ClearVoice: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

If you are looking to ramp up your content marketing efforts, then you’ll need to find a team of writers to produce amazing content for you. But with so many options it can be hard to work out where to start. 

That’s why we have put together a series of reviews of all of the top freelancer platforms and content writing companies. Hopefully, these reviews help you make a more informed choice. One of your potential options is working with ClearVoice.

ClearVoice overview

Clear Voice separates itself from other content writing services by offering a more comprehensive service. When you work with Clear Voice you are essentially partnering up with them to outsource your content writing needs to them. 

The company offers a platform for you to find and manage a team of freelancers to produce your content for you. They call this “teamlancing” – it is all about creating a network of freelancers to help you produce amazing content – which can be managed through their website.

When you use their platform, they provide tools to find writers, copy editors, strategists, hire SEO experts, and designers who will collaborate on delivering your content marketing plan. The whole process is overseen by one of ClearVoice’s success managers who is assigned to manage your account.

Working with ClearVoice is a great option if you require a large quantity of content to be produced each month and you require a team that needs to easily collaborate. However, if you just require a small amount of content to be produced each month then there might be better options for your business.

ClearVoice reviews

Reviews on are good and above the industry average.

They currently (as of March 2021) have an overall rating of 4.4-stars out of 5.

clearvoice reviews

Most positive reviews single out the great customer service you receive from the company, the high quality of the content, and the fact that every writer is fully vetted.

The negative feedback is from past clients who say that it can be quite difficult to learn how to use the ClearVoice platform when you are starting. There are also comments that the prices tend to be on the high side compared to other content writing services.


  • Fully Vetted Freelancers – ClearVoice vets every freelancer before they allow them to join their network.
  • Multiple Content Types – you can find specialist freelancers to produce everything from professionally researched e-books to videos.
  • Comprehensive Service – every client has a dedicated client success manager to help them manage their content marketing projects.
  • Collaborative Software – you can manage every aspect of your content marketing plan through the ClearVoice platform.


  • You can manage your whole content marketing strategy from the ClearVoice platform. They offer tools such as a content calendar and a dashboard to help you manage each project. For example, you can assign specific tasks to each freelancer.
  • The company fully vets every freelancer that they allow onto the platform. This helps reduce the time and money it usually takes to find high-quality freelancers to hire.
  • The platform includes tools to ensure every piece of content is 100% unique and original. Every piece of content goes through a plagiarism check before you receive it.
  • The platform includes tools to help you import and export content to other tools you use such as WordPress and HubSpot.
  • ClearVoice makes it easy to create a content budget and then pay each individual freelancer that you hire.


  • You can expect to pay a lot more for your content than other options. However, for the extra cost, you will receive a higher level of service so this might be something you are prepared to pay for.
  • If you outsource your content writing to a company like ClearVoice instead of hiring freelance writers, it makes it difficult to eventually hire writers full-time for your company.
  • Other companies are much more transparent about how much they charge.
  • The ClearVoice platform provides a lot of functionality to manage your content marketing efforts. However, most businesses won’t need this level of functionality.


It’s difficult to give you prices for ClearVoice – even estimates – as the company offers tailor-made pricing plans for each client.

When you sign up to work with them, they will discuss all of your content writing needs with you during an initial free consultation and then work out customized pricing and content plan for you.

However, given the high level of service you receive from ClearVoice you can expect to be paying a lot more than finding your own freelance writers or working with smaller content writing companies.

Top ClearVoice alternatives

ClearVoice is a well-regarded content marketing agency that can help you with all of your content writing needs. However, there are plenty of other options in the market that you should consider before signing up to work with them.

Our reviews intend to help you find a company that is the best fit for your company. Please check out our detailed reviews below by clicking on the links.

Final thoughts

Overall, ClearVoice is a feature-rich platform that will save you a lot of time, money, and effort if you manage a team of freelancers. You can effectively do everything from generating content ideas, hire freelancers, manage the project, and publish the final product all from one location.

However, if you don’t produce a large quantity of content regularly then there is probably a better alternative for you to use – especially when you consider the prices ClearVoice charges.

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