10 Best Business Brokers in Texas (2024)

Looking to sell off your Texas business and transition to a relaxing retirement? Or are you scouring the Lone Star State for an investment opportunity with limitless profit potential? 

Finding a good business broker is essential to help facilitate a business sale of any size, whether you’re selling or buying a business. 

While the transaction itself might seem simple, there are many stages of the sales process that you may not be aware of. A business broker can handle some of those details for you, saving you time, money, and energy that you’d probably rather put towards achieving your business goals. 

Why work with a business broker?

Whether you’re seeking new investment opportunities or determined to sell your successful business, a business broker can provide guidance and support throughout the sale, including:

Evaluate your business

Some business owners aren’t aware of exactly how much their business is worth, or how to even determine that value. A business broker will have knowledge of the current market, including recent sales of similar companies to yours. They’ll also analyze your financials, assets, and profit potential to maximize the value and calculate a competitive price that will appeal to buyers. 

Find qualified buyers

Brokers will often have access to a large network of serious, qualified potential buyers, and they can easily sort them based on their interests and backgrounds. If they don’t already have specific buyers in mind, they can create a marketing strategy to package and present your business to a targeted list of buyers. This can greatly reduce the timeframe between the listing, offer, and successful sale.   

Facilitate ownership transition 

After both parties have agreed on the terms of the deal, a broker can help finalize the contract and verify that all post-sale requirements are met. They can also help file any licensing documents or other legal paperwork to ensure a smooth transition of ownership without any disruptions to the business. 

Best business brokers in Texas

1. Website Closers

The expert brokers at Website Closers have sold internet-based digital businesses worth almost a billion dollars, so this is a clear first choice for business owners in the tech industry who are looking to sell. The advisors all have some level of experience within the digital space, whether it is with digital marketing agencies, eCommerce, or other online business services. 

Their ability to relate to this type of business gives them unique insight into how to properly position and package your business for an efficient, streamlined sale. No matter what size your Texas-based online business is, Website Closers will guide you through every step of the sale so you can walk away confident and satisfied with the deal.  

2. ValleyBiggs

The team at ValleyBiggs is also focused on helping owners of digital and tech businesses place their companies on the market. Committed to open communication and tailored guidance for each client, this broker can provide support throughout the sales process, from valuation to transition of ownership. 

Beginning with a thorough analysis of the business, your advisor will help maximise the value of the business and set up a marketing plan that makes your business stand out from the rest, attracting high-level qualified buyers. You can be involved in every step of the process, or allow the broker to handle the details while you continue to oversee the daily operations of your business.  

3. Texas Business Brokers

No matter what size or industry your business is in, you’ll get Texas-sized service from Texas Business Brokers. Your dedicated, local broker who understands the Austin market can be available to answer all your questions, 24 hours a day. 

This broker understands the importance of confidentiality when it comes to a business changing ownership. They will ensure that your transaction remains discreet so you won’t have to face awkward questions or disruptions in daily operations as you’re working through the transition. With no upfront costs and a free business valuation, Texas Business Brokers is ready when you are to get the ball rolling.   

4. Transworld Business Advisors, South and West Texas

A national brand with a local reach, Transworld Business Advisors has facilitated nearly 10,000 sales; that record speaks for itself. Their customized approach includes using their proprietary tools and access to a database of qualified buyers from throughout Texas and beyond. 

If you’re an investor looking for opportunities to buy a Texas-based business, your Transworld advisor can introduce you to a select list of business owners in your field of interest; they can also connect you with funding sources, including private equity or traditional lenders. 

5. Kingsbridge Brokers

If you need more than a business brokerage, Kingsbridge also offers advisory and financial services customized for the specific needs of your business. They focus on quality rather than quantity, providing full-service support for a select number of clients. These advisors are personally involved with every transaction, from leveraging relationships, to finding and meeting with potential buyers face to face. 

The extra effort pays off in the form of larger, more favorable deals for every client. While Kingsbridge is an independent brokerage, it is also part of the Tolley & Co Business Group, which means that their clients all have access to affiliated companies and resources to further assist at every stage of selling, buying, and building your business.   

6. Sunbelt Brokers Dallas Metro

The Dallas Metro branch of Sunbelt Brokers has established itself as one of the top firms in Texas. As a client of this brokerage, you’ll get the benefits of their local connections along with their extended database of serious buyers across the U.S. 

They have an eye for the Texas business economy and can put together a targeted marketing plan that speaks to the type of investor you’re looking for to carry on your vision for the business as its new owner. This broker is highly responsive to every client’s needs, so you can rest assured you’ll be aware of every bit of progress made throughout the sale. 

7. Certified Business Brokers

This brokerage is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, making the process of selling your business as easy as possible. With thousands of successful sales over half a century, it’s safe to say that Certified Business Brokers are true experts in the field.  

Headquartered in Houston, this is one of the oldest and largest brokerage firms in the country. Also a founding member of the International Business Brokers Association and the Texas Association of Business Brokers, they’ve earned a solid reputation as a leader in the industry, especially in the state of Texas. 

8. Murphy Business Sales North Texas

With 125 branches across the U.S. and Canada, Murphy Business Sales is one of the most established brokerage brands in North America. The North Texas office has access to the combined network of the brand, with the ability to connect you with potential buyers or sellers beyond the scope of other local brokers in the area. 

Their reputation in Texas is unmatched, with a history of sales across a range of industries, so they have a deep understanding of the local business economy and the current market for business sales. Murphy Business also provides commercial real estate services, equipment appraisals and other resources you might need to continue building your business or preparing for a sale. 

9. Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

This broker, located in Austin, has completed over 850 successful business sales since they opened their doors in 1996. They have an impressive 85 percent closing rate, which shows that they are serious about following through and working hard for every client. 

Your broker at Viking Mergers and Acquisitions will provide guidance throughout the sales process. To begin their seven-step sales process, they offer a complimentary assessment and valuation of your business. Based on your industry and business goals, they’ll package and market your business to a select number of qualified buyers and help you negotiate the perfect deal. 

10. Business Brokers of Texas

Based in San Antonio, Business Brokers of Texas has over 75 years combined experience in helping Texas business owners sell their companies. They use a classic, personal approach to get to know each client and their specific needs before developing a price and marketing strategy to get top dollar in a competitive market. 

The service starts with getting the optimal valuation for your business in order to attract qualified buyers and close the sale without the need for much negotiation. They’ll support you through all aspects of the deal, including drawing up the purchase agreement and helping the buyer obtain financing if necessary.  

The bottom line

When you find the right business broker to help you sell your business or buy an already established one, they can make the sales process much more streamlined and efficient. 

This list of the best business brokers in Texas should help you get started with your search, but you should choose a broker based on your own preferences and the needs of your business. Some factors to consider include the broker’s sales history, industry knowledge, local reputation, and enthusiasm for building a long-term relationship with their clients.

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