The Top 10 Cannabis Blog Topics

Cannabis, marijuana, or pot, whatever name you want to use, has been around for centuries and, according to The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis, can be traced as far back as 2800 BCE.

Information in that same book states that people have been using the product for centuries. 

If you are marketing for a cannabis dispensary, your prospective target market will be entering keywords such as ‘cannabis,’ ‘weed’ and ‘marijuana’ and include ‘natural pain relief,’ for example. 

To find out the most popular search subjects, you can use programs such as Ahrefs, which will help you work out what your target market is looking for and push you up to the top of the google search rankings. 

Here is a selection of the top 10 cannabis blog topics

1. Legislation

A popular cannabis blog topic could include the rules and regulations surrounding the drug in countries around the world. 

While some countries are more lenient (the Netherlands is a famous example of this. However, a bill to legalize growing the plant was only put forward in 2017), there are others that take the criminalization of marijuana use and sale very seriously.

Blog ideas may include comparing country laws or a feature article on a typical day in the life of a coffee house in Amsterdam, for instance. 

2. Cannabis holidays

From the ‘Bud and Breakfast’ in Colorado to the Boerejongens coffee shop in Amsterdam, cannabis cafes and entertainment spots have become a niche market for those interested in partaking overseas. 

A regular column describing the various options relating to ‘cannabis holidays’ is one way to increase your search rankings. 

3. Expert analysis

You could interview a doctor who prescribes cannabis to patients or an article about a long-time user of cannabis. 

A story about an expert in the field of cannabis and marijuana use can destigmatize the drug and give readers the answers to questions they have regarding a raft of issues, including legalization, herbal highs, and medical cannabis usage. 

4. Cannabis benefits

Apart from the obvious benefits (it gets you high), many readers will be interested in hearing what cannabis products can be utilized for. 

This can open up a range of topics, including the use of hemp for bags and clothing, as well as utilizing the product for pain relief. 

5. Dispensary background

Getting to know your customers is important, but your prospective target market also wants to learn more about you.  

The blog could include information about a typical day in the life of a cannabis dispensary or the history of the dispensary and the qualifications of its staff members. 

This will only strengthen your relationship with your potential clients. 

6. Debunking myths

If you don’t know much about marijuana, you may believe the stories you are told about marijuana. 

Key phrases such as ‘gateway drug’ and keywords such as ‘danger’ may be bandied about. 

However, it is your job as a cannabis dispensary marketer to ensure that your readers get the facts, followed up by concrete statistics you find in peer-reviewed reports. (Wikipedia is not a reliable source). 

7. Customer story

Your blog could be about an 80-year-old pensioner who came across your store for the first time and has found cannabis products to be a godsend in assisting with migraines or a regular fan of your dispensary who has been keeping health issues at bay thanks to the products your dispensary offers.  

A testimonial should lead readers to feel more comfortable with your product and think of your dispensary as a market leader in the local area. 

8. Vendor reports

Your vendors deserve recognition, which is why it’s a good idea to incorporate links to their pages and information about the cannabis products you offer. 

This may include information regarding the history of the product or what medical issues it can assist with.  

A variety of products can be included, from cannabis oil to accessories. 

9. Cannabis days

The most obvious day to celebrate the use of cannabis would be July 10, otherwise known as ‘dab day.’

However, there are plenty of other days that cannabis can be celebrated, such as National Pizza Day, which takes place on February 9th (pizza is the best answer to the munchies). Napping Day, which takes place on March 13, is another obvious cannabis holiday. 

10. Cannabis accessories

You’ll never run out of ideas for your cannabis blog topics when it comes to covering the various accessories that can be used when smoking or eating cannabis products. 

From the humble bong through to the humble ashtray and everything in between, the increasing popularity of cannabis means there is no limit in terms of informative blogs that you can come up with. 

Need cannabis blog topics?

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