Copify: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Content marketing is a growing trend in the world of marketing and should be part of any successful marketing plan. It can be used to inform and to engage with your current and prospective customers and can produce great results that help to boost your bottom line.

However, a lot of businesses lack the in-house writing talent to produce great content, so they need to outsource their content writing to content writing services such as Copify. To help you make a more informed choice we decided to check them out.

Copify overview

Copify is a platform to order written content for your website or blog. From our research into their website, it appears very easy to place an order. You simply go to their website and select what type of content you want. 

Copify currently offer a content writing service to produce for blog articles, press releases, email newsletters, web page content, product reviews, white papers, and product descriptions

You then select how many words you want your content to be and can give the company some instructions about your topic, the tone of the writing you want, etc. Finally, you can select if you want your content written by a ‘standard’ writer or a ‘professional’ writer – professional writers are more experienced than standard writers and charge slightly more.

Copify will then give your order to one of their writers who will write up your content and deliver the first draft to you within 48-hours. You can then request changes to be made which the writer will make and then deliver you the final copy of your content.

Copify prides itself on offering a fast and accurate content writing service. They claim to have thousands of qualified and experienced content writers who they vet before allowing them to join their platform.

However, as we will discuss below there does appear to be some issues with quality control as lots of clients have complained about a lack of consistency when it comes to the quality of the content received from the company.

Copify reviews

Copify reviews on Trustpilot are not good. They currently have just 2.3 stars out of 5 stars rating.

copify reviews

Most of the negative reviews are about the lack of quality writing and bad customer service when people have had problems that they want to be fixed. Writers who have worked for the company also don’t give the company very good reviews.

There are however a few reviews by bloggers online that say they were happy with the service and point out that it is a low-cost platform compared to others so the quality of the writing reflects that.


  • Quick turnaround – you can get your content written in just 48-hours.
  • Multiple Content Types – Copify can take care of all of your content marketing needs, from blog posts to writing scripts for your videos.
  • Fixed Prices – all services are offered at a fixed price which makes it easy for you to know how much a project will cost you.
  • Easy to Use – ordering content through the Copify website is fast and easy.


  • Copify is a simple service to use. You simply go to their website and fill out a content order form with all your details and the company takes care of the rest. This means that unlike platforms such as Upwork you don’t have to vet writers and pick a specific writer to work with.
  • Copify is a cheap writing service, especially compared to other content writing services. Their fees start at just £0.03 per word. However, the quality of the writing might not be consistent.
  • Copify offers a very fast turnaround, they say that they can deliver your content within just 48-hours which is very quick for the industry. The company says this is possible because of their extensive network of writers that they have on their platform.
  • The company can take care of all of your content writing needs, from blog posts to product descriptions and everything in-between. This means they are effectively a one-stop-shop for all of your writing needs.


  • The company says that they can’t guarantee that you will get the same writer every time you place an order. This means that your website content might lack consistency, which makes it hard to maintain a unified ‘company voice’.
  • A lot of businesses who have used the platform have mentioned that the content they have received is low-quality, not unique and inconsistent. If you are looking for a writing service whereby you can receive content and publish it instantly without having to edit it, there are probably better-writing services that you can use.
  • Previous clients have also complained about a lack of customer service when dealing with the company. If you want a more ‘hands-on’ service then Copify might not be the platform for you.


Copify’s pricing model is based on two things. The first is if the writer is a ‘standard’ writer or a ‘professional’ writer (which is their way of rating writers on their platform). The second is the length of your content, which they charge per word. For a standard writer, you can expect to pay £0.03/word, and using a “professional” writer is charged at £0.05/word.

So, for example, a 1000-word article written by a standard writer will cost you £30, and the same article by a professional writer will cost you £50. These fees are quite low for the industry, but you need to consider the quality of the writing.

Top Copify alternatives

Copify is a platform to find freelancers at great prices. However, there are some equally, if not better options out there for you to consider. Please check out our reviews of some of those options below by clicking on the links.

Final thoughts

Copify is a simple and cost-effective platform to purchase written content. However, you need to be aware that the quality of the content might not be consistently good, so if this is important to you there are better options out there for you to use for your content writing needs.

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