10 Places to Find Content Writing Jobs

There are a lot of content writing jobs out there, but there are more content writers! Content writing is a competitive field, but if you know where to look, you can find many good opportunities to grow as a content writing professional and make a living for yourself.

Here are 10 places to find content writing jobs.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing agency that writes various content types, including articles, SEO content, white papers, e-books, and press releases.

As a content writer at Writing Studio, depending on your background and experience, you’ll either be writing for the Writing Studio blog or Writing Studio’s clients.

At Writing Studio, we write content for many different industries, including CBD, appliances, software, nutrition, law, and more.

To apply as a content writer at Writing Studio, you go to the careers page and apply there.

You’ll need to submit a cover letter and your CV/resume, ideally with some writing samples.

You may be offered an immediate position or be put on hold for when there’s content available to write.

2. ContentWritingJobs

Contentwritingjobs.com is a website specifically for content writing jobs. 

To apply for content writing jobs, you have to create an account and pay a $10 per month membership fee. 

Then, you’ll get access to the job board, where you can apply for content writing positions advertised by various companies. 

As a member, you will get daily job alerts daily new job openings.

There are various content writing jobs available, ranging from technical writing to chemistry, proposal writing, and UX writing. 

Overall, ContentWritingJobs.com seems like a great place to find remote freelance, part-time, or even full-time writing jobs.

3. Indeed

Indeed is a global employment website with millions of job listings.

Content writing jobs are abundant here.

To find jobs as a content writer, you use Indeed’s search function and filter jobs for specific keywords, date posted, location, experience level, job type, and other factors.

At this point, you’ll have a list of jobs by date posted based on your search filter. 

Next, you apply to the jobs you like by submitting your cover letter and CV/resume.

Unlike freelance marketplaces, you’ll find more employee-based roles (part-time and full-time) as opposed to contract-based jobs.

4. ProBlogger Jobs 

ProBlogger Jobs is a sub-section of ProBlogger, a website about blogging. The majority of job posts here are for writing blog posts.

The application process is simple. First, you select the job you like, and then you apply (it’s free).

In some cases, you will use the native application form, sometimes clients will request you email them, and often there’s a Google form or equivalent for the application.

There are various jobs on ProBlogger, ranging from part-time to full-time positions and contract-based freelancing roles. Clients are usually either agencies or small businesses.

5. Upwork

Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing platform. It’s a place where clients and freelancers connect and do business.

Content writing is a big part of the writing category on Upwork. New content writing jobs are posted every few minutes—primarily fixed-price contract roles, but sometimes part-time and full-time positions. Jobs are either fixed price based or hourly, depending on the specific client’s choice.

To apply, you choose the job you want and then send them a proposal based on their requirements. If they’re interested, they’ll contact you to discuss the details. 

To succeed on Upwork, it takes a bit of time to build up your reputation and “job success score” (JSS), but it’s worth the effort!

6. Remote

Remote.co is a website for remote jobs, companies, and virtual teams.

You can find remote freelance content writing jobs by searching for keywords such as “content writing,” “content writer,” “writing,” and “writer.” Here you’ll find jobs listed in descending order that you can apply for.

On Remote.co you’ll find various jobs, including technical writer positions, journalistic writing, SEO writing, and more.

To apply, you click on the job you like and then apply, which takes you to the specific job listing the companies have created for the role.

7. Scripted

Scripted is a platform that connects businesses to industry expert freelance writers. Scripted acts as a marketplace.

The client pays a monthly subscription fee, and then they have access to a pool of content writers for hire.

To apply, there’s a one-time application fee of $19. You must also have a LinkedIn account to verify your identity and provide content writing samples as part of your application process.

After you’re approved, Scripted will help you update your portfolio and start matching you with clients. Then you can start working on content and earn money.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects the world’s professionals.

There are over 55 million companies listed on the site and around 14 million open jobs.

The majority of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find new content writing talent.

There are countless opportunities for content writers of all experience levels and expertise, from technical content writing to SEO writing.

To find jobs, you click on “jobs” after logging in and then filter by city, country, zip code, specific keywords, salary, job type, and more.

Don’t forget to optimize your profile to appeal to employers and set up job alerts based on your preferences to receive potential opportunities regularly.

9. ContentWriters

ContentWriters.com is one of the largest content writing companies in the world.

As a content writing service, they provide various types of content, including social media, blog posts, press releases, and more. They also write content in a variety of industries ranging from medicine to gaming and construction.

To get a content writing job at ContentWriters, you click on “Writer Sign Up” on the website’s footer, and then you can apply to become a writer. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be assigned content writing jobs.

Overall, ContentWriters.com is a reputable place for established content writers to find regular remote work.

10. Contently

Contently is a content marketing platform that helps large enterprises create and manage content creation and publication. 

Contently has a large pool of freelance content writers that work on their client work. To apply to be a content writer at Contently, you go to “freelance” and sign up as a freelancer.

To become eligible for work, you must join their network by creating a free portfolio. This portfolio shows your best content writing projects and expertise.

Contently will match you with brands, where you can then pitch ideas, submit work and instantly receive payments all within one platform.

The bottom line

There are many great places to find content writing jobs.

The place you end up choosing will depend on your needs, and hopefully, these 10 websites gave you a good starting point.

Content writing as an industry is growing, and there’s a genuine need out there for good content writers with solid communication skills.

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