80 Content Marketing Quotes You’ll Love

If you’re here, then you already know all about the benefits of content marketing. Content marketing is incredibly effective at growing your brand online, especially over the long-term. In my humble opinion, it’s incredibly underrated, even though it’s so popular. 

To help all content marketers stay inspired, we’ve compiled 80 content marketing quotes you can learn from and challenge your way of thinking.


1. “Content is king.” – Bill Gates

2. “Great marketers have immense empathy for their audience. They can put themselves in their shoes, live their lives, feel what they feel, go where they go, and respond how they’d respond. That empathy comes out in content that resonates with your audience.” – Rand Fishkin

3. “Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content.” – Robert Simon

4. “Stop publishing things just because you always have.” – Lymari Morales

5. “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.” – Avinash Kaushik

6. “We need to create a business strategy for our content. That means saying no to many channels and content types, and focus on where we can build an asset, an audience, over time.” – Joe Pulizzi

7. “If your website was a city, there would be a highway of visitors flowing through it. But if you don’t know where that highway is, you don’t know how to guide traffic. You don’t know where to put the billboards.” – Andy Crestodina

8. “A great headline mixed with a lame opening is like inviting someone into your house, only to slam the door in their face as they approach.” – Brian Clark

9. “Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer’s inbox.” – Andrew Davis

10. “The future of content marketing is in your hands.” – David Hahn

11. “Brands need to take the phrase ‘acting like a publisher’ literally.” – Dietrich Mateschitz 

12. “Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” – David Beebe

13. “In a sea of mediocre content, a brave tone can be a big differentiator.” – Ann Handley 

14. “The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance.” – Jason Miller

15. “The ultimate content strategy is listening.” – Marcus Sheridan

16. “Pushing out content you want to publish is a lot different than executing a successful content marketing program that connects with customers by delivering meaningful experiences that are contextually relevant.” – Ardath Albee

17. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you just need to share your unique perspective on why the wheel is important.” – Page One Power

18. “What is quality content? Ultimately, the consumer decides.” – Joe Chernov

19. “Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.” – Michael Brenner

20. “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

21. “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

22. “Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” – Marcus Sheridan

23. “Google is the new corporate homepage.” – Jeremiah Owyang

24. “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessler

25. “Content is the atomic particle of all marketing.” – Rebecca Lieb

26. “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

27. “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.” – Brené Brown

28. “The easiest way to turn off your community members is to broadcast the same message across multiple channels. Instead, determine the kind of content that interests the members of your community in a way that is useful to them.” – Joe Pulizzi

29. “Content that builds trust is human, personal, relevant, it isn’t greedy, and it doesn’t trick people. If the recipient knew what the sender knows, would she still be happy? If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s likely it’s going to build trust.” – Seth Godin 

30. “People don’t find content by mistake, or by accident. Every content plan needs a complementary promotion plan that combines paid, owned, and earned media.” – Matthew Gratt

31. “Tools are great, but content marketing success is about the wizard, not the wand.” – Jay Baer

32. “The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.” – Jamie Turner

33. “Fiftysix percent of traffic comes from 10 percent of content. Invest in your home runs.” – Lymari Morales

34. “Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.” – MarketingProfs

35. “If your content isn’t driving conversation, you’re doing it wrong.” – Dan Roth

36. “Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.” – Jay Acunzo

37. “The reason we struggle with content marketing is because we haven’t started with ‘Why?’ Customers don’t care about your vanity metrics. Ask them, ‘How can I help?’” – Kristina Halvorson

38. “These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” – Brian Clark

39. “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

40. “We all want quick fixes and wins. That’s human but short sighted. Successful content marketing demands a long game mindset. Keeping fit and training requires persistence. Building a big brand is a journey. So keep going as there is no other way. Content marketing demands persistence.” – Jeff Bullas

41. “Nobody cares about your products, except you. Create interesting content!” – David Meerman Scott

42. “Useful & Enjoyable & Inspired = Innovative Content.” – Ann Handley

43. “The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the stream.” – LinkedIn Marketing

