10 Best Business Brokers in Miami (2024)

Everyone knows Miami is hot, but it’s not just about the weather—this city is a prime location for business and creative entrepreneurship. If this is where you dream of laying down roots and pursuing your business goals, finding a good business broker should be your first step on that journey. 

Whether you already have a business in Miami and you’re looking to move on, or you’re interested in buying an already successful company in the area, a business broker can help you make those invaluable connections and help speed up the process.   

If you’re on the fence about whether you really need a business broker, let’s break down some of the specific services they can provide. Then we’ll give you a brief overview of the 10 best business brokers in Miami, and you can decide which one is right for you.  

The benefits of using a business broker 

As a business owner  

One of the most important ways that a business broker can help you sell your business is by providing a full assessment of how much your company is worth. Using their knowledge of the market and past experience in business sales, they can maximize the valuation based on more than just pure numbers. 

They’ll also help market your business using proven methods that appeal to potential buyers, and they can introduce you to buyers from their personal network. As a business owner, you can save a lot of time by allowing the broker to handle all the moving parts of the sale while you continue to manage the daily operations of your business. 

As a potential buyer

A broker can do most of the legwork for you when it comes to identifying profitable businesses up for sale or that will be on the market soon. You’ll have access to their local contacts as well as their extended network, which will give you plenty of opportunities to invest in businesses that align perfectly with your professional interests and business goals. 

In a competitive market like Miami, you need to act quickly and make an offer as soon as you find the right deal. A broker can help streamline that process by introducing you to the business owner and facilitating negotiations. They can also help you assess the opportunity to ensure their financials are in order, arrange for funding, and ensure they meet all the post-closing requirements before transferring ownership of the business.    

Best business brokers in Miami

1. Website Closers

This should be your #1 choice in Miami business brokers, especially if your business is in the tech industry or digital space. Their expert team of advisors all have backgrounds in related industries, including eCommerce, online business services, digital marketing agencies, and software development.  

A partnership with Website Closers will give you the benefit of their expertise in the field, which sets them apart from more traditional brokerage firms. With a record of handling close to a billion dollars in business sales, their results speak for themselves. You won’t regret working with Website Closers for an efficient and profitable sale.    

2. ValleyBiggs 

The team at ValleyBiggs specializes in business sales for digital and online businesses valued at $5 million or more. Starting with a thorough valuation of your business, they’ll create a marketable listing that will attract serious, qualified buyers. You’ll have offers rolling in at the price you deserve, and the transaction will be closed in no time. 

These highly trained advisors are experts at every aspect of the sales process. You can keep your business running as usual while your broker handles all the sales details, such as prequalifying the buyer and negotiating the terms of the deal. ValleyBiggs is reliable and always available to resolve any sudden issues and prevent any possible delays to the sale. 

3. The Business Broker of Miami

With over 20 years of experience in the field, this firm has a strong network and knowledge of the current Miami business landscape. They represent local business owners and potential buyers from across the U.S. and internationally who are interested in acquiring a business anywhere in the state of Florida. 

In addition to helping buyers and sellers with their business sales, The Business Broker of Miami also offers consulting services for your current business or startup project. They can assist you in building a solid foundation for your venture, such as designing a business plan or gathering market data for the Miami area. This broker will be an invaluable resource and could be the key to your long-term success in the region.

4. Miami Business Brokers

For anyone considering buying or selling a Miami business, this experienced broker can help make the entire process smoother and more efficient. They can handle business valuation, which is often the first step if you’re not sure how to assess the value of your business. If you are still weighing your options, they can offer guidance to help you create an exit strategy for the future. 

For potential buyers, this local broker can advise you on the market trends specific to Miami. After meeting with you to discuss your background and interests, they can connect you with financing sources and introduce you to business owners who are prepared to make a deal.   

5. Sun Acquisitions

With more than 20 years of experience in business sales and over 400 successful transactions, the advisors at Sun Acquisitions help business owners across industries navigate the often overwhelming process of selling their company. They will help you maximize your profit potential and minimize the risks involved in the sale of any business. 

No matter how prepared you think you are for the sale, having a trusted broker is essential to help fill in the gaps for any key aspects of the transaction that you might otherwise overlook. You can count on your advisor at Sun Acquisitions to support you throughout the process and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the deal.  

6. Transworld Business Advisors

The record of Transworld Business Advisors as a business broker highlights their reputation as one of the best firms in the industry. You can’t argue with over 10,000 successful sales.  

They use a unique client-centered approach along with proprietary tools to introduce business owners with qualified buyers in the Miami area and across the country. 

As a buyer looking for profitable businesses to acquire and continue building, your Transworld advisor can identify and connect you with relevant listings and handle many of the details of the transaction to reduce the time between offer and closing. Their network of other business services include financing, commercial realtors, and franchising consultants. 

7. First Choice Business Brokers

The Miami branch of First Choice Business Brokers combines their advisors’ local knowledge with the wide reach of an established national brand. This broker specializes in sales of small to large businesses in a range of industries. Their results speak for themselves, with successful deals ranging from $50,000 to $50 million.  

The proprietary tools used by First Choice Business Brokers include automating technology to craft a unique marketing plan for each client. They can connect business owners with local buyers or tap into their expansive network to reach potential buyers nationwide. 

8. Morgan & Westfield

The advisors at Morgan & Westfield all have backgrounds in owning, managing, and even selling businesses of their own, and this personal connection with the business world enables them to better understand the specific needs of their clients. This high level of service along with extensive connections to the local business community set them apart from other Miami brokers.  

They’ve earned a strong reputation from a solid history of successful business sales across 100 different industries. Aside from its brokerage services, Morgan & Westfield can connect you with other business professionals including lawyers, tax specialists and real estate brokers.

9. Sunbelt of Miami

Sunbelt Brokers of Miami  has a reputation for being one of the top brokerage firms in Florida. Their clients all benefit from their strong ties to local businesses and their vast network of prospective buyers that spans across the country and internationally. 

With a keen eye for the current business trends in the area, the brokers at Sunbelt will create a marketing strategy for your business to appeal to the exact type of buyer who can carry out your legacy as the new owner of your business. They are focused on keeping their clients informed during all stages of the sale, so you’ll be involved and aware of any delays or issues as soon as they come up. 

10. Raincatcher

Whether this is your first or 100th time buying or selling a business, the advisors at Raincatcher can facilitate the sale with a remote-first approach that can minimize the total time between your decision to sell and closing the deal. 

With access to a large database of qualified buyers, Raincatcher can connect you with different types of high-level investors, including private equity groups and large search funds. The level of service and professionalism you’ll get from this brokerage is incomparable.

The bottom line

The best way to make the process of buying or selling a business more efficient and organized is to find and use a professional business broker. If you’re still not sure how a business broker can help, contact anyone on this list for a consultation. As a busy business owner or investor, having an experienced broker will save you time, maximize your profit and help you achieve your business goals.

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