10 Best Business Brokers in Orlando (2024)

Everyone knows Orlando, Florida as the home of Disney World, but the city can also be a magical place to start or grow a business. If you’re an investor looking for a new opportunity, or a business owner ready to sell your successful company, finding the right business broker could be the key to making your business dreams a reality.

A good business broker acts as an intermediary in the business sale, and can make the process simpler and more efficient for both parties. For those new to buying or selling a business, read on to learn more about what a broker actually does for their clients, followed by our top 10 list of the best business brokers in Orlando for 2024.

Why should I use a business broker?

A business broker offers many services that can help guide you throughout the sales process, including:


The value of a business is determined by more than just the numbers on your balance sheet. A broker can make an assessment to calculate how much your business would sell for on the open market, taking into account the financials as well as the hard work you’ve put into branding, the reputation of your business, and other intangible factors. With a current sense of the local market and how much similar businesses are selling for, they can give you an accurate estimate and advice on how you can raise the value before listing it for sale.

Strategic connections

You may know a lot of other business owners in your industry, but a broker can connect you with entrepreneurs and prospective investors you may not otherwise meet. When you’re ready to sell or buy a business, a broker can introduce you to the right person at the right time to strike a deal. This can also be useful when you are ready to sell but are not ready to tell your customers or employees until the deal is done.

Best business brokers in Orlando

1. Website Closers

Your #1 choice for an Orlando business broker should be Website Closers, an expert team of advisors who specialize in helping business owners in the technology industry and online businesses in general. These advisors all have backgrounds in the digital space, so they can advise you specifically about the current market for businesses in the fields of eCommerce, digital marketing, business services, and more.

This in-depth knowledge gives Website Closers an advantage over other brokers, as they can use their understanding of the industry to identify, introduce, and negotiate with serious buyers who know exactly what kind of business they’re looking for. Their success record also stands out—they’ve closed almost a billion dollars in business sales across a range of industries.

2. ValleyBiggs

This broker also specializes in business sales for companies in the digital space; if your business is valued at $5 million or more, ValleyBiggs would be an ideal partner for your transaction. Their team of advisors work tirelessly to simplify and streamline all stages of the sales process, maintaining open communication and strict confidentiality. 

ValleyBiggs offers a complete business evaluation to create the best marketing strategy for a targeted list of qualified buyers. For potential investors, they’ll connect you with business opportunities that suit your interest, and handle all the legwork including due diligence and negotiations. While you focus on maintaining your own schedule and growing your business, ValleyBiggs will stay on top of the sales process to get you the deal you deserve.

3. Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers

With more than two decades of experience under their belt, Crown Atlantic Business Brokers has an excellent reputation in the Orlando business community. They deliver high-level service and a customized marketing strategy for every client, ensuring both parties walk away satisfied with the terms of the sale. 

The advisors at Crown Atlantic understand the current market and know what it takes to succeed in the competitive landscape of Orlando. With backgrounds as entrepreneurs and business owners, they can relate to the needs and objectives of clients across industries. This personal expertise is a strong advantage in negotiations and other aspects of the sale.

4. Michael Shea P.A.

As the largest business broker in Central Florida, Michael Shea P.A. helps business owners sell their large or small companies in a range of industries. They have a network of qualified buyers who are looking to acquire businesses with a history of success and potential for growth. 

Start with a complimentary valuation, and this broker will impress with their attention to detail and knowledge of the Orlando business economy. They provide guidance at the level you need, whether you’re just beginning to consider a change or ready to plan your exit strategy as soon as possible. 

5. The Business Broker of Orlando

With over 20 years of experience, The Business Broker of Orlando maintains a strong network of connections to business owners in Orlando and beyond. They connect sellers with buyers who live locally or from other regions across the country, and are excited about investing and growing a successful Florida business. 

While their passion is helping buyers and sellers with business transactions, this broker can also provide consulting services for your current business or startup venture. Their guidance can help you build a solid foundation, and may include creating a business plan, scouting locations, or researching comparable businesses in the area. 

6. Transworld Business Advisors

The Orlando office of Transworld Business Advisors has a reputation as one of the best brokerages in the region. Their client-first approach to every transaction gives them an edge over the rest; every client benefits from their modern proprietary software that helps connect sellers with pre-qualified buyers who are serious about making a deal. 

This broker helps buyers locate profitable businesses to acquire in prime Orlando locations. Working with an experienced advisor like the ones at Transworld will ensure you’re getting the most out of the deal without leaving any details to chance. 

7. Central Florida Business Brokerage

With more than three decades of experience with business sales in Orlando and across Central Florida, your transaction will be in expert hands with this broker. Their proven marketing strategies combined with a stellar reputation in the field make them a solid choice for any business owner looking to sell. 

You can outsource the entire process of your business sale to Central Florida Business Brokerage, from financial analysis to negotiation and closing. They have a wide reach and will take on the task of finding and qualifying serious buyers willing to pay top dollar for a business like yours. 

8. First Choice Business Brokers

As one of the top brokers in the U.S. with locations across the country, First Choice Business Brokers in Orlando offers the benefits of a strong local network and the extended reach of a national brand. They’ve assisted buyers and sellers with transactions as small as $50,000 up to $50 million, within a variety of industries.

With decades of experience in the Orlando market, they have a solid track record and deep ties to the local business community. This brokerage can support you through every step of the sale with proven methods and proprietary technology that streamlines and simplifies the process.

9. CrossRoads Business Brokers

Specializing in business sales for the lower to middle-market sector, CrossRoads Business Brokers has proven itself as one of the most trustworthy firms in the Orlando area. They provide the same level of personal, confidential service no matter the size or value of your business. 

With a national network of buyers at their disposal, they use targeted marketing strategies to focus their efforts towards specific prospects based on their interests. You can relax while your broker handles all the details of the sale, from financing to marketing, to transition of ownership. With clear communication and a commitment to discretion, the terms of your sale will exceed your expectations when you work with CrossRoads Business Brokers.

10. AmeriTeam

Whether this is your first time buying or selling a business, or you are a seasoned expert yourself, AmeriTeam can assist with any or all aspects of the transaction. At your initial meeting they will assess your needs and objectives, and will work tirelessly to help you meet those goals by the time the deal is closed.

AmeriTeam can package and market your business to their network of buyers, attracting offers that reflect its maximum value. They can guide you through each stage of the deal, providing essential tools like negotiation strategies to ensure both parties are satisfied with the terms and you get the profit you deserve.

The bottom line

Choosing a business broker can be one of the best decisions you make before you start down the path of buying or selling a business. An experienced broker can make your transaction much more smooth and efficient, ultimately leading to a more profitable deal. Connect with one of the business brokers on this list today, and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your business dreams.

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