10 Best Business Brokers in Austin (2024)

If you are an Austin business owner looking to retire, or an investor seeking your next hidden business gem to buy, finding the right business broker can ease your mind and help you focus on what you’ll do after closing that deal. As an experienced entrepreneur or someone who has grown their own company from the ground up, you may wonder whether using a broker is worth the expense.

The decision is yours, but if you’re still curious, this article will explain some of the ways a business broker can help simplify and streamline the process of buying or selling your business. Then we’ll follow up with a list of the 10 best business brokers in the Austin area, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why use a business broker? 

If you’ve never used one before, you might be wondering what exactly a business broker does. Here are some of the many tasks a broker can handle on behalf of the buyer and seller in a business transaction.

As a business owner

You may have spent years growing your business from scratch, or maybe you bought a floundering company and made it into a success. But now you’re ready to move on and start a new venture, or you’re thinking about retiring. Whatever your reason for selling your business, a professional business broker is essential for a stress-free transition.

Your broker will provide expert guidance at every stage of the sale, from assessing the value of your business, to creating an attractive marketing package that will help you get the price you deserve. A good business broker will also have access to a personal network of potential buyers and will help with negotiations, so all you have to do is sign the contract and count your profit.

As a buyer

A business broker can provide buyers with many options for businesses to invest in with a history of success and the potential for unlimited growth. At your initial meeting, the broker will gather all the details about what you’re looking for in a business and your personal and professional strengths.

As relevant opportunities come up, they’ll connect you with business owners in the right niche who are ready to sell. The broker will also help vet the business and verify its financials, conduct due diligence, and ensure its true valuation matches the listing price. Building a strong relationship with a solid broker can be one of your most important and lasting investments—it will pay for itself in no time.

Best business brokers in Austin

1. Website Closers

If you’re looking to buy or sell an Austin-based business in the tech or internet space, Website Closers should be your top choice for a business broker. These expert advisors specialize in facilitating sales in the digital space, each of them with hands-on experience in the field themselves as business owners and IT professionals.

Website Closers helps connect sellers with serious buyers who are prepared to close a deal. Their services include valuation tools and comprehensive sales strategies that will speak to your target market and attract a buyer who shares your vision for the company. In an ever-evolving industry, you need a broker who can keep up with the current trends and stay at the top of their game—that would be Website Closers.

2. ValleyBiggs 

Representing business owners interested in selling their companies in the digital sector valued at $5 million+, ValleyBiggs is a full-service brokerage and M&A advisory firm. Their highly trained intermediaries provide expert service to help manage the entire sales process.

Focused only on mid-market technology, internet, eCommerce, and other digital industries, this brokerage understands the needs specific to the tech world. From a thorough valuation process that calculates the enterprise value range of your company, to experienced advisors who can guide you in preparing your exit strategy, the team at ValleyBiggs will be at your side every step of the way.

3. Austin Business Brokers

This local brokerage with offices in Austin and Las Vegas has a clear mission: to connect buyers and sellers of small to mid-sized businesses in an ethical and honest way. Austin Business Brokers has the experience and professionalism needed to assist you with every step of your transaction. 

They will guide both parties through the entire sales process, from listing the business through the close of escrow. For first-time buyers and sellers this broker will make sure you know all of your legal, financial, and tax obligations to ensure you’ll have no surprises after the deal is closed.   

4. First Choice Business Brokers

With a team of agents who have backgrounds in various sectors of business such as legal, accounting, banking, insurance, and real estate, First Choice Business Brokers combines all this expertise to provide their clients with the best possible service. As a national brand with 70+ offices throughout the U.S., this brokerage is big enough to give buyers and sellers plenty of opportunities to connect, and small enough to attend to their individual needs.  

The Austin branch has deep connections with the local business economy, and can also tap into their extensive network to match business owners with qualified buyers from anywhere in the country. Using their proprietary automated tools, your business sale will be completed efficiently and securely, with clear communication from your broker throughout the process. 

5. Texas Business Brokers

No matter what size or industry your business is in, you’ll get Texas-sized service from Texas Business Brokers. Your dedicated, local broker who understands the Austin market can be available to answer all your questions, 24 hours a day. 

This broker understands the importance of confidentiality when it comes to a business changing ownership. They will ensure that your transaction remains discreet so you won’t have to face awkward questions or disruptions in daily operations as you’re working through the transition. With no upfront costs and a free business valuation, Texas Business Brokers is ready when you are to get the ball rolling.  

6. Griggs Business Brokers

Founder Clarence Griggs has been helping business owners in Austin and throughout Texas sell their businesses since 1996. The story of your business is about more than just the raw numbers. Griggs business brokers will help you market and sell your company based on the true value, including all the hard work you put into building it. 

When you are ready to sell, this broker also carefully vets each prospective buyer to ensure that they will be a good fit for taking over your business and keeping your vision alive. You can rest assured all the details will be handled with professionalism and a personal touch.

7. Raincatcher

The brokers at Raincatcher have personal experience buying and selling their own businesses, bringing the level of expertise you need on your side, whether this is your first or tenth transaction.  Their modern, primarily remote style of service works well for nomad business owners or Austin locals alike.

Raincatcher has carefully honed their “investment banking” approach since 2011, providing guidance to business owners and buyers in various industries, for large and small businesses. Their network of investors include individuals, private equity groups and larger search funds, so you’ll have the best chance of connecting with the perfect buyer, fast. 

8. Transworld Business Advisors of Central Texas

As a national brand, Transworld Business Advisors has closed over 10,000 business sales, so they must be doing something right. Their professional approach includes tapping into an extended network of buyers interested in Austin-based businesses. This broker will guide you through every stage of the deal, from the initial valuation of your business to post-closing procedures. 

As a potential buyer, your Transworld advisor can connect you with business opportunities based on your interests, as well as various funding options if needed. If you’re looking to expand your current business, Transworld can also assist you with growing it into a franchise, unlocking future growth possibilities. 

9. Sunbelt Business Brokers Austin

As part of the world’s largest business brokerage network, Sunbelt’s Austin office offers unique marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes to get you prepared for a successful sale. Their extensive knowledge of the Austin market and responsiveness to your needs will make for a quick and seamless transaction.

As a business owner, using a national broker like Sunbelt will provide you access to qualified buyers across the country, and you’ll have your pick from the most serious investors ready to make an offer. 

10. Viking Mergers

Since 1996, Viking Mergers and Acquisitions has represented more than 850 successful sales, with an 85 percent closing rate. This local broker in Austin has experience helping business owners in the greater Austin area and throughout central Texas.

Starting with a confidential assessment and free business valuation, Viking Mergers will take you through every stage of their seven-step process, which includes introducing you to the ideal pre-screened buyers to ensure you get the maximum value for your business. 

The bottom line

Finding the right business broker is a personal as well as a business decision, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Take this list of the 10 best business brokers in Austin as a starting point to find the best broker for your goals. Along with a good connection and professional alignment, other aspects you should consider when choosing a broker are the size of their network, recent sales, and specific knowledge of the market for the type of business you’re buying or selling.

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