10 Places to Find Freelance Travel Writers for Hire

Hiring freelance travel writers is a great way to create regular content for your travel brand and increase your online visibility. If you’re trying to create the best content possible, it helps to work with a freelance writer with travel industry experience. Because of their industry experience, travel writers will write more accurate, compelling, and engaging content — they’ll ‘get’ your audience. 

If you are looking to hire freelance travel writers, this guide is for you. We’ve reviewed 10 options and have provided an overview of each to help you make a more informed decision about which to choose.

Here are 10 websites to hire freelance travel writers.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing company. With Writing Studio, you can order content in various industries, including travel. Writing Studio’s freelance travel writers are subject matter experts specializing in travel, from travel tours, hotels, cities, travel insurance, and attractions; we can write it all. When you order content, our content managers will pair it with the best writers available for the job and keep them assigned to your account to ensure consistency.

You can hire freelance writers in many places, but what makes Writing Studio different from other websites is that we offer a fully managed service. That means we vet, hire, train, and manage writers and have an editorial team and content managers that work together to provide you with a hands-off experience. This allows you to easily order content and then receive the deliverables ready-to-publish.

2. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a website where you can gain access to writers from different backgrounds and experience levels. Unlike many other content agencies that offer fixed pricing and services, WriterAccess allows you to order content at different rates based on your specific writer’s experience. For example, for the very best writer that’s a genuine subject matter expert, you may pay closer to $1-2 per word, while to work with a general writer to write about more generic content, you might pay as low as $0.03 per word. This range is great as it provides you with flexibility based on the different projects you have. WriterAccess also has an easy-to-use platform allowing you to quickly order any type of content on-demand and at scale.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a platform with thousands of freelancers for hire, including writers, many of which have specialties, such as travel writing. Upwork allows you to easily post a job with your requirements. You’ll get many different applications you can filter through until you find a writer that’s right for your requirements. Even better is Upwork’s search feature. Once you post a job, you can use this search feature to filter freelancers based on keywords (such as ‘travel), hourly rates, experience level, location, and more. Then once you find a list of travel writers, you can invite them to apply directly to your job post. 

4. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is a full-service content writing agency that writes different types of content such as blog posts, press releases, and product descriptions. This site allows you to easily order content at scale and receive it within one platform. Included in their pool of writers are many travel writers. You can work directly with writers within the platform via the ‘self-service’ option or opt for their managed service, where an account manager will take care of your content needs. As part of their service, ContentWriters offers topic pitching, in-house editing, proofreading, revisions, and plagiarism detection. 

5. Scripted

Scripted is a freelance platform specifically for writers. They have a huge network of writers, and once you sign up to the platform, you can access them. Scripted’s freelance travel writers have different specialties as well as different rates. Some writers charge a lot, while others charge less. That’s one of the reasons that makes Scripted great. You can negotiate the specific rates and terms with different writers and create a custom team within the platform for your content requirements. Scripted also offers fully managed solutions if that’s something you require. 

6. Verblio

Verblio is a blog and content writing company that has many freelance travel writers within its platform. You place orders for content delivered to you monthly within Verblio’s platform. This company is unique because writers will pitch content to you; you only have to buy what you want and reject what you don’t want to purchase. Verblio has 1984 writers with travel industry experience, 99 of which have 5 years + experience and 67 with 8 + years. At Verblio, you can order multiple content types such as landing pages, articles, newsletters, product descriptions, SEO articles, and eBooks.

7. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a content marketing platform and talent network with a pool of freelance travel writers. With ClearVoice, you can create freelance content teams and manage them within the platform. The platform helps you grow your brand from major projects to enterprise scale but isn’t as ideal for smaller content projects. On ClearVoice, you’ll have access to travel writers with a breadth of experience, everything from luxury hotel reviews to cities, travel insurance, and more. You can order most content types, including blogs, eBooks, white papers, press releases, landing pages, and product descriptions. 

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media network for job seekers, employers, and general business networking. What makes LinkedIn great for finding travel writers is that you can simply use LinkedIn’s search function to find them. By typing in ‘travel writer’ or ‘freelance travel writer,’ you’ll receive hundreds or thousands of results with writers available for hire. You can even pay for LinkedIn’s recruiting software if you have more comprehensive needs. Also, on your company page, you can post a job and wait for applicants across LinkedIn to apply, which is the most common method.

9. Draft

Draft (fka ContentFly) is a service that provides on-demand content writing. Draft has a pool of travel writers for hire within their platform who can write various content types, including blogs, landing pages, sales collateral, social media posts, white papers, guides, newsletters, and emails. Draft offers a cutting-edge platform that allows you to order content quickly, save time, and clear fixed prices. You can track your orders, top up, request revisions, and get briefs and topics within the platform, making the content creation process easier.

10. Express Writers

Express Writers is a well-known content writing agency providing various writing solutions for the travel industry. Express Writers write web pages, press releases, eBooks, blogs, infographics, product descriptions, and more. They also offer different categories of cotnent depending on the technicality required (e.g. ‘expert,’ ‘specialty’, and ‘authority’), with different price points. You can easily place orders from Express Writer’s content shop and receive your deliverables within the platform.

The bottom line

Hiring freelance travel writers is much like finding any other freelance writer for hire. But it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure the writer(s) you’re hiring have the right kind of travel experience you’re looking for. Hopefully, this list of places to find writers will help you search.

If you’re looking to hire a writer or two, then a platform like Upwork or Scripted might be best, but if you’re looking for fully managed solutions, then a company like Writing Studio is ideal.

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