Empire Flippers vs. Flippa: The Pros & Cons

In the fast-paced world of online business transactions, where digital assets are bought and sold with increasing frequency, choosing the right platform can make all the difference for both sellers and buyers. 

In this comprehensive post, we will endeavor to inform you of the pros and cons of   Empire Flippers and Flippa. We have chosen to highlight these two companies because of their prominence in the online business broker industry. Our goal is to provide a nuanced comparison that allows buyers and sellers to decide which platform is best for their needs.

Before discussing each of the two platforms, we will briefly discuss how a website broker works and why you should consider using one.

How does a website broker work? 

Website brokers like Flippa or Empire Flippers serve as crucial facilitators in buying and selling websites, acting as an intermediaries to streamline the complexities involved in such transactions. Like an offline broker, platforms like Empire Flippers and Flippa operate as intermediaries, providing a comprehensive platform and an array of services to connect sellers with potential buyers. 

The process involves several key steps. Firstly, a detailed listing is created where sellers provide essential information about the website, including niche, traffic statistics, and revenue, with the assistance of the website broker in crafting a compelling presentation. Next, the broker employs diverse marketing strategies to enhance the listing’s visibility, utilizing platforms, social media, and email campaigns. 

Once prospective buyers make inquiries, the website broker platform has tools to help you evaluate offers. For buyers, they can use these tools to do due diligence to ensure the information provided by the seller is accurate. Finally, the website broker facilitates the closing of the sale, overseeing the seamless transfer of assets and payment.

Why Flippa or Empire Flippers?

Using a top online business broker platform like Flippa or Empire Flippers can offer several advantages for both buyers and sellers in the online business marketplace. Let’s discuss some of the key advantages.

Advantage for sellers

Get an accurate valuation

Both Flippa and Empire Flippers have tools to help you put a price on your online business. These tools take into account various factors such as revenue, traffic, and industry trends. This ensures that the business is priced competitively and fairly.

Marketing reach

Flippa and Empire Flippers have established user bases of potential buyers and marketing tools that can give a business maximum exposure. This can attract a larger pool of potential buyers, increasing the chances of finding the right match.

Help with negotiations

Flippa and Empire Flippers act as intermediaries during negotiations, helping sellers navigate discussions with potential buyers. They bring expertise in deal structuring and can work towards achieving mutually beneficial terms.

Help with due diligence

Flippa and Empire Flippers can assist in the due diligence process, ensuring that sellers provide accurate and transparent information. This builds trust with buyers and increases the likelihood of a successful sale of your online business.

Help with legal compliance

Both platforms can help with legal aspects of the sale, including documentation and compliance with regulations. This ensures a smooth and legally sound transaction and reduces the risk of problems arising in the future for buyers and sellers.

Save time and money

Selling a digital business can be a time-consuming process. Platforms like Flippa and Empire Flippers help reduce the time you have to spend selling your business, allowing you to focus on running your business or pursuing other opportunities.

Advantages for buyers

When buying an online business, using a platform like Flippa and Empire Flippers brings several key benefits. Let’s discuss some of the main ones.

Get access to quality listings

Both platforms curate and vet listings, offering buyers access to a selection of pre-screened, high-quality online businesses. This saves time and effort compared to independently searching through various platforms and marketplaces.

Help with due diligence

Flippa and Empire Flippers help buyers with due diligence in the same way they help sellers. The platforms give you access to verified information provided by sellers. This reduces the risk of investing in a misrepresented or overvalued business.

Help with negotiations

Both platforms facilitate negotiations, acting as intermediaries to help buyers and sellers reach mutually agreeable terms. This ensures both buyers and sellers are happy with the final price and terms.

Secure transactions

Reputable platforms like Flippa and Empire Flippers have built-in measures to verify the legitimacy of listings, reducing the risk of buyers encountering scams or fraudulent activities. They also have secure escrow systems to ensure payment is received by the seller and systems to ensure assets are securely exchanged.

Why use Flippa?

Flippa is undoubtedly one of the largest online marketplaces dedicated to the buying and selling of websites. Established way back in 2009, Flippa boasts a remarkable track record, having facilitated the sale of over 40,000 digital assets across many industrial verticals and revenue ranges.

Navigating the platform is a straightforward and user-friendly experience for both buyers and sellers. For those looking to sell, Flippa provides a step-by-step process for listing a website, including informational sections, identity verification, and traffic and revenue data submission. Additionally, a valuation tool is available to determine the worth of the website. While Flippa maintains certain standards for accepting offers, the entry bar is generally more accessible compared to other platforms. Sellers also have the option to collaborate with one of Flippa’s trusted brokers for additional assistance.

On the other hand, buyers can explore Flippa’s extensive online marketplace to bid on assets or opt for outright purchases. While Flippa prioritizes quality offerings, the platform significantly emphasizes providing a multitude of options to cater to a diverse audience. Whether buying or selling, Flippa’s streamlined processes and commitment to accessibility make it a prominent player in the world of online asset trading.


A great user interface

Flippa’s primary advantage is its user-friendly interface for both buyers and sellers. The website has a high level of intuitiveness, meaning it’s very easy to use.

Listing your business is easy

Sellers experience a remarkably straightforward process when creating listings on Flippa. It’s a much more accessible platform to use compared to many other website brokerages or marketplaces.

They vet sellers

Flippa conducts vetting to ensure transparency and quality, although some elements may occasionally slip through the cracks, as we’ll discuss in the next section of this post.

