10 Places to Find Ecommerce Businesses for Sale​

If you’re looking to start your journey to financial independence, buying an existing Ecommerce business is an excellent option for you to consider. Regardless of your level of knowledge about Ecommerce businesses and how to acquire one, this article is designed to give you lots of actionable advice to help you make informed decisions.

Before we discuss the best places to find Ecommerce businesses for sale and give you tips for finding the right one, we will start by outlining why buying an Ecommerce business is a great idea.

Why buy an Ecommerce business?

The internet is awash with business opportunities. Millions of people make a living from all sorts of online businesses, such as blogging, becoming a freelancer, selling software, and much more. 

One of the oldest and most profitable methods of making money online is starting and growing an Ecommerce business. However, many people don’t consider that they can skip the first step, acquire an existing business, and grow it by implementing proven growth methods. It does require you to invest more upfront, but the financial returns can be significantly higher in the long run.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider buying an Ecommerce business.

Existing infrastructure

Unlike starting from scratch, an existing e-commerce business has an established website, customer base, contractor relationships, and other infrastructure. This saves you a significant amount of time and money.

Existing cash flow

An established Ecommerce business means you have revenue and cash flow immediately to grow your business. It can also mean you won’t need to raise additional outside capital.

Less risk

Having existing revenue and cash flow helps reduce business ownership risks. If the business has a proven business model, you can leverage this to focus on growth, not proving the concept.

Brand recognition

An established Ecommerce business will have brand recognition in the market. This saves you significant time and money since you don’t have to establish your reputation.

Growth opportunities

When you buy an existing e-commerce business in a growth market, you can focus on expanding your business by tapping into new opportunities. In the long run, this can significantly boost your return on capital compared to starting an entirely new business.

Become an entrepreneur

Buying an existing Ecommerce business allows you to become an entrepreneur without having your own business idea. Depending on the specifics of the business, it might also help you raise growth capital much easier too.

Best places to buy Ecommerce businesses

There are many great places to buy an Ecommerce business online. These include everywhere, from a large business brokerage platform to a specialty mergers and acquisition consultancy firm. We have compiled a list of our top ten picks to help you find the best place for your needs. 

1. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is our number one pick for the best place to find an Ecommerce business for sale. Empire Flippers is a curated online marketplace that streamlines the buying and selling of digital businesses, including Ecommerce stores. 

We especially love the ease of use of the platform. Users can effortlessly explore Ecommerce businesses available for purchase using various filters to create a list of the best opportunities. Once you find businesses that match your criteria, you can join the platform and request more information by ‘unlocking’ the listing. This will give you detailed financial and analytical data so you can verify the claims made by the seller. If you’re satisfied with the information given, the next step is to make an offer or accept the asking price. If the seller agrees to a sale, Empire Flippers provides the tools to transfer payment and ownership of the digital assets.

2. Flippa

Flippa is another large online marketplace specifically designed for buying and selling online-based businesses, including many successful Ecommerce businesses. To find businesses for sale, you must visit the Flippa website and search for your desired type of Ecommerce store. Clicking on a listing will then give you basic information about the business. To access more detailed information, you need to sign up as a premium buyer or sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Detailed information includes the store’s Google Analytics and financial information to help you verify the website’s performance. Buyers can also schedule a call with the seller through the Flippa platform to discuss the business further. You can then make an offer for the business, and if the seller agrees, payment can be made through the Flippa platform.

3. BizBuySell

BizBuySell lists businesses for sale across multi industries, including Ecommerce stores. While not a specialist Ecommerce business platform, it does have hundreds of opportunities for you to discover. These businesses include various categories such as jewelry, home décor, fashion, and travel accessories. 

When you find suitable businesses for sale, you can find detailed information about the business on the listing page, including financial, inventory, and analytical information. If you want to receive more information or talk to the seller (or the business broker), you must fill out a form to arrange a call. Just like other platforms, the complete transaction can be managed through BizBuySell.

4. Website Closers

For more than two decades, Website Closers has been a thriving online platform specializing in listing Ecommerce businesses for sale. On the platform, you can find Ecommerce businesses in many categories like fashion, hardware, and household goods.

We particularly like how each listing has comprehensive information about the business covering everything from the store’s history to its financial results. All listings are highly vetted before being listed so that you can be sure of the information given. If you decide to pursue a purchase further, you will be connected with the business broker responsible for the listing. You can then work with them to negotiate the price and process for taking over the business.

5. FE International

FE International is a unique mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory exclusively catering to digital businesses. Their website showcases various companies they represent, and if any pique your interest, you can request further information from the listing agent.

Upon expressing interest, the agent will contact you with comprehensive details about the business and allow you to ask questions. If you decide to proceed with a purchase, they facilitate price negotiations, and if you agree, they will then arrange the transaction and the business transfer. FE International will be a good choice if you want a more hands-on level of service when buying an Ecommerce business.

