10 Places to Find Content Websites for Sale

If you spend any time browsing the internet, you’re sure to have stumbled across a content website or two. Content websites dominate the online space, and it’s not hard to see why — and with numerous platforms offering up a wide range of options, buying a content website is now easier than ever. 

Here’s a selection of the best places to buy content websites based on their credibility, ease of use, and support offered before, during, and after the process. 

Why buy a content website?

So, why buy a content website instead of other types of sites like e-commerce or SaaS? 

Numerous avenues for growth 

Like other types of websites, content websites like blogs can utilize different drivers of growth, such as social media marketing or Search Engine Optimization. But unlike other websites, content websites have more varied revenue options, like affiliate offers, paid memberships, digital downloads, or ads. 

Audience stability

If the content website has been up-and-running and ranking relatively well for a few years, it’s likely to have a dedicated audience base. By utilizing a few marketing strategies like email campaigns, it’ll be easier to broaden this community and potentially increase revenue in a stable and consistent manner. 

Relatively low-maintenance 

Finally, content websites are usually low maintenance and require minimal input from your end, especially if it already has a strong foundation of content and regular traffic. You may need to hire external freelancers to contribute to the website’s content, but this can be less effort than creating and running the website from scratch. 

Best places to buy content websites

1. Empire Flippers

With an incredibly friendly and easy-to-use UI on their platform, and a strict vetting process for all their listings, Empire Flippers is the best place to find content websites for sale. Over $450 million worth of online businesses have been bought and sold on their platform, so the team behind Empire Flippers know what they’re doing and only connects buyers to listings that are high-quality and credible. 

On their website, you’ll be able to filter for monetization type, and state the min or max price you’re willing to spend. From electronics and finance, to beauty and cuisine, you’ll be able to browse a multitude of content websites with Empire Flippers. 

2. FE International

As a merger and acquisitions adviser, FE International provides services for both users looking to buy or sell a business. While their listings aren’t as extensive as other platforms on this list, their team will work closely alongside you throughout each stage of the buying process to ensure the correct fit. 

On their website, you can filter the listings by availability and category and view additional details about their customer base and profit. Do note that FE International usually handles larger deals, so this is an ideal option if you have a higher budget to spend.

3. Quiet Light

If it’s your first time buying a content website, or you just need some extra support, Quiet Light may be worth a look. Their methodical and data-driven approach into the buying and selling process is perfect for those looking to leave no stone unturned. Best of all, their advisors all have first-hand experience buying and selling businesses — so they understand exactly what you’ll be going through! 

On their website, you’ll find content website listings with details about revenue and income, alongside their asking price. You’ll only be able to view the detailed business summary by filling out a quick online form.

4. Flippa

Like other website marketplaces including Fiverr or eBay, Flippa has an incredibly vast range of content websites on their platform. These can be bid on, or bought directly with the starting bid price. While Flippa doesn’t have as much 1-on-1 support compared to the other websites on this list, it’s ideal if you’re looking to cross-compare different content listings and get as much intel as possible before you commit to one. 

On the Flippa platform, you’ll be able to view details including site age, monthly profit, page views, and more. Further financial details can only be accessed once you sign up. 

5. Motion Invest

Motion Invest is another great marketplace for finding content websites. Most websites on their marketplace are between $10,000 and $100,000, with occasional sites in the $1M+ price range.

Motion Invest offers a simple process for buying sites. After finding a site you like, you’ll pay a deposit of $1,000 (for sites over $2,000) or the total amount if it’s under that. After signing an asset purchase agreement, you’ll send the remaining funds and get the site transferred. Their team even helps swap out links on 20 pages for free. 

6. Trustiu

Trustiu makes the buying process as secure and transparent as possible, with a specific focus on websites, blogs, and YouTube channels for sale. Their excellent reviews across Trustpilot and Google Reviews showcase many happy buyers praising the support given by Trustiu business analysts. 

On their website, you can filter to browse websites with monetization options including affiliate or ads, and choose a niche. You’ll then access a drop-down menu of different content websites which can provide extra information.  

7. BuySellEmpire

With a strict vetting process that only lets through profitable businesses making over $1,500 a month and no fees for buyers, BuySellEmpire is another popular marketplace that allows you to browse numerous content websites, negotiate with sellers directly, and even get access to key metrics so you can make a calculated decision. 

Unlike other platforms that sell content websites, BuySellEmpire doesn’t have distinct filters to narrow down your search based on minimum and maximum asking price, or niche. Instead, you’ll need to browse through the collection and click the “know more” button if interested. 

8. BusinessesForSale.com

Another marketplace platform that sells a wide range of business types alongside content websites, is BusinessesForSale.com. While their name might be a mouthful their easy browsing process is one of the easiest and most straightforward out there! Browse featured businesses, popular categories, or use their smart search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for — all without the need to sign up to see the information. 

While there’s no specific filter for “content websites.” you’ll be able to browse websites per industry, age of listing, and sales revenue. However, for detailed financial information you would have to contact the seller. 

9. BizBroker24

With a focus on only hosting established websites and internet businesses, BizBroker24 is highly experienced in the field of selling all types of websites, including content websites, to an extensive buyer base. Their listings are in the middle-to-high range, with prices ranging to as low as $20,000USD to $2millionUSD. 

Their platform doesn’t have as many listings as others on this list, but there’s still adequate information there for you to decide whether the website is worth enquiring about or not. You can expect to find blogs and digital magazine platforms on there. 

10. Niche Investor

Last, but certainly not least on our list of the 10 places to find content websites for sale, is Niche Investor, characterized as a “boutique marketplace of quality and established niche websites and blogs.” As their name suggests, Niche Investor’s listings cover an extensive range of unique niches, from pets and travel to parenting and personal development. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it on their website. 

And if you’re specifically interested in acquiring a blog website, Niche Investor has a good range of profitable and popular blogs available for purchase. You’ll be able to browse blogs by monthly profit, existing content on the site, and traffic.  

Tips for buying content websites

Focus on a popular niche

Unless you’re dead-set on going for a niche of your interest, if you’re stuck between a few different niches, opt for a content website that has content about a popular or well-known subject — for example, health and wellness over gardening tools. This ensures that the website hasn’t hit its “subscriber ceiling” yet, and you can continue to grow the audience base.

Enquire a few listings before you commit to one

Before you decide on one (or several) content websites to buy, it’s always worth having a selection of 3-5 that are your frontrunners. These can be from different platforms, or across different industries. Chat with the sellers to ask them about their existing marketing strategies, take some time to research their audience and analytics, and weigh up the pros and cons of each before straightaway committing.

The bottom line

If you’re interested in buying a content website, there are numerous places you can browse and find listings that match with what you’re looking for. These include marketplace platforms with a “hands-off” approach, and business brokers which offer more personalized services. 

Ultimately, choosing a website may take some research and cross-comparing, but finding the right fit for your preferences can be very rewarding!

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