Fiverr: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

Whether you are a start-up business or a more established business, finding quality freelancers for your content marketing can be hard, not to mention working out how much to pay them.

You essentially have two options if you want to outsource content writing, the first is to work with a content writing service and the second is to join a platform like Fiverr and find a freelance writer to work with. 

Fiverr overview

Fiverr launched as a freelance marketplace in 2010 and allows anyone to offer services from as little as $5 (which is where the name comes from). On the platform, you can find a massive range of services, including logo design, blog writing services, translation services, and much more. Even though they have a very low starting rate of $5 the reality is most services are priced in the hundreds, or thousands of dollars. 

To use the platform, you sign up and create an account. From there you can search and find freelancers and buy the services that they are offering. For example, if you wanted 5 blog posts to be written you can search for blog posts and you will find thousands of freelancers who offer this service.

You can then make a shortlist of candidates and review their profiles and ratings to see who the best ones are. Once you make a decision you can buy their service and you will be able to share your details with the freelancer and give them instructions on the content you want written. 

The freelancers will then write your content and then deliver it to you on the agreed-upon date. It’s a pretty simple platform to use for outsourcing content writing and other business functions but there are a few downsides, especially when things go wrong. 

Fiverr reviews

Fiverr reviews on Trustpilot are fairly good for a platform of their size at 4.1 stars out of 5 (as of December 2020).

fiverr reviews

The most common positive reviews are about the large size of the platform and that the work received is generally to an acceptable standard. The negative reviews on the other hand center around not receiving work on time and not to a great standard. This suggests on Fiverr it is all about who you hire – there isn’t any consistency site-wide.


  • A Large Pool of Talent – on Fiverr you have access to tens of thousands of freelancers from all over the world to choose from.
  • Multiple Content Types – you can find writers for everything from writing press releases to writing e-books.
  • Fixed Prices – most services are offered at a fixed price which makes it easy for you to know how much a project will cost you.
  • Good Website – Fiverr has lots of features to help you hire freelancers, manage projects, pay for projects, and rate freelancers.


  • On Fiverr, you can find tens of thousands of freelancers offering a large range of services. This means you have lots of choices and will be able to find freelancers who offer very niche services and specialize in very niche topics. Just make sure that the content they write for you is unique and not just a copy of work they have already written for other clients.
  • The platform includes very low-cost freelancers for things like blog post writing and article writing. But keep in mind that the lower you pay the lower the quality of their work. However, the low cost makes it a great platform to use if you want to experiment with outsourcing your marketing.
  • Fiverr now has a service called ‘Fiverr Pro’ which they use to highlight and put you in contact with higher quality freelancers within each service type. So, if you want to find better, more experienced freelancers you can use this service to find freelancers who have been vetted.
  • Fiverr is a well built and feature-rich website that gives you all of the tools required to find freelancers, contact them, receive your work, and then make payment for the work. This means you can manage your projects within the platform and don’t have to do it through email. Their payment system also provides a good level of security as they can handle disputes if they arise.


  • On the Fiverr platform, you have to manage the relationship between yourself and the freelancer that you hire. There is a customer support system on the platform, but this is more centered around providing payment support and technical help than helping ensure the quality of the content you receive from freelancers is high. So, if you use the platform make sure you are a reasonably good writer yourself so you can check the quality of the work produced.
  • When you use Fiverr, it takes time to find the right freelancer. You might have to work with a few different content writers until you find a good fit. This can be really time-consuming and the cost can remove the benefit of using the platform. 
  • Although they have a rating system, this isn’t a guarantee that the quality of the freelancers is as high as their rating would suggest.


The amount you spend on Fiverr is dependent on the freelancer that you hire. As stated above services start from $5 and go up to thousands of dollars. You also get charged a processing fee of $1 for orders up to $20 and a 5% fee on orders over $20. 

This fee can add up and be significant if you are spending a lot of money on the platform. Compared to other platforms their fees and the average you spend on quality freelancers is roughly in line with other large platforms such as Upwork.

Top alternatives

Fiverr is a great platform to find freelancers at great prices. However, there are some other great platforms to find freelancers and content marketing agencies that can help you with your content marketing needs. Please check them out by following the links below.

Final thoughts

Fiverr is a large freelancer platform with thousands of members offering thousands of different services. It is a great place to find low-cost freelancers, but if you are looking for more experienced content writers and want a more hands-on level of service then there are much better options for you to choose.

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