6. Business Exits

Business Exits is another online business broker that helps Ecommerce business owners find a buyer. The company specializes in listing businesses with millions of dollars in turnover. If you’re looking for a more developed Ecommerce business, they could be a good option for you to check out.

The company has a fully vetted selection of Ecommerce businesses for sale, with detailed information about each one available if you sign up and agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you’re interested in buying one of their listed businesses, the company will help facilitate every aspect of the transaction.

7. Acquire.com

Acquire.com provides business buyers with thousands of pre-vetted opportunities to pursue. The platform has vetted every listing to ensure all financial and website traffic details are correct. As a buyer, you can visit their website and join for free. You can then search for specific types of Ecommerce businesses for sale. If you’re interested in a specific listing, you can view detailed information about the business so you can do due diligence.

The platform makes it very easy to make offers, carry out transactions, and transfer ownership securely if you choose to pursue an opportunity. Acquire.com is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and has excellent reviews from buyers and sellers.  

8. Latona’s

Laton’s is another prominent online marketplace tailored for buying and selling online-based businesses, including successful Ecommerce stores. To discover specific Ecommerce businesses for sale, simply visit their website and search for your desired Ecommerce store type. You can filter out listings by selecting parameters such as revenue size, price, and the store’s revenue streams. 

Clicking on a listing reveals a brief overview of the business. To access in-depth information, you must create an account and agree to its terms and conditions. Like all other major platforms on our list, Laton’s provides a seamless purchasing experience if you wish to acquire one of their listed businesses.

9. Quiet Light

Quiet Light is an online business brokerage firm helping entrepreneurs buy and sell profitable online businesses – including Ecommerce stores. The company offers a more personalized approach to each client, providing expert guidance and valuation services to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. They have a team of experienced brokers who assist buyers and sellers throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to closing the sale.

Each business for sale features a comprehensive listing with detailed information to help potential buyers make an informed decision. Quiet Light has an excellent industry reputation with buyers and sellers.

10. BusinessesForSale

BusinessesForSale.com is an online platform dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of businesses across various industries worldwide. While not a specialist Ecommerce business platform, it has hundreds of great Ecommerce businesses listed for sale.

Each business listing on the platform typically includes detailed information about the company, including its financial performance, industry insights, and the terms of the sale. Buyers can use various search filters to narrow their preferences based on location, industry, price range, and other criteria. If you’re interested in a business, you can use the platform to communicate with the buyer and negotiate terms for purchase.

Tips for buying Ecommerce businesses

There are many great opportunities for buying an Ecommerce business. When you choose the right business, you can set yourself up on a journey of financial self-sufficiency. These tips will help you make a more informed purchasing decision if you’re considering buying an Ecommerce business.

Do due-diligence

Thorough due diligence is essential to ensure a successful Ecommerce business purchase. Ensure you verify the current financials, website traffic information, and future trends to ensure it will be sustainable. Sellers can provide detailed (and verified) financial records and access to their Google Analytics accounts. Other sources of information include customer reviews and social media channels to determine the brand’s reputation. It would help if you also talked to suppliers to ensure they can supply products once you own the business at the same prices.

Make sure you have the right skills

When investigating a potential business to buy, make sure you understand the business’s operations, such as customer service, inventory management, website optimization, social media management, and marketing. This will help you determine whether you have the right skills to manage and grow the business. It will also allow you to determine which aspects of the business you need to outsource or hire employees to manage.

Understand the market

Before buying an established Ecommerce business, conduct thorough market research to understand the industry landscape. Identify major competitors and assess the potential for growth in the category. Plenty of great sources of information are available when doing market research, including extensive keyword research and purchasing professional research reports. You also want to ensure the business has plenty of room for improvement and growth so you can use your skills and knowledge to grow the business.

Seek professional advice 

When buying an Ecommerce store, seek professional advice from experts, such as accountants, lawyers, and business brokers. This is especially important if you don’t have experience buying or managing businesses. They will be able to work with you to ensure all legal and other areas of the sale go ahead without any issues arising. In the long run, this can save you significant time and money.

Ask for a non-compete clause

When purchasing an Ecommerce business, request a purchasing agreement with a non-compete clause to prevent the owner from launching a competing store right after the sale. Many business brokers can help you with this aspect of buying an established Ecommerce business. If including such a clause is not an option, research the seller’s reputation through reviews and references to ensure their integrity in past transactions with buyers.

The bottom line

Buying an existing Ecommerce business is a great way to start or further your entrepreneurial journey. Instead of starting from scratch, you can take over a business that has proven itself in the market and instead focus on growing it. When purchasing a business, you can use many great platforms to help you find fully-vetted opportunities. Using one of these platforms will ensure the buying process goes smoothly.

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