses their expertise to craft a unique and comprehensive plan to target your search for a new investment or market your successful business to qualified buyers. Their automated tools and proprietary technology will ensure a streamlined and thorough transaction.

5. Bristol Group

The Bristol Group will tap into their nationwide inventory of small to midsize businesses for sale to help you find the best investment that suits your needs. They can guide you through the whole process from performing due diligence to transferring ownership of the business after closing.

These experienced brokers will work closely with you as a business owner through the valuation process, providing you with a confidential business memorandum and plenty of discretion so the sale won’t disrupt your daily operations.  

6. Viking Mergers and Acquisitions

The top priorities at Viking Mergers and Acquisitions are to help investors find the right business to buy and making sure both sellers and buyers settle on the best deal possible. With more than 88 years of combined professional experience, these brokers bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the sales process.

Their streamlined system for selling businesses was developed over years and more than 800 successful sales. Contact Viking for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to learn how they will put all that expertose to work for you. 

7. Raincatcher

With decades of hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, accountants, and investment bankers, the brokers at Raincatcher have conducted business sales totalling $500 million. They offer a remote style of service that’s convenient for both buyers and business owners, whether you live in the Atlanta area or anywhere else in the country.

Since 2011, Raincatcher has been perfecting their “investment banking” approach to brokering sales, mergers and acquisitions across a range of industries. Their extensive database of investors includes private equity groups and search funds as well as individual buyers. 

8. Sunbelt Atlanta Business Brokers

Focusing on mergers and acquisitions of companies in the service industry, Sunbelt Business Brokers provides solutions specific to the needs of this sector. Their extensive background includes brokering deals for auto services, repair services, pet services, and a range of personal service companies.  

For investors interested in buying an Atlanta service-based business, Sunbelt Business Brokers should be at the top of your list. As a national company with local reach, business owners can connect with Sunbelt’s expansive network of qualified investors who are prepared to make a serious offer for your business.  

9. Peterson Acquisitions

The passion and drive to satisfy their clients’ needs are what sets this Atlanta business broker apart from the competition. The founder has been in your shoes, building and selling multiple successful businesses as an entrepreneur, on the long road to becoming an expert with the tools to guide other business owners through the sales process. 

Peterson Acquisitions will personalize your marketing strategy, which includes a business analysis, valuation, and assessment to determine an accurate price point that reflects all the hard work you’ve poured into the business as well as the value of its physical and intellectual property. This broker provides a free consultation so you’ll have a clear picture of what you can expect from their services.      

10. Synergy Business Brokers

The professional advisors at Synergy Business Brokers have worked with business owners in a range of industries, including education, healthcare, technology, construction, manufacturing, and distribution companies. They will conduct a thorough analysis of your business to get a big-picture idea of the best way to target select investors and get you the best deal. 

Synergy Business Brokers can provide access to an extensive network of business owners and investors throughout the country. Buyers interested in the Atlanta market will be matched with a local business to suit their needs. For an efficient and stress-free sale, contact Synergy Business Brokers for an introductory, confidential meeting. 

The bottom line

Choosing a business broker is a personal decision, and finding the one you can connect with on a business and personal level is the key to achieving your goal whether you’re buying or selling a business. Our list of the top business brokers in the Atlanta area is a good starting point for your search. To narrow down your options, focus on the broker’s recent sales history along with the size of their network and specific knowledge of your industry.

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