What Is Content Seeding and What are the Benefits?

Have you ever written what you thought was a great blog post, article, or page copy and then published it, but then no one reads it?

Then you’re not alone. Almost every content marketer knows this feeling.

But there is a way to help reduce this occurring, and that is through a concept called content seeding.

Content seeding is a digital marketing version of ‘planting some seeds’ in the garden and then nurturing it with sun and water to help them grow. 

Like plants, even the highest quality content needs some help to grow. Content seeding is a very strategic approach that marketers use to increase the reach of your content and, in the process, increase your brand awareness.

Benefits of content seeding

There are many benefits of content seeding, including:

More traffic to your website

When you promote your content on platforms used by people in your target audience, it can result in a lot of traffic to your website. 

For example, if your content is all about the benefits of CBD oils and it gets posted on a Facebook CBD user group page, then you are likely to get a lot of relevant and engaged traffic from it. Social traffic, in particular, has been shown to result in much higher session durations and lower bounce rates.

Get more backlinks

One of the top ways to increase your search rankings is to get high-quality backlinks. 

Seeding your content on social media networks, blogs, and other online platforms can help you get lots of quality backlinks.

Build brand awareness

When you produce a steady stream of high-quality content, then users start to associate your brand with being a reliable and consistent producer of amazing content. 

This then ensures that they are more likely to share your content with their followers and readers, which increases your authority in the space that you produce content for.

Promote your social channels

Social media is one of the best channels for content seeding because most of the social platforms are set up to enhance the discovery of content. 

This then has a snowball effect of your content being shared and read to an even wider audience after people like and share your posts. In the end, this will help to promote your own social media channels/ profiles, and over time can become your main avenue for content seeding.

Higher conversions

When you seed your content with the help of social media and other online sources, it can result in higher sales. 

This is because you are driving very qualified traffic to your website, and these consumers will be more likely to buy from you, especially if they discover you through a trusted source like a social media influencer.

How can you seed your content?

Now you know what content seeding is and why you should do it, the next thing to know is how you actually do it. Here are some great tips to get started with content seeding:

Interact with your audience

A great way to promote discussion and interaction with your readers and with other bloggers is to have a comment section on your blog. 

You can show you are an authority about the blog post topic by leaving respectful and informative answers to your readers’ questions. This also helps to make your content more visible and therefore shared more.

Influencer outreach

Influencers on social media and through other channels such as blogs can help to give your content a boost. These people have a high number of followers and are trusted within their specific niche. 

Sometimes you might be able to create mutually beneficial arrangements with them to get them to share your content, or sometimes this can be done through a paid campaign.

Have a newsletter

Make sure you build up a subscriber list for your blog or website. When you publish new content, you can email it out to your list, and if it is engaging and informative content, you will find several readers will share your content on social and by forwarding your email to friends and family. 

Writing a newsletter is a great way to seed content.

Social channels

Social content media seeding is a great way to content seed. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin is a great way to expose your content to a wider audience. 

These platforms have tools to make it easy for people to share and like your content, and this results in more traffic to your website or blog. On LinkedIn, for example, you can even publish informative articles directly onto the platform to increase its exposure. 

The bottom line

Content seeding is a strategy in which content creators plant their content across various platforms in the hope of expanding their reach. 

Content seeding is a great way to increase website traffic, get more backlinks, build your brand awareness, build up your social channels, and ultimately lead to more sales. It should be part of any successful content marketing plan.

The best part is that it is reasonably inexpensive and easy to get started.

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