The Top 10 CBD Blog Topics

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis that can be utilized for various health issues, including pain and inflammation. 

When your target reader is looking for assistance in reducing pain or finding alternatives to opioids, they will incorporate certain keywords into the search engine. Sentences may include “natural pain relief” or “alternatives to pharmaceuticals.” 

Keeping this in mind, you need to ensure you are utilizing as many target phrases and keywords as possible. Programs such as Ahrefs can assist you in working out what your target market is looking at and how your competitors are improving their CBD SEO.

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1. Benefits of CBD

While people are becoming more accepting of the usage of cannabidiol in pain relief, there is still a certain stigma involved in the word ‘cannabis’ and its use. 

For those who are still skeptical, regular articles or frequent blog posts about the benefits of CBD and how it works as a substitute to over-the-counter pain relief can help stop the stigma and increase website traffic. 

2. CBD oil for your pets

According to a survey of 1000 pet owners who gave CBD products to their pets, 63% of participants have tried other medications before using CBD on their pets. 83% of them agreed that CBD was more effective. 

CBD is marketed towards helping pets with anxiety as well as soothing pain. With a large majority of families owning pets, regular blogs about CBD for pets could become very popular. 

3. Interview with an expert

If your reader is already unsure of the efficacy of the product, they may feel assured knowing that there are experts with scientific evidence that backs up CBD usage. 

This might include a regular column written by a local expert of interviews with world-renowned experts from across the globe. 

4. Success stories

If you’re unsure of whether to use a product, the assurance of reading about a person like yourself who has struggled with the same issues and found comfort in CBD can be assuring. 

The CBD blog topic could include an interview with someone who is now thriving after utilizing cannabidiol products or a case study on someone trying the drug for the first time. 

5. History of CBD

According to information from the Pew Research center, as of 2019, two-thirds of people in the United States believe the use of cannabis should be legal. This is a marked difference to only 16% of people in 1989.

With this acceptance comes the interest in learning more about the drug and how it works. 

Regular CBD blog posts about the history and make-up of cannabidiol could push your search engine rankings higher as long as you utilize the right keywords to meet demand. It will also help you to grow your CBD brand.

6. Scientific research

It is important to keep up to date on the recent trends relating to a topic if you want to be known as an expert in your field. 

This will give your target market the assurance that your blog is an approved site for up-to-date information on CBD. 

7. Legislation around the world

A regular CBD blog topic could include information about different countries and cities that allow CBD to be used and the various legislation rules. 

Blog topics may consist of information about how legislation in other countries may affect local law in the future and how law reform is changing worldwide. 

8. Medical interactions

A big question for those with existing health problems may include how CBD interacts with pharmaceutical drugs. 

It is important to put a disclaimer at the bottom that your reader needs to discuss any concerns with a medical professional, and all information needs to come from an expert in the field of CBD or peer-reviewed reports. 

9. Complimentary pain relief

Your readers may be searching for complimentary pain relief on top of CBD use. 

With this in mind, you can deliver regular blogs that describe pain relief alternatives, including deep-tissue massage, physiotherapy, yoga, and pilates, and reviews on supplements such as arnica rub or magnesium tablets. 

10. CBD recipes

Depending on availability in your local state or country, some readers may be interested in utilizing CBD oil in their cooking.

This can include CBD popsicles through to CBD cakes and drinks. Ensuring that you are clear about keeping to local laws, regular recipes, and ideas about incorporating CBD oil into your diet may be a popular way of increasing interest in the product. This is a great way to produce unique content that readers can’t find anywhere else online.

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