44. “Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” – Seth Godin

45. “Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee Odden

46. “There is no content strategy without measurement strategy. Before embarking on a content initiative, irrespective of medium or platform, it’s important to know what you want to achieve.” – Rebecca Lieb

47. “Curation is a natural and necessary extension of content creation. That is, as great as your content may be, your audience wants to learn from other experts and differing perspectives.” – Pawan Deshpande

48. “More content is not better. What’s the worst case scenario if we slow ourselves down and do some analysis?” – Kristina Halvorson

49. “Here’s everything you need to know about creating killer content in 3 simple words: Clear. Concise. Compelling.” – Demian Farnworth

50. “What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

51. “The paradox is the more info you give away, the more people will buy what you have to give.” – Brian Clark

52. “Content marketing comes down to commitment. There’s no halfway. You’re either in or you’re out.” – Joe Pulizzi

53. “Your blog is your best networking tool.” – Andy Crestodina

54. “The aim of marketing is to get and keep a customer.” – Peter Drucker

55. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” – Benjamin Franklin

56. “Marketing should be thought of as a filter, not a magnet.” – Doug Kessler

57. “No matter what your content is about, if someone clicks through to see your content, they’re looking for an answer to something. Rather than giving them the runaround, give them what they’re looking for. Answer their question simply and clearly and with as little jargon as possible.” – Kevin Ho

58. “When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.” Andy Crestodina “More content is not better. What’s the worstcase scenario if we slow ourselves down and do some analysis?” – Kristina Halvorson

59. “It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” Andy Crestodina “When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?” Ann Handley “What helps people, helps business.” – Leo Burnett

60. “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”– Steve Jobs

61. “What helps people, helps business.” – Leo. Burnett “Content is king, but distribution is queen. And she wears the pants.” – Jonathan Perelman

62. “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”– Beth Comstock

63. “Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.” – Jean Luc Godard, Director

64. “If you can take your personality and inject it into the message you share, you’ll be one step ahead in the content marketing game.” – Jason Miller

65. “Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.” – Robert Rose

66. “Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.” – Andrea Fryrear

67. “Behind every piece of great content is a marketer, publisher, author who passionately and empathetically sought to help his or her audience. But how do you teach empathy to an executive who has none? The answer is fear. You have to show them that if you don’t create the best answer to your customers’ questions, someone else will.” – Michael Brenner

68. “I think marketers are very message focused. They know what they want people to hear. They have to work backwards from there to figure out how to make that happen. What they should do is to find the thing that’s unique or interesting that captures people’s attention. Figure out what that thing is; don’t worry about the message right now. Just find the interesting part, and then figure out how to link that to the message.” – Andy Weir

69. “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter

70. “When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?’ I think it’s important for all of us to be thinking about whatever marketing we’re creating; is it really useful to our customers? Will they thank us for it? I think if you think of things through that lens, it just clarifies what you’re doing in such a simple, elegant way.” – Ann Handley

71. “And do you know what is the mostoften missing ingredient in a sales message? It’s the sales message that doesn’t tell an interesting story. Storytelling … good storytelling … is a vital component of a marketing campaign.” – Gary Halbert

72. “Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it.” – Michael Brenner 

73. “It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” – Andy Crestodina

74. “When taking a contentfirst approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” – Robert Rose

75. “Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” – Seth Godin

76. “Stop writing about everything. So many brands create content and try to cover everything, instead of focusing on the core niche that they can position themselves as an expert around. No one cares about your special recipe… Find your niche, and then go even more niche.” – Joe Pulizzi

77. “One of the best ways to sabotage content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.” – Ellen Gomes

78. “Don’t be distracted by those people that are always demanding something new. The strategy of making most of your content evergreen is powerful. It allows you to build an asset bank of content that can be constantly shared.” – Jeff Bullas

79. “We tend to look at content as standalone assets and evaluate performance in a vacuum, cherishing those assets that perform well and discounting those that don’t. But there’s more to consider. We need to look at content metrics that reflect how well our content is at playing nicely with other content. In essence, how good it is at guiding progress—becoming a conductor for engagement and intent.” – Ardath Albee

80. “When it comes to content and content marketing, you probably want to err on the side of making things SUPER amazing, not MVP.” – Rand Fishkin

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