10 Best Fintech Content Marketing Agencies (2024)

Are you looking for a fintech content marketing agency to work with?

There are countless options for content agencies (too many, in fact!), so if you’re a fintech company, you might be looking for an agency with fintech experience and an understanding of the industry’s nuances.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best fintech content marketing agencies to help you find the right fit for your requirements.

Whether you’re a large fintech enterprise or a new startup, there should be at least one agency on this list that is right for you.

What is a fintech content marketing agency?

A fintech content marketing agency is a team of content marketers (including writers, SEOs, editors, strategists, and managers) that help fintech companies (blockchain, crypto, mobile banking, digital wallets, etc.) grow their online presence through planning, creating, and distributing content.

These fintech content agencies offer a wide range of content marketing services, from specific ones like content writing to comprehensive end-to-end solutions. They can create diverse content types such as blog articles, white papers, ebooks, videos, infographics, etc., designed to drive traffic, build trust and authority for a target audience, and ultimately boost sales.

Why work with a fintech content marketing agency?  

A fintech content agency can increase revenue through strategic content marketing. They plan, create, and distribute content targeting organic search traffic, video marketing, and other channels to grow traffic, brand awareness, authority, and trust—eventually leading to more sales.  

Working with a specialized fintech content agency can be advantageous due to their industry experience working with other fintech companies. They understand how to speak the language of fintech target audiences and have access to credible finance/fintech writers specializing in banking, cryptocurrency, etc.

While more costly, paying for an agency can justify the additional cost due to the time saved by the immediate access to experts and the money saved from the overhead of hiring and managing an in-house team or multiple freelancers.

Best fintech content marketing agencies

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content agency with a team of fintech content writers, editors, and content managers who work together to create compelling content that ranks, engages your audience, and drives sales. The agency only hires writers who deeply understand financial services and fintech, ensuring the content you order is created with an understanding of industry nuances, terminology, and the audience’s pain points.

The team at Writing Studio can help you create articles, ebooks, white papers, landing pages, and any other form of written content for your fintech company. While the company isn’t a full-service content agency (so they don’t help with content planning and distribution), Writing Studio is one of the best options for content creation specifically.

2. Mint Studios

Mint Studios is a financial services and fintech content marketing agency that creates content that positions brands as thought leaders and acquires customers. They are a great option to consider as an agency focusing on the financial and fintech sectors, having worked with leading brands like BigPay and Satago.

At Mint Studios, the fintech content solutions offered are ‘full-service,’ meaning they will handle the strategy, writing, publishing, promotion, performance tracking, and even set up interviews with internal experts to create the best original content possible. With regular check-ins, you’ll get a report with monthly results to keep you up-to-date, leaving you with time to focus on other priorities in your company.

3. Fintech Digital

Fintech Digital is one of the world’s leading digital agencies offering fintech content marketing services. As a fintech-specialized agency, they have decades of combined experience helping fintech companies with content strategy, creation, and distribution for both B2B and B2C.

Fintech Digital has worked with brands like Polygon, BloomCredit, and OppFi, and they aim to bring the same expertise, process, and creativity that helped these brands grow with any fintech company, big or small, looking to grow. Fintech Digital utilizes an omnichannel content approach with its content marketing to drive organic traffic through SEO content, videos, graphics, etc., to help you get lasting results.


CSTMR is a digital agency that helps fintech companies build a strong brand and growth engine with thoughtful, effective content marketing. Due to their deep expertise in the financial services industry, they’re a great choice for a fintech content agency.

This agency’s comprehensive service offering covers all aspects of content marketing, including strategy, creation, distribution, optimization, and tracking performance to ensure a cohesive and effective content campaign. They have a team of specialists in SEO, social media, and content strategy, and with experience helping fintech companies like LendingTree and Credit Karma, they’re an agency you can trust.

5. SuperScript

SuperScript is a great fintech content agency that has worked with leading fintech brands like SoFi and Brookfield. As fintech experts, their content team understands the financial industry and how to create content that resonates with financial audiences. Their expertise allows them to craft high-quality, engaging content that drives measurable results like increased website traffic, leads, and conversions.

SuperScript takes a strategic, data-driven approach to content planning and promotion, ensuring your content investments. With services spanning content strategy, creation, SEO, design, and digital promotion, SuperScript provides a comprehensive solution for financial brands to elevate their online presence and grow their business.

6. Siege Media

Siege Media is a leading content agency that helps drive organic growth for fintech companies through SEO, content marketing, and PR. When you work with Siege Media, you get access to industry-leading experts (subject matter expert fintech writers and editors) who deeply understand the field and combine it with SEO knowledge to ensure your content ranks and performs.

