10 Best Business Brokers in New Jersey (2024)

Are you considering buying or selling an established business in New Jersey? An experienced business broker can guide you through the entire process, and may even help land you a better deal. 

If you’re unsure about where to start looking for investment opportunities or how to list your business for sale, a broker can jumpstart your journey and take care of many of the details along the way. But how do you choose a business broker to work with? 

You can start by going through our list of the top 10 New Jersey business brokers in 2024. 

But first, let’s break down some of the advantages of using a broker to sell your business or buy a new one.  

Why you need a business broker

Working with a broker can save you time and money, whether you’re seeking new investment opportunities or determined to sell your successful business. A good broker can provide guidance and resources at every stage of the sales process, including:

Assess the value of your business

Most business owners know a lot about running their business, but they may not know exactly how to calculate the market value of it when it comes to listing their company for sale. A business broker with recent sales in your industry can help analyze your business and determine its true value based on your company’s assets, profit potential, and other factors. 

Connect sellers with serious investors

A business broker helps introduce business owners to potential buyers, and they often have access to a network of pre-screened investors who are qualified, serious, and prepared to make an offer. For buyers, they can assist with the search for the right investment opportunity based on your requirements and budget.  

Facilitate ownership transition 

After the sale is completed, a broker can ensure that all the post-sale requirements are met to ensure a smooth transition. They can also help file legal documents, licensing applications, and any other details that both parties agreed to in the contract. 

Best business brokers in New Jersey

1. Website Closers

It’s not just a clever name—Website Closers are experts at brokering the sale of online businesses and other companies within the digital space. Their brokers have a deep understanding of this industry, as they all have backgrounds working in technology, software, and other related industries.   

After a thorough analysis of your company and value assessment, Website Closers will customize your marketing strategy to attract the most serious buyers for your business. As an investor, you’ll have access to their international business marketplace, connecting you with plenty of options for potential investment opportunities. With almost a billion dollars in successful sales, Website Closers has clearly earned its place at the top of this list.  

2. Empire Flippers

Every client of Empire Flippers gains access to their exclusive business marketplace, which is the largest network of businesses for sale and potential investors online. Starting your targeted search for a New Jersey business to invest in is simple—just set the filters based on the industry and location you’re looking for.  

This brokerage also assists with your market research, providing access to ROI case studies and the latest industry reports so you can make an informed decision before starting negotiations. Business owners can also access resources to help guide you through the process, including a comprehensive valuation tool and negotiation strategies that will ensure you’re satisfied with the final sale.  

3. Aspira Brokers

The brokers at Aspira have a mission to bring the same premium level of service to their small business clients that is usually reserved for elite corporate clients. They provide a custom strategy by acting as your partner and advocate through every step of the sales process, working efficiently and tirelessly on behalf of your business. 

For business owners, Aspira can deliver a value for your business that is 25-75% higher than other brokers. This broker also works quickly, with around 85% of their deals closing in less than six months. Aspira is also prepared to jump in and assist investors at any stage of the process, from finding the right deal, to securing financing, to facilitating the closing. 

4. A Neumann & Associates

This New Jersey brokerage has been operating for more than two decades, and has conducted more than 5,000 business valuations across the East Coast. Focusing on privately held mid-market firms, A Neumann & Associates provides comprehensive business services including valuations, deal-making, and mergers and acquisitions. 

With a proprietary database of one million contacts, they can conduct in-depth market research to carefully design a custom marketing package for your business. Every potential buyer is pre-qualified with a thorough review of their investment objectives and financial statements. 

5. New Jersey Broker Plus

Based in Parsippany, New Jersey Broker Plus serves business owners and buyers across New Jersey and New York. Many of their brokers have hands-on experience as entrepreneurs and business owners, giving them a deeper understanding of how to position your business to attract the right buyers. 

The brokers at New Jersey Broker Plus are committed to providing the best service to every client. They’ll support you through every stage of the sale with clear guidance, consistent communication, and transparency. If you want a professional team with a personal touch, this may be the right brokerage for you.   

6. Synergy Business Brokers

The expert brokers at Synergy Business Brokers have closed deals in a range of industries in New Jersey, including technology, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare services and engineering firms. They offer a free, confidential consultation and no upfront cost, so if you have nothing to lose by scheduling a call with one of their advisors.  

Synergy Business Brokers has a large network of business contacts locally and nationwide, giving you access to a substantial pool of buyers for your business, or new opportunities for  investors shopping for their next deal. This broker works efficiently and quickly to guide their clients through every stage of the sales process. 

7. Murphy Business Sales

This is one of the largest business brokerage firms in North America, with over 125 locations across the US and Canada. Their New Jersey office can connect investors with business owners throughout the state and beyond through their nationwide network. 

Murphy Business offers other services besides business sales, including business valuation services, franchise opportunities, intermediaries for mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate brokers, and  equipment appraisals. This brokerage can oversee business sales of any size or scope from start to finish.   

8. Inbar Group, Inc.

Inbar Group is one of the top full-service business brokerage firms in the state of New Jersey, successfully closing deals for more than two decades. These brokers work closely with private equity firms to create dynamic marketing and sales strategies for businesses that earn between $500,000 and $250,0000 in annual revenue. 

After a comprehensive valuation process, the team at Inbar Group targets their marketing efforts directly to a range of established, qualified buyers to get you the best deal possible.  This customized approach ensures a hassle-free sale that both the buyer and seller will walk away satisfied.   

9. Lisiten Associates

Since 1982, Listen Associates has been serving as consultants and business brokers for  individual buyers and sellers, as well as larger investment groups and corporations. They specialize in private businesses with up to $100 million in revenue.  

Their clients include hotels, theaters, technology companies, digital marketing, production, distribution, as well as restaurants and nightclubs. The expert brokers at Lisiten Associates bring integrity and professionalism to every transaction. You won’t be disappointed with the personal service you’ll receive and cutting edge marketing techniques they’ve perfected over the decades.     

10. Sunbelt Business Brokers

With an extensive national network, buyers can easily find their dream business to invest in with Sunbelt Business Brokers. The sales experience and industry expertise of these brokers are invaluable assets that ensure a smooth and successful sale. 

Sunbelt’s two New Jersey locations both offer customized solutions to maximize the value of  your company to attract the most serious buyers. This targeted approach is designed with the needs of each client and takes into account the years of hard work you’ve poured into growing your business. If you’re looking for a broker who knows your local market but can also tap into a national network of investors and entrepreneurs, Sunbelt Business Brokers is a good choice.

The bottom line

The right business broker can streamline the process of selling your successful business or finding your next investment opportunity.

When you’re researching business brokers in New Jersey, pay attention to their past sales, the reach of their network, and level of expertise in your type of business.

We created this list as a starting point, but the final decision should be based on your financing, investment requirements, and personal interests.

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