Crowd Content: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

If you want to hire a writer it can be hard to know where to look, not to mention how much you should pay them. Therefore, we decided to review some of the best freelancer platforms and some of the best content writing services online. One of those freelancer platforms is Crowd Content. Hopefully, this review will help you make a more informed choice about where to find the perfect writer for your company.

Crowd Content overview

Crowd Content is a platform to hire writers to write articles, essays, eBooks, white papers, etc. for your business. The company is based in Canada and claims to have over 5,000 writers on its platform in the U.S alone.

One of the main things that separate Crowd Content from its competitors is that each writer is given a star rating. When you list a writing job you can choose which writers get to see your writing job based on their rating. This means that if you want higher quality writing you can choose writers rated higher and pay a bit more for them. 

Adding a content writing job is straightforward. You simply go to their website and create an account. You can choose between having a ‘self-service’ account where you list and manage your own writing jobs or an ‘enterprise’ account which comes with a dedicated client manager. The client manager will work closely with you to manage your content marketing plan and even help you to come up with content topics.

For the purposes of this review, we will focus on using the website with a self-service account. To list a writing job, you simply fill out a form with details such as the topic of your content, which type of content you want, your budget, which star rating writers you want to write it, and your deadline for when you want it completed by. 

The job will then be sent to writers who can accept your assignment if they wish to write it. Once your writer agrees to do your job, they write your content and then send it to you for review. The company says they allow unlimited revisions which help to reduce some of the risk associated with using their platform. 

Crowd Content Reviews

Crowd Content reviews on Trustpilot are not very good at 2.7 out of 5 stars.

crowd content reviews

That said, they only have a handful of reviews.

The negative feedback is all about the company having poor customer service and the star rating system not realistically reflecting the talent of their writers. Positive reviews say the opposite: that the writing is high quality and delivered on time. These reviews seem to suggest an inconsistency in the service, it probably depends on the individual writer you end up with.


  • A Large Pool of Talent – Crowd Content has 6000 writers, 5000 of which are U.S based. 
  • Multiple Content Types – Crowd Content writers can write articles, social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.
  • Fixed Prices – services are offered at a fixed price which makes it easy for you to know how much a project will cost you.
  • Good Website – The Crowd Content website is easy to use and offers many features to help you manage writing projects.


  • Crowd Content has over 6000 writers (with 5000 based in the U.S). This means you have access to a wide pool of writing talent which you can access all in one place.
  • The company has a rating system for their writers (1 to 4 stars) which makes it easier to assign your writing tasks to more experienced writers who will be able to produce better content. You just have to be prepared to pay more for them.
  • You can hire writers to do lots of different content types on their website from social media posts to in-depth professionally researched e-books. This means you will only have to use one website for all of your writing needs.
  • The company says they offer unlimited revision requests. A lot of other writing platforms only offer a limited number or none at all. This helps to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your content order.
  • If you require a large amount of content to be written, they offer an enterprise account, so you have access to a client manager and help with coming up with content ideas.


  • From the reviews of the company online it appears the quality of writing is quite inconsistent. If you get a good writer then you will get high-quality content but if you end up with a less experienced writer, you might not be satisfied. This appears to show that their rating system isn’t as accurate as it should be.
  • Crowd Content assigns your writing job to one of their writers based on which rating level you choose. This means that you can’t select the same writer for your writing jobs each time you require writing to be done which might mean your website content is not consistent.


The amount you are charged is based on the star rating of the writer. For content such as blog posts, newsletters, articles, and white papers you can expect to pay:

  • 2.2 cents per word for 1-star writers
  • 3.5 cents per word for 2-star writers
  • 8 cents per word for 3-star writers, and
  • 12 cents per word for 4-star writers.

For product descriptions, they charge between US$1.75 to $2.75 per 50 words to rewrite them and $5 per 50 words for 100% brand new description.

Social media posts are charged at between $1.75 and $2.25 per post for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

Top Crowd Content alternatives

Crowd Content has many pros, with only a few cons. For most businesses, it will be able to provide you with quality and unique content at decent prices. However, before you decide to use their service you should also check out some of their competitors which we have reviewed. Simply click on the links below to check out our other reviews.

Final thoughts

Crowd Content is an easy-to-use platform to find writers for your content. They offer transparent pricing and you can choose to pay extra for more experienced writers. The biggest downside of the platform appears to be a lack of consistency from the writers so you might want to check out alternative platforms before outsourcing your content writing to them.

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