Siege Media excels at creating various forms of interactive content, such as data studies, calculators, visually appealing graphics, and digital PR services that get you high-quality backlinks from authoritative publications. With a proven track record helping fintech companies like Intuit and Quicken Loans, this content agency is one you can trust.

7. Walker Sands

Walker Sands excels at creating authoritative, credibility-building content for B2B fintech brands targeting decision-makers. Their writers deeply understand fintech, avoiding endless revisions due to ignorance of the niche. Having partnered with leading fintech companies like Bill and Worldpay, they deliver content about complex topics in a simple way that positions clients as industry leaders. 

Walker Sands aims to provide comprehensive content marketing services—strategy, editorial, and original research—that drive outcomes and sales. Their results-based approach ensures content contributes to real business growth, like category leadership and increasing SQLs, not just driving vanity metrics like search organic traffic.

8. Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency with experience planning and executing content strategies for fintech companies. Since 2008, Brafton has been helping fintech companies grow with its content marketing services. They offer various services to help you achieve your goals, including ideation, creative brief creation, content creation, optimization, and performance.

Whether you are focused on customer acquisition or retention, Brafton aims to act as an extension of your in-house team to fill in gaps and drive results through content marketing campaigns. Brafton has helped established fintech companies like FFVA and CFGI achieve growth with their services.

9. Content Rewired

Content Rewired is a content agency that helps fintech companies craft compelling thought leadership content that helps them stand out and build credibility. As a content agency specializing in the fintech sector, they have an experienced team of content writers, editors, and strategists who understand fintech’s nuances and complexities, helping them create content that truly resonates with target audiences.

They leverage data-driven strategies and create content addressing readers’ pain points. They offer three primary services—content strategy, creation, and amplification—helping brands like Arrow Payments and MerchACT grow their authority and bottom line.

10. Fintech Content

Fintech Content is another agency worth mentioning. As a niche agency that only serves fintech companies, its team has plenty of experience creating high-quality content that engages, builds credibility, and, most importantly, converts. This agency offers a near-end-to-end solution, taking care of content strategy and content creation but not content distribution.

They can help you form a strategy and create white papers, eBooks, articles, and even video and social media content. They have worked with various fintech companies, including Spreedly and Codebase Technologies, and have positive online reviews.

Tips for finding the right fintech content marketing agency

Find case studies

Check out case studies on the company’s website, and try to find specific case studies that are similar to your business and also similar regarding the goals you’re trying to reach. If they have case studies, that’s generally a good sign they are competent and can deliver results. If you can’t see anything relevant but still like the agency, don’t discount them. You can also ask them if they have any relevant case studies to share.

Check third party review sites

Ignore any reviews on the agency’s site. That doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate, but looking at reviews on third-party platforms, such as Clutch, G2.com, and Google reviews, is important. See what companies say about their experience working with the agency, and don’t ignore excessive negative reviews unless they look fake. It’s the easiest way to avoid choosing the wrong agency.

​​Look for fintech industry experience

There are thousands of content marketing agencies, but only a few with expertise in fintech. To create the best content possible, you must look for fintech industry experience. An agency doesn’t have to specifically be a ‘fintech marketing agency,’ and nothing but that. However, they should have dedicated resources for fintech-related projects, such as credible fintech content writers or strategists with experience working with fintech companies. You’ll pay more, but it pays for itself.

Choose a team that communicates well

While working with an agency isn’t the same as hiring in-house, you’re still working with other people, so it’s important that you get along with them, and that they communicate well. There’s nothing worse than an agency that’s good at what they do but sucks at communicating. Forget about agencies that take days to respond, or that don’t respond at all. Make sure the team you’re working with is prompt at responding to your queries, respectful, and happy to help. 

Read the agency’s own content

This isn’t a hard rule, but if an agency is a content agency, look at their own content! Have they successfully created content that ranks well, is engaging, and converts traffic to leads? Did you find the agency from the content they created, or a paid advertisement? While you shouldn’t discount an agency that doesn’t have an active blog (as some great ones don’t), this is a great way to quickly judge the quality of the content you can expect them to create as a potential client.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

Cheaper isn’t always better, especially for B2B services like content marketing. For example, it’s better to have 10 very high-quality articles versus 100 AI-generated or copy-pasted pieces that provide no value and are riddled with factual inaccuracies. While it might be tempting to go cheap, it’s important to remember that content marketing can have a very high ROI. So when an article has the potential to draw in SQLs worth millions, paying a premium for the content is generally justifiable.

The bottom line

When planning, creating, and distributing content for your fintech company, it helps to work with experts with real-world fintech experience.

Working with a fintech content agency can be a great choice to scale your content marketing without the headache of vetting, hiring, and managing an in-house team. However, finding the right fit can be challenging with so many options available, especially one for the long term.

Hopefully, this list of agencies has pointed you in the right direction, and you’ll be able to find an agency that meets your needs.

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