10 Best Flippa Alternatives (2024)

Flippa has become synonymous with success for anyone looking to sell or buy an online business. While Flippa is a highly reputable platform, there are also other online marketplaces and websites offering similar services that have risen in popularity over the past decade. 

From sites that specialize in smaller and niche businesses to ones listing multi-million dollar powerhouses, here are the 10 best Flippa alternatives for you to browse, enquire on, and find the best fit for your needs. 

1. Empire Flippers

Who they are: An award-winning website broker with a strict vetting process for listings, and dedicated support throughout the buy and sell process. 

Empire Flippers for buyers:


    • Their team takes care of the entire process, from the initial enquiry to post-sale details.

    • All websites are vetted before being listed, guaranteeing high-quality listings for you to browse. These include content websites, SaaS, and ecommerce. 

    • The websites available for sale are in the mid-to-high region, usually ranging from $150,000 USD plus.

Empire Flippers for sellers: 


    • Buyers are required to verify their proof of funds before they can access the full listing.

    • Their team provides exceptional services to assist with steps like valuation calculation, legal documentation, and migrating the assets. 

    • There’s a 2 month exclusivity period. 

If you’re looking for a platform with just as much credibility and expertise as Flippa, then look no further than Empire Flippers. Empire Flippers is well-known in the field of online brokerage, with over $480million in total sales and counting. While they take a commission of 15% for their services, their premium listings and strict vetting process ensures that buyers get adequate return on investment, and sellers can have confidence that their website is transferred over in an efficient manner. 

2. Website Closers 

Who they are: A website broker focusing on online businesses in the technology, internet, and digital space. 

Website Closers for buyers:


    • You’ll find a wide range of online businesses on their website, from dropshipping and affiliate websites, to blogs and Amazon FBA. 

    • There’s not much stated about post-sale support on their website, but this may vary case-by-case and per negotiation. 

    • You can get extra assistance for funding due to their expertise surrounding SBA programs.

Website Closers for sellers: 


    • They have over 20 years of experience selling businesses in a variety of niches. 

    • All of their listings are marketed extremely well, with eye-catching visuals and descriptions that can help attract more buyers. 

    • Because they have helped sell a wide range of online businesses, smaller websites with a lower net profit can still be listed on their platform, compared to other competitors. 

While Website Closers may not be as well-known as Empire Flippers, they’re still a credible option if you’re looking to sell or buy an online business. Their main benefit is the wide range of businesses they cater to, across multiple sizes, profits, and industries. This results in a larger potential buyer network and the ability to sell your website, no matter how niche it is. 

3. SideProjectors 

Who they are: A friendly and fun online marketplace that users can buy or sell side projects on, like websites or online businesses. 

SideProjectors for buyers:


    • The listings on this platform aren’t multi-million dollar online businesses. Instead, expect to find niche and creative options — which are ideal if you’re just looking to dip your feet into buying. 

    • You’ll have to contact and potentially chat to the seller yourself, with no third-party mediation from the SideProjectors team. 

SideProjectors for sellers: 


    • You can easily browse what other sellers are producing, and get inspiration for new side projects. 

    • High-quality listings are featured on their blog, newsletters, and social media pages, which can greatly improve reach. 

Who says buying and selling websites isn’t fun? SideProjectors makes every step enjoyable, with a friendly UI, low seller requirements (meaning you can upload ones as weird or as wacky as you’d like), and straightforward buy and sell process. While they don’t operate as a brokerage, so you won’t get 1-on-1 support throughout every stage, it’s still an easy way to buy and sell smaller websites. 

4. BuySellEmpire

Who they are: A global online marketplace facilitating the buying and selling of online businesses. 

BuySellEmpire for buyers:


    • There’s a thorough vetting process for buyers before listing, so you can buy with confidence.

    • At the moment, only high-profit businesses are considered and listed.

    • No success fees for buyers. 

BuySellEmpire for sellers: 


    • Their success fees are tiered and based on the selling price of your online business.

    • They have a large buyer and seller network (over 10,000 people), increasing your visibility.

    • Their team does assist with some aspects of the process, like legal templates and due diligence.

While BuySellEmpire operates as an online marketplace and not as a brokerage or M&A advisory firm, their team of full-time employees do offer more support than other marketplaces on this list. You’ll receive a free valuation and online assistance throughout the process, in a quick and efficient manner. 

5. FE International 

Who they are: A well-known M&A advisory firm, popular for their data-led approach. 

FE International for buyers:


    • While they have fewer listings compared to a traditional online marketplace, their comprehensive due diligence means you’ll get a detailed view into the ins and outs of a listing. 

    • Excellent post-sale support. 

