Why Your Blog Needs Evergreen Content

If you’re involved in any type of content marketing or blog articles, you’ll want to know what evergreen content is and how to use it as a valuable tool for your business. With such a variety of information online, evergreen content oftentimes gets overlooked or ignored.

Today, we’ll discuss what evergreen content is and how it can increase the success of your business blog.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Are you familiar with evergreen trees? They’re the type of trees that keep their leaves all year round. In the same way, evergreen content is content that stays relevant long term. It’s timeless. It holds value for readers year after year without you having to modify it at all. This means that the content will be valuable to a reader today or five years from now because it has no expiration date.

Typically, evergreen content has three characteristics:

1. It Stands The Test Of Time

Evergreen content is timeless, lasting through the many internet content changes that can come at lightning speed. It lasts through a good or bad economy, summer or winter, and so on.

2. It Is High Quality and Relevant

Evergreen content is high quality, offering sincere value to readers. In order for Google to notice (and keep noticing) the content, it’s got to be written by quality writers that understand how to reach the hearts of the audience and provide value.

3. It’s In-Depth

Content that is evergreen is usually in-depth. It’s not simply going to be three steps toward something. It’s going to be detailed and likely a lot longer in terms of word count than your other content.

Benefits Of Evergreen Content

Now that you know what evergreen content is, you may wonder exactly how this type of content can ultimately help you and/or your business. Generally, there are three major ways content that is evergreen can be of value:

1. Increase Your Search Engine Rank

When you have online content, you want that content to show up high in search results.  What’s the use in having excellent content if no one ever sees it? The thing is, with evergreen content, you have a much better chance at Google noticing your content and ranking it well. If your keywords are optimized well in your evergreen content, that content is good to go for a long time. So, you can move on knowing that Google will indeed take note and give you the better ranking that you deserve.

2. More Website Traffic

When you’ve got a good amount of evergreen content on your site, and Google is ranking it well as a byproduct, you’ll enjoy more traffic to your site. And, because the content does not expire or become irrelevant, you’ll have a nice flow of steady traffic, which ultimately means more clients/sales.

3. Long-Term Lead Generation

Solid traffic flow to your site means consistent leads, which means consistent sales. Creating content that lasts year to year means it continues to work for you, giving you a significant ROI. Just think of all the content that is time sensitive, such as news or fashion tips, that are written and out of date a few days or weeks later.  You don’t have to worry about that with evergreen content.

Examples Of Evergreen Content

It might help if you see some examples of evergreen content. The following are some excellent evergreen articles that are likely to offer readers value for a very long time:

Keep in mind certain things will change about these topics, such as new research being published on the ketogenic diet, or changes to Google’s algorithm which influences how one should do keyword research. With that being said, the main points in these articles remain relevant for years and are thus evergreen.

What Evergreen Is Not

In discussing what evergreen content is, let’s also mention what evergreen content is not.

  • Content that has quite a bit of statistics, as numbers change
  • News articles
  • Popular trends
  • Seasons or holiday articles
  • What’s “in” regarding fashion

You see, evergreen content is information that will stand the test of time, rather than becoming irrelevant or obsolete.

Evergreen Content and SEO

Evergreen content or not, understanding SEO is important for your online business presence. From landing pages to product reviews to blog articles, search engine optimization is essential as part of your content marketing plan.

A search engine, such as Google, crawls and indexes millions of pages to find the most relevant and useful content for the search. What it’s mainly looking for are nicely optimized pages and websites where the search words match up well with keywords on the site.

That search engine is looking for relevant, SEO content that applies now, but also content that has no expiration date. For example, if there’s content about what colleges are “hot” at the moment, that content may not be relevant a year down the road.

However, a general piece about tips for getting through your freshman year will be relevant for quite some time and may cause Google to push that post upward on the result list.

Keywords, Content Marketing, And Evergreen Content

Keywords mixed in with a strategic content marketing plan are your bread and butter when it comes to creating evergreen content that “wows” Google. This is why serious businesses will hire high quality SEO writers and digital marketers to do what needs to be done so that their evergreen content stands the test of time.  And, gets them the traffic and ultimately, solid leads that convert into customers.

The Bottom Line

So, to wrap it up, understand that a content plan is a must. This means your evergreen content must not be outdated, time sensitive, or have an expiration date. At the same time, much of your content won’t be evergreen, and that’s alright. You’ll want both timely and timeless content on your site, along with a content marketing strategy that gets the kind of results you’re after.

When you’ve got these in place, just watch your Google ranking get better and better, getting you the kind of website traffic you desire.

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