10 Best Business Brokers in Colorado (2024)

If you’re thinking about buying an established business in Colorado or selling one that you already own, consider working with a business broker for a more streamlined, less stressful transaction. While some professionals feel confident enough to handle the sales process themselves, a broker can bring additional insight and a new perspective from their own experience in the industry.

If you’re not sure what to look for when choosing a business broker, we’ve gathered a list of the 10 best business brokers in Colorado in 2024. First, we’ll break down some of the ways your business broker will help you in the process of buying or selling a business.  

What does a business broker do?

A broker provides many services for both business owners and potential buyers. In general, most will assist you with any and all aspects of the sales process, including:

Evaluating your business

When calculating the value of your business, the broker will help you determine a fair asking price based on various factors. These can include your current and projected profit margins, expenses, and the value of all assets that belong to the business. A broker will have a better understanding of the overall market value of your business based on their knowledge of the industry and recent sales they’ve facilitated. 

Matching investors with businesses for sale

A business broker is your primary connection to the general marketplace as well as their personal network of business owners and buyers. They’re the first to know when an owner is considering selling their business, even before it is listed. This inside knowledge expedites the process of connecting buyers and sellers—and can help streamline the negotiation of the sale. 

Transition of ownership 

A broker can ensure all the small details are handled for a smooth transition post-closing. These can include licensing, financial filings, and website ownership permissions, among other requirements. This ensures that the business can continue running and the former owner can walk away with a clean break.  

Best business brokers in Colorado 

1. Website Closers

From the name of this broker you can probably guess that Website Closers is focused on buyers and sellers in the tech and internet space. These advisors all started their careers within the industry; their backgrounds include experience within digital marketing agencies, software companies, IP firms, business services, among others. Website Closers can personally identify with and understand what it takes to grow and succeed as an internet business. 

For sellers, they’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis and valuation of your company. Then they’ll match your business with relevant buyers in their network. Buyers can access Colorado businesses as well as other opportunities worldwide. If your business or investment interests are centered around the digital space, Website Closers should be your top choice in business brokers.

2. Empire Flippers

Working with Empire Flippers allows you to access the largest online marketplace of buyers and sellers. For investors seeking a Colorado business to buy, it’s easy to narrow your search by setting the filters to target your preferred geographic area, type of business, and other parameters to suit your preferences.  

Buyers can also access other useful resources, such as the latest industry reports and ROI case studies. This will help you determine an appropriate offer and be confident that you’re getting a good deal. For business owners, Empire Flippers offers other forms of guidance throughout the sales process, including a business valuation tool and tips for negotiating a deal you can be happy with.  

3. Rocky Mountain Business Advisors

With corporate backgrounds and personal experience owning and selling many businesses themselves, the brokers at Rocky Mountain Business Advisors can relate to the seller’s perspective when it comes to the sale. They take on the mental load and minimize distractions for busy business owners, so they can continue to run the business as usual while the broker handles the details. 

Rocky Mountain Business Advisors has 20+ years combined as business advisers, with hundreds of successful sales they’ve facilitated. With a deep knowledge of the Colorado business economy, as well as helping business owners in Wyoming and New Mexico, your transaction will be in capable hands with this broker.    

4. Business Broker Colorado

This broker is committed to helping business owners get the maximum price and the smoothest transition possible for their business. They ask for no up-front or hidden charges, and will only take payment after closing your sale for no less than your asking price.  

The expert services you’ll get when you work with Business Broker Colorado include a non-disclosure agreement, professional business valuation, and proprietary marketing that includes a video interview of the owner. If you’re not yet ready to sell, this broker can advise and prepare you for your future exit strategy at no cost to you.  

5. Transworld Business Advisors

From business valuations to customized marketing strategies, this broker provides expert guidance throughout the entire sales process. Over the last four decades, Transworld Business Advisors have brokered more than 10,000 businesses sales—a solid record that puts them among the best brokers in the industry. Their transparent approach gives you access to their vast network of buyers and sellers in Colorado and across the country.  

At your first consultation as an investor, the advisor will assess your background, funding sources and interests, so they can connect you with business opportunities that match your needs. In addition to business sales, this brokerage also offers help with developing franchise opportunities, for founders looking to expand their operations. 

6. Intermountain Business Brokers

Serving Denver, the Front Range, and the rest of Colorado, Intermountain Business Brokers is a full service firm helping buyers and sellers of small to large businesses navigate the sales process. Their understanding of the local small business landscape is instrumental in conducting an efficient, worry-free transaction from beginning to end. 

This broker uses their experience working with various industries to handle all aspects of the sales process, including financial assessment, packaging, marketing, negotiation and closing procedures. They know the value of maintaining strong and trusted relationships with their clients—you can count on Intermountain Business Brokers to be your reliable, honest, community broker.  

7. Sunbelt Business Brokers

With offices throughout Colorado focusing on lower to mid-market businesses, Sunbelt Business Brokers offers customized marketing solutions that enhance the value of your business to prepare for negotiations with interested buyers. Their extensive knowledge of the sales process makes for a more timely and streamlined transaction for buyers and sellers.

Sunbelt’s approach is designed to meet the demands of discerning buyers in the Colorado market. As a business owner, one advantage of using a national broker with local reach is the access you’ll have to qualified buyers prepared to make an offer as soon as they spot the right opportunity. 

8. Morgan & Westfield

The Colorado Springs branch of Morgan & Westfield is made up of a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds as CPAs, attorneys, marketers, even writers and editors. This team carefully crafts your marketing plan to attract high-level buyers and help your business command the highest price possible. 

Specializing in mid-market businesses, Morgan & Westfield has brokered sales in over 100 different industries. Their national network provides buyers and sellers more opportunities to find the right deal and walk away with a profitable sale.  

9. Crestone Business Group

A full-service brokerage firm that has helped sell a range of Colorado businesses over 15 years, Crestone Business Group focuses on the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. If you’re looking for a hands-on, professional business broker with a deep understanding of the local business environment, this firm is the ideal choice.   

The advisors at Crestone Business Group offer strict confidentiality, personalized service, customized marketing and advertising, and will connect you with a carefully curated network of qualified buyers. They work tirelessly for their clients and will maintain an open line of communication throughout the sales process.  

10. Raincatcher

Raincatcher has been facilitating sales, mergers and acquisitions of mid-sized to large Colorado businesses for more than a decade. Their advisors have worked as accountants, entrepreneurs and investment bankers, with the relevant skills to complete successful sales in a range of industries. 

With Raincatcher you can expect a personal yet remote service style that appeals to both buyers and business owners who need to stay on top of daily operations until the sale is complete.

The bottom line

There’s no question that the process of buying or selling a business can be much smoother and efficient with the help of a business broker. This list should help you narrow your search, but ultimately you should choose a broker that aligns with your own preferences and the needs of your business. As you’re researching Colorado business brokers, consider their level of expertise in your industry, their recent sales numbers, and the range of opportunities they can bring your way.

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