The Top 10 Fitness Blog Topics

If you want to market your fitness or health brand to perfection, we have the top 10 fitness blog topics for you. 

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1. Get fit at home

With our constantly busy lives, it’s no surprise that a lot of people want the option to get fit from home without the stress of spending more time in the car on the way to the gym. 

Blogs about how to get fit outside of the gym are increasingly popular.

This might include nifty tips such as using heavy bags of flour as weights and doing your squats while preparing dinner, for instance. 

2. Fitness after childbirth

In a world where social media is increasingly becoming more invasive, many mums feel the pressure to burn the kilos very soon after giving birth.

Articles could include when to get back into sport after childbirth and what sort of low-impact fitness options are available to those in the fourth trimester. 

There are a lot of great fitness ideas for mums to do with family, from the comfort of their own home. 

3. Healthy eating

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39.8% of people were obese between 2015 and 2018. If you add ‘overweight people,’ it goes up to 71.6%.

With this in mind, the health industry markets a range of different diets that are not always healthy or sensible (depending on various factors, including whether you are a high-profile athlete or just want to stay healthy). 

A variety of articles relating to healthy eating, good nutrition, and weight loss blogs relating to fitness goals that begin slowly are positive ways of incorporating weight loss and healthy eating into your blog topics. 

4. Research your gym

Not all gyms are made the same, and each is often tailored to a certain target market.

Traditions and cultural viewpoints may stop some from wanting to get fit around the opposite sex, which is why female-only gyms can be so popular. Some gyms are also very big and mainly focus on high-performance athletes. 

It is important to research what the gym provides and what your reader wants to get from the experience. 

5. Opinion pieces

There is nothing people like more than the opinion of someone who has trialed a product that they are interested in.

This could range from a blog written by or about someone who has lost weight by using a diet that is popular at the moment or a well-known athlete’s opinion on a food supplement. 

Make sure you add a disclaimer to the fitness blog stating that this is an opinion only and ensure that you have the go-ahead from the business your subject is reviewing. 

6. Fitness events

Whether you are writing about an event about to happen, to drum up interest, or reviewing an event and how it went. 

The fitness blog should be popular, particularly if you add photos and the names of the people involved in the event (keeping in mind that you ask the parent’s permission first if you are photographing children). 

You may also decide to interview the winner or the organizers of the event.  

7. Success stories

While it’s nice to hear from celebrities or athletes, many of us enjoy hearing from someone like ourselves who has overcome a disability or health issue and achieved something spectacular. 

This might be a weight loss blog that describes the journey that this person took to get to where they are or a healthcare blog about how someone cut down their blood pressure through healthy eating and fitness.

8. Fitness trends 

From wearable technology (such as Fitbits or tech togs) to new and improved group classes, fitness trends are always changing, and while some are weird and wacky, others are backed by the best scientific minds in the industry. 

9. Starting out

If your reader hasn’t committed to a sport or fitness regime in the past, it can be quite daunting to even think about where to start.

The importance of taking a slow and steady approach to fitness and finding something they enjoy participating in needs to be encouraged. 

A good fitness blog topic might include easy gym workouts or fun sport ideas such as ultimate frisbee. 

10. Avoiding burnout

When you first get into a fitness regime, you may believe that the best way to go about it is all or nothing, which is where fitness burnout comes into play. 

Fitness blogs could include a range of information about taking it slowly at first and how a personal trainer can help you work out what your fitness goals need to be. 

Need fitness blog topics?

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