10 Best Business Brokers in Tampa (2024)

Tampa, Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches and endless sunshine, but the city is also attractive for the many business opportunities available. Whether you’re looking to acquire an established business, or you’ve grown a profitable company and are ready to cash out, your first step to achieving your business goals should be to find a good business broker. 

A business broker can make the difference between a lengthy, stressful sales process and a smooth and efficient one. But you may be wondering whether you really need one to buy or sell a business.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the ways a business broker can help both parties in the process of a business sale, followed by a list of the 10 best business brokers in Tampa for 2024.

What a business broker can do for you

Whether you’re the buyer or seller, a business broker offers many services to support you throughout the sales process, including:

Business valuation 

Despite knowing all the ins and outs of their business, many owners don’t know the exact value of their business, or even how to calculate that number. A business broker has extensive knowledge of the local business economy, and should have a history of recent sales numbers so they can predict how much you can expect to earn. They can assess your inventory, assets, and financial statements to maximize the value of your business and set a list price that will attract the right buyers. 

Connect buyers with sellers

Most brokers draw from their professional and personal network to connect business owners with qualified buyers based on mutual interests. When they need to reach out beyond their network, they’ll package and market the business so it will appeal to the right audience of motivated buyers. This process can reduce the timeline needed between listing the business and closing the sale.   

Transition of ownership 

A broker can help finalize and settle the terms of the contract, and help ensure that all post-sale requirements are met. They can also handle the paperwork and legal filings such as licensing and other procedures to transfer ownership quickly and efficiently without disrupting the business. 

Best business brokers in Tampa

1. Website Closers

Our top pick for Tampa business brokers is Website Closers; they are especially useful for business owners who work in the technology industry or digital space. This expert team of advisors have hands-on experience in relevant fields, including B2B services, eCommerce, software development, and digital marketing.  

Your advisor at Website Closers brings a unique understanding of your industry that helps them identify buyers of the right calibur and sell your business faster. With an impressive record of closing almost a billion dollars in deals, you won’t find a more successful broker.    

2. ValleyBiggs

Specializing in business sales for digital and tech companies worth more than $5 million, ValleyBiggs is a highly trained team of expert advisors who can streamline all aspects of your sale. They provide hands-on support for buyers and sellers to simplify the process and ensure all terms of the deal are met.

They’ll evaluate your business to make sure your business is listed for an accurate yet competitive price that will attract the highest offers. For buyers, they assist with due diligence procedures and facilitate negotiations. Your ValleyBiggs advisor can cover the technical aspects of the deal so you can concentrate on keeping your business running as usual. 

3. Tampa Business Broker

Tampa Business Broker is committed to helping their clients get the highest price possible for their business. They work with business owners in various industries, including publishing, communications, transportation, retail, education, marketing, and more. 

This broker does more than just crunch the numbers and negotiate contracts. They have a mission to advise each client personally and make sure they help you reach your professional objectives, whether you’re selling your Tampa business or acquiring an already established one.  

4. Transworld Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay branch of Transworld Business Advisors upholds the company’s reputation as one of the best brokerages out there. It’s hard to beat a record of 10,000+ successful sales. Their client-centered approach sets them apart from the rest, along with the cutting-edge proprietary tools they use to connect their clients with highly qualified buyers ready to make an offer. 

For prospective buyers, this broker can help you find relevant opportunities in the Tampa area and beyond. They will save you time and resources getting the deal closed as quickly as possible. Transworld can also connect clients with other services, including commercial realtors, financing, and franchising consultants. 

5. Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Since 1996 the Viking team has completed over 850 successful business sales, and they are not slowing down. With a clear mission to help entrepreneurs secure their futures, it is no surprise that the businesses they list sell for at least 96% of the asking price. Their clients walk away satisfied that they got the maximum value for their business. 

Their comprehensive seven-step sales process begins with a complimentary business assessment and valuation. With a clear picture of your current business and future goals, they will then create a tailored marketing plan and reach out to qualified buyers who share your vision and are prepared to keep it alive as the new owner. 

6. Tambay Mergers & Acquisitions

This Tampa-based team of seasoned professionals provides personalized service with global resources to help business owners with their exit strategy. They are dedicated to keeping all of your transaction details and proprietary information confidential for a smooth, discreet sale. 

They will help sellers determine the right pricing for their business, establish a solid marketing plan, and connect you with buyers who are seeking a Tampa business like yours. You can count on this broker for continuous guidance and professionalism throughout the sales process.   

7. Murphy Business Sales

The Tampa office of Murphy Business Sales has a strong reputation in the local business community and you’ll benefit from their unique insight about the current market. One of the biggest brokerage groups in North America, their network extends through more than 125 locations in the U.S. and Canada. 

Working with the advisors in Tampa allows you to access local business owners in various industries as well as potential business opportunities worldwide. In addition to business sales, this firm handles equipment appraisals, commercial real estate brokers, and expert intermediaries for mergers and acquisitions. 

8. David Moore & Partners

This local brokerage serves business owners and investors in the Tampa area, identifying the best opportunities for acquisitions, sales, or strategic partnerships. With a background as a tech entrepreneur, working on the ground floor of several startups that grew to middle-market companies, CEO David Moore can connect with clients on a personal and professional level. 

This broker facilitates business sales across industries, specializing in healthcare, tech, manufacturing, retail, and restaurants, with deals ranging from under one million to $500 million. The firm also arranges financing for potential buyers, providing a variety of financing options and a streamlined loan process so you can get started on your new venture as soon as possible.   

9. Sunbelt Business Brokers

The Tampa office of Sunbelt Brokers has a successful record as one of the top firms in the area. Along with their strong connections to local business owners in the community, their clients can benefit from their extensive network of entrepreneurs and potential buyers from across the U.S. and beyond. 

With an understanding of the local business market and recent comparable sales, they’ll customize your marketing plan to attract qualified, interested buyers who are seeking a business in your field. At Sunbelt, they focus on meeting their client’s needs and open communication throughout the sales process, so you’ll walk away confident and satisfied with the end result. 

10. Top Florida Business Broker

With years of experience in the Tampa market and an in-depth knowledge of the Florida business economy, Top Florida Business Broker is the reliable, service-oriented broker you want in your corner. They bring buyers and sellers together and facilitate a smooth and profitable transaction for every client. 

This broker has worked with business owners and investors in a range of industries, providing customized services based on the client’s needs, interests, and business goals. Whether you’re a seller looking to maximize the value of your company or planning ahead for your future retirement, they can advise you on current market trends and provide specific data to position your business as a desirable investment for serious buyers. 

The bottom line

Before you get started on the long journey of selling or buying a business, choosing the right business broker is one of the best ways to prepare. Working with an experienced broker can help streamline and simplify the sales process and often can lead to a better deal than you could get otherwise.

This list of Tampa business brokers is a good starting point, but you should select one based on the specific needs of your business and someone you connect with on a personal level.

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