Large user base

Sellers on Flippa benefit from the platform’s extensive user base, guaranteeing heightened visibility for their listings. The sheer size of Flippa increases the likelihood of potential buyers discovering each listing, with quality offerings having a good chance of securing their desired purchase price.

You can find undervalued assets

Buyers gain a significant advantage in the potential to discover value. Flippa’s less extensive vetting process provides an opportunity to uncover undervalued assets.


They accept most listings

One of the drawbacks of Flippa stems from its diverse range of listed assets. While this diversity contributes to its popularity, it also means that for every high-quality asset, a low-quality counterpart exists.

Risk of scams

Flippa, due to its extensive listings, is not immune to scams. There is a potential for websites to misrepresent themselves, presenting false revenue data and traffic to appear more attractive to buyers. Despite Flippa’s efforts to verify this data, its effectiveness is not always foolproof.

Do your own due diligence

As a buyer, the onus is on you to conduct thorough due diligence. While this may unveil hidden value, it also means you have to be extra careful of scams. It’s essential to scrutinize the details of each listing, as there are limited protective measures in place for buyers compared to other platforms.

Why use Empire Flippers?

Empire Flippers is the leading online website broker, boasting a remarkable track record of facilitating hundreds of millions in online business sales. The platform has garnered recognition through multiple accolades and strong user reviews from thousands of happy buyers and sellers.

What sets Empire Flippers apart is its commitment to a personalized approach to helping buyers and sellers. Sellers begin the process by completing an application, ensuring that their offerings meet the quality standards upheld by Empire Flippers. Upon approval from the dedicated Empire Flippers team, the platform actively guides sellers throughout the entire selling journey.

Empire Flippers takes charge of marketing and listing the website on their online marketplace and provides active assistance to sellers in securing genuine offers from potential buyers. The platform facilitates a comprehensive comparison of these offers, offering valuable guidance to sellers in making well-informed decisions.

The selling process with Empire Flippers is characterized by its efficiency and thoroughness. Once a sale is approved, the platform seamlessly handles the transfer process, encompassing marketing, listing, offer comparison, and sale approval. This comprehensive support ensures that sellers experience a streamlined and efficient selling process with Empire Flippers.


High-quality listings

Empire Flippers excels in its commitment to listing high-quality online assets, maintaining stringent quality control standards to ensure each offer on its marketplace holds significant value.

Vetted business opportunities

Buyers using the Empire Flippers platform can do so with confidence, knowing that the platform rigorously vets each offering for quality and transparency. When Empire Flippers approves the listing, you can be sure the information presented by the seller is accurate.

Personalized service

Empire Flippers stands out by offering sellers a personalized and hands-on approach compared to many other online brokers. The dedicated team collaborates with sellers to create compelling listings, attracting a larger pool of qualified buyers.

Get better offers

Leveraging a range of built-in tools and expert brokers, Empire Flippers actively aids sellers in securing the best possible offer. The platform’s hands-on approach contributes to an enhanced selling experience for those listing their businesses for sale.

Legal support

Beyond the transaction process, Empire Flippers takes care of the sale’s legal aspects, ensuring a seamless asset transfer. This comprehensive support further contributes to the overall efficiency and satisfaction of the selling experience.


Fewer listings

One noticeable downside of using Empire Flippers is its meticulous vetting process for quality. While this might initially seem positive, it can limit the opportunities for buyers seeking hidden gems and substantial returns on investment.

Higher asset prices

Empire Flippers lists businesses they approve at fair market prices due to the extensive vetting they conduct. While this is a pro for sellers, for buyers seeking deals, this pricing strategy reduces the likelihood of discovering undervalued assets.

Less undervalued assets are listed

For buyers in search of opportunities and hidden gems, Empire Flippers’ careful vetting and competitive pricing create a situation where the chances of uncovering unique and undervalued assets are diminished.

Higher fees

Empire Flippers has commission rates starting at 15% for each successful sale. These fees are reduced depending on the sale price. While they may seem high compared to other platforms, the upside is you receive a higher level of service.

Is Flippa or Empire Flippers the best broker?

This is where we try to answer which one is best: Flippa or Empire Flippers. When it comes to deciding between Flippa and Empire Flippers, the verdict ultimately hinges on your specific preferences and priorities.

As we’ve outlined above, both platforms showcase distinct strengths and weaknesses. In terms of overall quality, our recommendation tends to lean toward Empire Flippers. However, if quantity is a crucial factor for you, Flippa emerges as the preferred choice.

Choosing between the two platforms is highly dependent on whether you are a buyer or a seller. For buyers who prefer conducting their due diligence, Flippa provides a suitable platform. On the other hand, if you seek offerings that have undergone thorough vetting, Empire Flippers is the more appropriate choice.

For sellers, while Flippa offers a smoother listing process and potentially higher visibility, Empire Flippers provides more personalized advice and assistance. Flippa’s marketplace generates more traffic, leading to increased views on your listing.

Overall, we lean towards Empire Flippers as our preferred choice between the two. While both platforms present advantages and drawbacks, Empire Flippers appears to offer a higher overall user experience. Additionally, the prevalence of scams is considerably lower on Empire Flippers.

The bottom line

Platforms like Flippa and Empire Flippers are amazing platforms to sell and buy online businesses. These platforms provide a structured and professional approach to buying or selling a business, offering expertise, exposure, and support throughout the transaction process. While both Flippa and Empire Flippers have many positive features, the combination of quality listings and personalized service means Empire Flippers comes out on top.

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