10 Best Business Brokers in Chicago (2024)

Whether you’re thinking of investing in an already successful Chicago business or selling the one that you built from the ground up, an expert business broker can help streamline the sales process, saving you time and maximizing your profit potential. 

Every entrepreneur develops a strong instinct for how to run their own business like clockwork, but it never hurts to get an outside perspective when you decide the time is right to sell. A business broker can bring the expertise and knowledge of the current market to help you find the right buyer who can see the true value of your business (and is willing to pay for it). 

Read on to learn more about why you should use a business broker, followed by our list of the 10 best business brokers in the Chicago area.

Why use a business broker? 

If you’re selling a business

Most busy business owners don’t have time to stay on top of their daily operations while also handling all the details involved in selling their business. A good business broker can take charge of all stages of the sales process, getting your input when needed and ensuring clear communication along the way. You can rely on their expertise to guide you towards making the best decisions that align with your business goals. 

Some ways that a broker can ease your burden are: helping you set a listing price based on the value of your company, introducing you to pre-vetted, serious buyers, and making sure your legal filings and contracts are in order to ensure a smooth transition.  

For potential buyers

As an investor searching for your next business opportunity, working with a business broker can be the key to finding a business for sale that fits all your criteria—maybe even before it’s officially on the market. Drawing from years of experience brokering business sales, a broker can give you access to their knowledge of the market, and their network of business owners across a range of industries. 

It’s their job to match every buyer with the right opportunities that fits their professional and personal interests. They can also connect you with funding sources so you’ll have one less hurdle between you and your next deal. 

Best business brokers in Chicago 

1. Website Closers

If the business you’re buying or selling is in the digital or tech space, Website Closers should be at the top of your list of potential business brokers. Their specialists all have hands-on experience within technology-based industries, such as digital marketing, business services, eCommerce and IP companies.

This comprehensive knowledge means that your advisor at Website Closers can understand the unique needs of your business, and will be able to create a marketing plan that speaks directly to a targeted group of serious buyers. With a solid history of almost a billion dollars in successful sales, Website Closers has earned its reputation as one of the top business brokers in the industry today.  

2. ValleyBiggs

A full-service brokerage that focuses on larger business sales in the digital space (companies valued at $5 million and higher), the advisors at ValleyBiggs are experts in the mid-market sector of the tech world. Their team of intermediaries is highly trained to provide support for business owners and buyers at every step of the sales process.

Starting with a detailed valuation process to calculate an appropriate listing price, to marketing the strengths of your business to attract the right buyers, ValleyBiggs will keep the sales process moving forward without any disruptions to the regular flow of your daily operations. They will be on hand to answer any questions and ensure you address all post-closing requirements, so the transition of ownership can proceed seamlessly.   

3. Lighthouse Business Brokers

This local brokerage is dedicated to helping Chicago business owners achieve their business goals and find the ideal buyer for their business. Starting with a complimentary valuation using tata-driven pricing techniques, your Lighthouse advisor will help maximize the value of your business, attracting a buyer who understands its true worth.  

With a proven process that has led to many successful sales, This broker is committed to getting you the results you’re looking for. Beyond the standard marketing campaigns, Lighthouse taps into their private buyer network for a more targeted approach to connecting sellers with investors. They also pledge to maintain confidentiality throughout the process, pre-screening potential buyers and requiring an NDA before sharing any sensitive details about your business.  

4. Raincatcher

Whether you’re considering selling your first business or you’re a seasoned investor looking to invest, Raincatcher advisors can facilitate the sale with a modern remote-first approach. This service style is convenient and accessible for business owners or buyers who may live outside the Chicago area. 

With a vast network of potential buyers that spans across the country, Raincatcher can present your listing to highly qualified investors including private equity groups and large search funds, in addition to individual buyers. You’ll be satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge this brokerage provides; whether your business is large or small, you’ll get the same high level of service.   

5. American Business Brokers Group

This brokerage and advisory firm serves small and mid-size businesses in Chicagoland and Northern Indiana. The advisors at ABBG have a range of experience in addition to brokering business sales, including valuation, accounting, consulting, and operations management.

If you want a seasoned broker who knows the local market and a strong record, look no further. With over 95 years of combined experience in all areas of business, ABBG can help you make operational and financial improvements that will help increase its value and your profit potential before you list it on the market. Their strong local network across industries will ensure they can find the most qualified and serious buyers, so you can close that deal as soon as possible.    

6. Synergy Business Brokers

With experience selling profitable businesses in the technology, services, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation industries, Synergy specializes in brokering deals for companies in Chicago with a net income between $250,000 and $15 million.

Their vast network of 30,000 prospective buyers will bring in plenty of offers to choose from when you’re selling your business. This will give you leverage to negotiate the terms of your sale and maximize the profit you’ll walk away with at closing. 

7. Transact Capital

Specializing in helping business owners with the sale of their businesses that have at least $2 million in annual sales, the brokers at Transact Capital are educated professionals who have owned, bought and sold businesses themselves. Some of the industries they focus on include healthcare, staffing, manufacturing, technology, and business services. 

Working with Transact Capital can help you maximize the value of your business and minimize some of the risks involved with any business sale. They pledge to provide full transparency and confidentiality for every client, making sure to address all your questions and concerns at every stage of the deal.   

8. Sunbelt Business Advisors Midwest

The Sunbelt brokerage network is one of the largest out there, with more than 200 offices worldwide. Since 1978, they’ve been buying and selling businesses of all sizes and industries. Their expertise and vast network of qualified buyers will make your transaction quick and efficient at every stage. 

The Chicago branch is one of five locations that serve the midwest, so you’ll have access to brokers who have a deep knowledge and connections within the local market. They are dedicated to keeping communication open and maintaining confidentiality throughout the process, so you can keep running your business as usual until the new owner takes over. 

9. Morgan & Westfield

The Naperville branch of Morgan & Westfield facilitates sales for small to mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area and across the state of Illinois. With access to a vast nationwide network of qualified buyers and businesses for sale, this broker can ease the pressure of searching for and building those connections on your own.  

This team of brokers has specific industry knowledge from years of experience as business owners themselves, and the firm also employs attorneys, CPAs, and other specialists who can advise you on every aspect of the sales prospect. The future of your business will be secure if you choose to partner with Morgan & Westfield. 

10. Transworld Business Advisors, North Side 

The advisors at Transworld provide guidance and expertise through every step of your journey to selling your business, starting with a complete business valuation to ensure you get the maximum price for all the hard work you put into growing the business. They will also help identify and assess potential buyers, and negotiate the sale with proven strategies. 

Overall, Transworld Business Advisors have brokered more than 15,000 sales over 40 years; the numbers don’t lie. They connect qualified buyers with business owners throughout Michigan and beyond. For experience you can trust, Transworld Business Advisors is a solid choice. 

The bottom line

The key to buying or selling a business more efficiently is to develop a strong and lasting relationship with the right business broker. But don’t take our word for it—feel free to contact any of the brokers on this list, and you’ll walk away from a successful deal with maximum profit and minimal stress.

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