10 Best Business Brokers in Michigan (2024)

Whether you’re thinking of selling your successful business in Michigan or investing in an already established one, an experienced business broker can help make the sales process more efficient and streamlined. While you’re probably an expert at running your business, you may not be aware of all the details needed to marketing and selling it successfully. 

A business broker provides the guidance and expertise that will help you attract serious buyers and get the price that you’re looking for. Read on to learn more about the 10 best business brokers in Michigan, and decide for yourself which one would work best for you.  

Why use a business broker?

If you’re selling a business

A business broker can help a busy business owner by handling most aspects of the sales process that you may not have time for. After determining the true value of your business, they’ll create a plan to advertise your business to a target market of potential buyers. Their sales experience will help command the best price and attract the most serious investors. 

A good broker can help cut down on the time it takes to sell your business by vetting and pre-qualifying buyers, facilitating negotiations, handling post-sale requirements and any legal documentation you need to make the transition of ownership smooth and efficient.  

For potential buyers

When you’re on the hunt for new investment opportunities, a good business broker can provide more options through their network and connect you directly with businesses that fit the criteria you’re looking for. If you develop a good relationship with a broker, they can bring you opportunities as soon as they come on the market. 

A business broker can also help you save time and money by assisting with due diligence and negotiation of the sale. With a keen eye for the market, they’ll have inside knowledge of how much other similar businesses are going for in the area, the value of commercial real estate and the profit potential in various locations around the region.   

Best business brokers in Michigan

1. Website Closers

Coming in at the top of the list is Website Closers; their focus is on brokering sales for online businesses and tech companies, such as eCommerce, business services, digital marketing agencies, and IP companies. Their results speak for themselves, having closed almost a billion dollars in sales over the years. If you’re buying or selling a business in the digital space, your first choice in brokers should be Website Closers.  

The key to their expertise is in their direct experience in the field. Each broker has a background working directly in the tech industry, so they can relate to the specific needs of your business and craft an appealing marketing strategy for it. They can help sellers determine an accurate business value and match them with serious investors who have the skills needed to keep it going. Website Closers will simplify every stage of the sales process, providing stellar service for businesses of all sizes.     

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers offers many resources for business owners looking to sell their Michigan business, as well as potential buyers worldwide. With access to the largest online marketplace, both parties can browse through the network by using filters to target the results and find the perfect deal. 

Sellers will also have access to comprehensive business valuation tools, negotiating tips and strategies, packaging and marketing plans to ensure you get your asking price. Buyers can use resources in the educational portal to facilitate due diligence procedures, and research a specific industry through case studies and the latest industry reports, so you can determine a fair offer and close the deal quickly. 

3. Golden Circle Advisors

Specializing in working with small to mid-sized privately held businesses, Golden Circle Advisors is a business intermediary and business brokerage advisory firm. With a highly effective process, they work with owners to position and market their business with unique strategies that appeal to relevant investors. 

Their extensive network of potential buyers includes private equity firms, individual investors, and owners of privately held corporations. Golden Circle Advisors are committed to providing leadership in the sale of your business with the highest level of integrity, driven by past results of their successful deals.  

4. Michigan Business Broker

With more than 18 years of experience buying and selling businesses, this broker leverages their experience and professional network to help clients achieve their ultimate goal. The founder of Michigan Business Broker has grown several of his own successful businesses, so he can relate to both sellers and prospective buyers ready to embark on their first venture. 

Resources for buyers include referrals to various funding sources, including SBA loans, conventional loans, and private lenders. With an office in Farmington Hills, this broker has close ties with the local area and serves clients across the state of Michigan. 

5. First Choice Business Brokers – Southeast Michigan

With more than 70 offices throughout the U.S., First Choice Business Brokers gives you the benefit of local knowledge along with a comprehensive network of buyers and sellers nationwide. The Southeast Michigan branch serves clients interested in selling or buying a middle market business in Michigan. 

As a client at First Choice you’ll have access to proprietary technology your broker will use to create a customized strategy that will make your business stand out and attract the right buyer. With their knowledge of the local market and your competition, they’ll move you through the sales process efficiently and you’ll get the most profitable deal possible.  

6. Sunbelt Business Brokers of Detroit

Serving businesses with annual revenues of $50k to $50 million, Sunbelt Business Brokers provides unique marketing strategies for each client, maximizing the value of your company to sell for the highest price possible. This broker has close contacts in the Detroit area and throughout the State of Michigan. 

Working with Sunbelt Business Brokers will ease your mind and save you time; you can rely on their expertise to guide you quickly and efficiently through the sales process. As part of a national company, they can tap into their network of buyers and sellers across the country, connecting each of their clients with the right opportunity that leads to a successful deal. 

7. Advanced Business Brokers

This broker is focused on brokering privately-held businesses with revenues from $1 million to $10 million in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and California. They can take care of all the services you need to sell your business, including business valuation, advising on your exit strategy, creating a marketing plan and distributing it to potential buyers directly. 

Advanced Business Brokers can also help on the buyer side, facilitating due diligence, negotiations, and connecting them with funding sources if needed. They also provide workshops and webinars to educate business owners about the process of buying or selling a business, how to increase the value of your business, and more. 

8. Morgan & Westfield – Grandville

The Grandville office of Morgan & Westfield serves businesses of all sizes across the state of Michigan. As a national company, they have access to a vast network of businesses for sale and interested buyers, which takes some of the pressure off the process of searching for the right connections.  

This team of brokers has professional experience as attorneys, CPAs, and business owners, and have proven sales in various industries. You can rest easy knowing your sale is in capable hands with Morgan & Westfield..  

9. Praxis Business Brokers


Bringing buyers and business owners together for 15 years, Praxis Business Brokers have successfully sold more than 300 Michigan businesses worth over $1 billion combined. They serve businesses across the state within a range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, and more. 

At Praxis confidentiality and integrity are their top priority. They will handle all aspects of the transaction discreetly and quickly, with minimal disruptions to your daily business operations.  

10. Transworld Business Advisors

This Detroit-based brokerage can lead you through every step of the sales process, including business valuation, negotiation strategies, and a comprehensive marketing plan. Transworld Business Advisors have brokered more than 10,000 sales over 40 years; that record speaks for itself. 

They connect qualified buyers with business owners throughout Michigan and beyond. This broker completes a thorough assessment of interested buyers to verify their funding sources and backgrounds before matching them with relevant opportunities. Transworld Business Advisors also helps business owners interested in growing their business through franchising operations. 

The bottom line

By now it should be clear that the secret to buying or selling a business more efficiently is finding and working with the right business broker. Speak to a few of the Michigan brokers on this list, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your business goals and closing that deal.

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