10 Best Business Brokers in Florida (2024)

If you’re thinking about buying or selling an established, successful Florida business, you should consider using a business broker to guide you through the process. While it is possible to complete this kind of transaction on your own, a broker can help streamline the sale and take care of some of the intricate details you may not be aware of.

To make your decision a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best Florida business brokers in 2024. If you’re still unsure whether you need one or not, read on to learn about some of the benefits of using a broker to sell or buy a business.  

Do you need a business broker?

A broker can provide many advantages, whether you’re the business owner or a potential investor. In general, a broker can assist with some or all stages of the sales process. These include:

Business valuation

Many business owners aren’t aware of every factor they should consider when calculating a price to list their business. Brokers can help analyze your financials and determine a market value that reflects all the hard work you’ve put into growing your company. 

Connecting buyers and sellers

A business broker is your first-line connection to the marketplace, and they can be the first to know when a business is up for sale—sometimes before it’s even listed. Not only can they help connect interested buyers with business owners, but they also work behind the scenes to expedite due diligence and facilitate negotiations for both parties. 

Ownership transition 

There are a lot of details left to address even after the sale of a business. A broker can help with all the necessary legal paperwork, licensing, and ensure all the post-sale requirements have been completed according to the agreement. 

Best business brokers in Florida

1. Website Closers

As you can guess by the name, Website Closers specializes in brokering business sales in the digital space. Their expert advisors have years of direct experience within the tech industry, including software companies, business services, IP companies, digital marketing, and more. So if your business is digitally-focused, these brokers truly understand what it takes to grow and develop that type of business.  

Website Closers will start with a comprehensive financial analysis to properly assess the value of your company. They’ll also connect you with an international network of buyers who have a serious interest in your company. As a buyer, you’ll have access to investment opportunities worldwide, along with many in Florida. With a track record of selling nearly a billion dollars worth of businesses, it should be clear why Website Closers lands at the top spot on our list.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers provides all their clients access to their vast network of buyers and sellers, which is by far the largest online business marketplace online. For potential buyers looking to invest in a Florida business, starting that search is as easy as setting the filters to narrow your options down to the exact opportunities you’ve been looking for.    

Investors also have access to ROI case studies, the latest industry reports, and other useful resources through the education portal, enabling them to make the most informed decision before, during, and after the sale. Empire Flippers also provides additional guidance for business owners, including a business valuation tool and essential negotiation strategies that can make the difference between closing a good deal and a great one.  

3. Green & Co.

With a closing success rate that is triple the average in Florida, Green & Co. are at the top of their game when it comes to business sales. One of the keys to their success is that they prioritize communication with their clients. They keep sellers in the loop at every stage of the sales process, sending regular updates about potential buyers who interact with your listing.

Buyers want to be sure that all the numbers make sense for a potential investment. The brokers at Green & Co. analyze each seller’s financial history to ensure the opportunities listed are transparent and legitimate. They’ll lay out every aspect of the business in a clear and concise format, so the buyers can quickly see all the information they really need before making an offer. Green & Co. has offices in every Florida region—but they can help you wherever you happen to be. 

4. Transworld Business Advisors

Transworld Business Advisors has a stellar track record with more than 10,000 businesses sold and 40+ years of experience. Their expert advisors provide guidance for business owners and buyers throughout the acquisition process, and along with brokerage services they also offer franchise consulting and development.  

You’ll have no trouble selecting the right investors from Transworld’s substantial international network. They consult with all potential buyers about their specific goals and preferences, so you won’t have to waste time with opportunities that don’t align with your vision. This broker handles every detail of the sale, including post-closing requirements, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.  

5. Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers

A top-performing business brokerage in Florida with more than two decades of experience, Crown Atlantic Business Brokers is one of the most trusted names in the region. One of the keys to their outstanding ability to deliver results is in their unique marketing approach to promoting business listings—this allows sellers to command a higher price than they would otherwise expect. 

The agents at Crown Atlantic consistently engage with buyers and sellers to reach an agreement that both parties are happy with. As previous business owners themselves, they have a deep understanding of various companies within a range of industries, and they know how to target the right buyers for each type of business.    

6. Sunbelt Business Brokers of South Florida

With a specialized focus on lower middle-market businesses, Sunbelt Business Brokers offers tailored solutions to maximize the value of their clients’ businesses, preparing them for a successful sale and smooth transition. Their comprehensive knowledge of the sales process helps buyers and sellers avoid some of the more common mistakes made by those who strike out on their own. 

Sunbelt’s approach is customized to meet the objectives of buyers with specific criteria in mind for investing in a Florida business. Enlisting a national company with local reach, sellers have access to an extensive network of motivated, serious investors who won’t hesitate to make an offer when they see the right opportunity. 

7. Five Star Business Brokers

Serving the South Florida area, Five Star Business Brokers has successfully brokered sales for businesses of all sizes. They pledge to keep the entire process confidential, so you can continue to run your business as usual without any word leaking out that may cause disruptions to the flow of business. 

Especially for small business owners who are very hands-on with their day-to-day operations, choosing a broker who can handle all the details of the sales can ensure a smooth process without added stress. With a history of sales across industries and their specialized knowledge of the Palm Beach County economy, your transaction will be in expert hands with Five Star Business Brokers.     

8. Boss Group International

Specializing in lower to middle-market hospitality and home service businesses among others in the Florida region, Boss Group International offers personalized brokerage services for business owners and buyers. This localized broker uses proactive marketing strategies to maximize the visibility of your business to an international network of buyers. 

The team at Boss Group prepares a confidential presentation for qualified buyers with all the information they need to make a decision about acquiring a business. They’ll do plenty of leg work screening buyers, evaluating opportunities, and advising on negotiations, so that both parties can reach an agreement quickly and the business can continue operating as usual until the transition of ownership is complete.  

9. Tampa Business Broker

A full-service brokerage for all Florida businesses, Tampa Business Broker has experience selling a variety of businesses, including food and beverage production, publishing, transportation, retail, education, marketing, sports, real estate, construction, and entertainment. This dedicated team of advisors provide all the resources that you’ll need to get the most favorable terms for your deal. 

While they have in-depth knowledge of Tampa area businesses, they also have access to a national database of potential buyers, and a track record of success that ensures your transaction will be completed to your satisfaction. TBB provides the same high-level meticulous service no matter how small or large the sale may be.  

10. Infinity Business Brokers

Based on the gulf coast, Infinity Business Brokers serves the entire state of Florida. They help match business owners with interested buyers, and manage their exit plan through closing. For investors, they offer personalized consultations to connect you with opportunities that match your goals and interests.

The brokers at Infinity save clients money and time by managing every step of the sales process. From evaluating your business to overseeing the transfer of ownership, you can be confident that no details will be missed, and you can look forward to a smooth transition to your new venture. 

The bottom line

Choosing the right business broker can make the process of selling or buying a business more efficient and streamlined. We hope that this article can help you narrow down your options, but every business owner and investor should make that decision based on their own business needs and personal preferences. 

Some factors you should keep in mind while researching Florida business brokers are their level of expertise in your industry, their reputation, recent sales history, and the range of opportunities they can bring your way.

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