FE International for sellers: 


    • They specialize in larger online businesses, with strict requirements for those listed.  

    • Due to their large buyer network and strong relationships with the wider community, sales are usually quick and straightforward. 

Leave your business in the hands of experts, with FE International. Their customer-centric approach has made them a frontrunner in the industry, and with their high success rate of 94% and selective vetting process, you’ll be amongst the best on their platform. 

6. Sedo 

Who they are: A leading domain-listing platform for users looking to buy or sell premium domains.  

Sedo for buyers:


    • There’s over 19 million domains listed on their user-friendly platform, making it easy to browse and navigate.

    • You can also access their resources, including market trends and an auction calendar. 

Sedo for sellers: 


    • The initial fees are low, but upgrades are possible depending on additional services like confidentiality or promotions. 

    • Monetize additional domains with domain parking, which helps your domain increase value and profit. 

While both Sedo and Flippa deal with the buying and selling of domains, Sedo doesn’t offer websites, apps, or online businesses for sale. However, if you’re primarily focusing on domains, it’s the best place out there. You can expect a whole range of additional features, like domain parking, transfer services, and brokerage services. 

7. Dealflow Brokerage 

Who they are: A website brokerage firm specializing in online SaaS and ecommerce businesses, known for their personalized approach. 

Dealflow Brokerage for buyers:


    • You’ll need to complete an in-depth buyer profile, which matches you to potential listings. 

    • Only established online businesses are listed for sale on their platform. 

Dealflow Brokerage for sellers: 


    • You’ll get assistance from a team that oversees the entire project, from valuation to asset transfer. 

    • They focus on businesses with sales from six to eight figures. 

    • Their team actively sources buyers to add to their ever-growing buyer network. 

As one of Flippa’s partner brokers, Dealflow Brokerage actually started as part of Flippa before breaking away and cementing their impact in the online brokerage world. While Dealflow Brokerage isn’t for smaller or more niche online businesses, if you pass their strict vetting process, you’re sure to get top-notch support. 

8. Acquire.com

Who they are: An online marketplace for entrepreneurs to buy and sell startups. 

Acquire.com for buyers:


    • To get access to the listings and connect with sellers, a paid membership is required.

    • Browse listings easily with a beautifully streamlined and modern UI. 

    • Their focus on SaaS and startup businesses, means you won’t get access to a wide range of options. 

Acquire.com for sellers: 


    • The paid membership model eliminates spam buyer accounts and ensures only serious enquiries are considered.

    • There isn’t extensive in-person support or services for every stage of the selling process, compared to an online brokerage.  

Launched in 2020, Acquire.com is a relatively new marketplace. Its focus on growth rather than profitability aligns with its core audience, startups and entrepreneurs, looking for a place to buy and sell their businesses. While Acquire.com may not have the same expertise as more established platforms, they state that acquisition can happen in as little as 30 days. 

9. Investors Club 

Who they are: A broker and members-only marketplace where users can buy or sell websites. 

Investors Club for buyers:


    • There’s an in-depth 24 step due diligence process, so you can be confident all their listings are high-quality.  

    • At the moment, there’s a focus on listing content websites.

    • It’s free to be a member on their platform. 

Investors Club for sellers: 


    • There’s a lower max commission rate of 5% compared to other brokerages.

    • Their due diligence process checks multiple factors of your website, from business analysis to SEO and traffic. 

With a free website valuation tool, low commission fees, and detailed due diligence reports, Investor Club differentiates themselves from the rest of the competition. While they may have a smaller user base and less listings available, their high-quality services make them a great Flippa alternative. 

10. Motion Invest 

Who they are: An online marketplace for buying and selling small to medium-sized content websites. 

Motion Invest for buyers:


    • There’s a focus on high-quality websites at affordable prices, which can be great for first-time buyers.

    • Their post-sale assistance is great for those inexperienced at owning a website. 

Motion Invest for sellers: 


    • After submitting your website, their team will conduct a thorough analysis, including the performance, traffic, and content. This can be useful if you’re looking to make changes or improve your content website pre-sale.

    • Sellers get a seamless experience, with their team taking control of marketing strategies, deal negotiation, and more. 

If you’re looking for a Flippa alternative specializing in content websites, then give Motion Invest a go. With their team stating that websites listed on their platform sell on average within 12-14 days, users have everything to gain and nothing to lose! 

The bottom line

There are plenty of Flippa alternatives available to browse, depending on the specific online business you have in mind. For more in-depth support and assistance, business brokerages or M&A advisory firms can walk hand-in-hand with you throughout the whole process. 

Otherwise, online marketplaces provide an efficient way to browse specific listings, communicate with sellers or buyers, and get a wider look at all the available options.

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