10 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (2024)

If writing is your passion, then you may have already considered making it your job. Whether you want to write freelance full-time or juggle writing gigs alongside your 9-to-5 and other hobbies, finding a freelance writing job can help bring in some extra income and grow your skill set. 

Before you start applying everywhere at once, it’s good to understand what you can expect in the 2024 freelance writing job market and some of the best places you can find clients. This allows you to get a better estimation of your prospects so you can continue doing what you enjoy — writing! 

The freelance writing job market in 2024

With the rise in AI writing generators in the past few years, many budding writers may feel discouraged about losing potential clients. However, a recent report from Freelancer.com found that there was a surge in demand, with more than 10,000 additional writing projects available in Q3 of 2023. AI is certainly not dampening the need for great content and copywriters!

While most businesses in 2024 have an in-house marketing and copywriting team, many prefer to outsource their writing to freelancers through an agency or as a direct contact. With more of their audience online than ever, and the desire for their content to stand out amongst their competition, businesses are constantly on the lookout for talented writers in a variety of specializations. 

Some freelance writing jobs are more in demand than others. Here are some of the top freelance writing niches in 2024: 

  • Content writing (healthcare, finance, e-commerce, tech) for blogs, articles, and newsletters. These are usually long-form, between 1,000 to 3,000 words. 
  • White papers, which usually require some graphic design skill as well. 
  • SEO writing, including incorporating keywords, and being able to rank well on search engines. 
  • Email copywriting, which can help businesses bring in leads. 
  • Sales and landing pages, which can help leads convert. 
  • Social media copy, which can help increase brand awareness. 

Why get a freelance writing job?

If you love to write but have never considered a freelance writing job before, you may be curious about the benefits. Unlike a typical full-time 9-to-5 writing job, you aren’t confined to just one “client,” meaning you can write a variety of topics for different content types. 

Also, many freelancers love the flexibility offered by a freelance writing gig. Apart from being able to write whenever and wherever you want, you get the opportunity to choose which clients and projects you want to take on — based on your availability and interest. 

And once you build up a nice collection of clients, you’re likely to have recurring work on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll get a better idea on what those clients like and dislike, and how to approach writing for them, so you can continue that working relationship long into the future. 

Where to find freelance writing jobs

1. Writing Studio

Rate: Specific rates given per project

Location: Worldwide 

Writing Studio has a fully remote team of freelance writers based across the globe, who write content for a wide range of clients and industries — including healthcare, travel, SaaS, and more. Projects are received through an assigned content manager, and they act as a bridge between you and the client. Constructive feedback is also given when required, which can help sharpen your skills if you want to continue your career in writing. 

Because Writing Studio also has a team of editors and SEO experts, your writing will be polished before sent off to the client. However, you will often get the full creative rein on a client content brief, and the aim is to write long-term with specific clients to build a working relationship. 

2. Best Writing

Rate: Depends on specific clients

Location: Mostly US based clients, but some international ones too. 

Best Writing acts as a platform to display your public writer profile, alongside a daily newsletter with the latest writing jobs. While these jobs are currently only full-time and part-time, Best Writing has announced that a newsletter for freelance jobs is coming soon. 

There is a monthly ($9USD) and yearly ($90USD) membership cost, but this could be a great option if you’re looking to build your portfolio and connect with potential clients. 

3. Upwork

Rate: Clients will either post a fixed price for a project, or hours/week needed and the subsequent rate. 

Location: Worldwide

If you’re not new to the Freelance field, you may have already heard of Upwork, an all-in-one platform connecting businesses to freelancers, like freelance writers. Because Upwork is a popular platform, you’ll likely find a whole range of potential clients on there, with the option to write various content types — including creative writing, ghostwriting, and more. 

Upwork prioritizes freelance writers with a high rating and lots of experience under their belt, so it may take some time before you get the ball rolling. However, it can be a convenient option to build up numerous clients. 

4. LinkedIn

Rate: Depends on the business. In the LinkedIn job posting, the compensation rate is often included at the bottom. 

Location: Worldwide

If you already use LinkedIn to display your work history and credentials, you may be surprised to know that it’s also a great place to find freelance writing jobs. You can use the “job search” feature, filter by location, industry, and whether you want it to be freelance, part-time, or more. 

Other ways to utilize LinkedIn is to browse editors or Head of Content connections. You can then directly reach out with InMail to prospect or find out more about freelance opportunities at their company. 

5. ProBlogger

Rate: While there’s a job board, rate information is usually not displayed. It’s likely that rates will be established once the job is accepted. 

Location: Worldwide 

Do you love writing blogs and articles? Then you might want to consider ProBlogger, a platform used by over 300,000 bloggers that have successfully made money growing their blogs. You’ll get in-depth assistance on every step, from how to start a blog and write content, to building a community and making money from your writing. 

ProBlogger also has a “jobs” section that displays blog-related jobs across the world. You can filter by freelance, and even check if the writing can be done remotely, or on-site. 

6. Indeed

Rate: Potential clients will list the rate in the job listing, as amount per hour. 

Location: Worldwide

Like LinkedIn, Indeed is an employment website for jobseekers to find work that suits them best. While it’s based in America, Indeed operates worldwide, meaning you can find remote freelance writing jobs in your area and in your local language. 

You can filter by job type (contract is the corresponding equivalent to freelance on this platform) and apply directly through the site. 

7. Contently

Rate: The contently rate sheet is only given to writers who work with them, but according to reviews and research, you can expect anywhere from $0.03USD to $0.2USD. 

Location: Worldwide, although reviews state that US-based freelance writers often get selected easier. 

Contently is a content marketing platform, helping businesses achieve their content goals. However, Contently also offers “The Freelance Creative,” a space for freelancers to add their creative experience to their portfolio, pitch to editors, and work on assignment briefs. Because clients come from diverse backgrounds, like finance, e-commerce, and healthcare, you’ll be sure to find a fit. 

Contently also offers additional training for potential freelance writers on their site. You can access their blogs and resources to hone your skills, and complete a tutorial for working with brands. 

8. Fiverr

Rate: Rates will be given per individual project, and you always get to specify how much you want to receive. 

Location: Worldwide 

Like Upwork, Fiverr is another platform offering clients various freelance services. Their gig price range is an impressive $5 to $10,000 and with over 50+ million transactions and counting, you can certainly get your skills out there with Fiverr. 

There’s also the option to access “Fiverr Course,” where you can access various videos and resources on how to sell on Fiverr, to optimize your profile. And with the option to work with clients all around the world, you can build up your portfolio quickly. 

9. Freelancer.com

Rate: Bidding system, you get to state potential compensation. 

Location: Worldwide 

Known as the world’s largest freelance marketplace, Freelancer.com allows you to browse writing jobs. Unlike other platforms, you’ll have to “bid,” by writing a quick sentence on why you’re suitable for the job and other information. 

You can also add how much compensation you receive, and the client chooses the bid winner before the writing project can start. 

10. iWriter 

Rate: Based on your “writer level,” which is determined by your rating system from clients on iWriter. Find out more about their rates in their FAQs

Location: Primarily based in the US. 

Based in Florida in the US, iWriter offers content and article writing services to clients across America. You’ll need to send in a relatively in-depth application, stating your details, why you would like to write for iWriter, and a short test of your research capabilities. 

However, there’s a lot of flexibility regarding how many articles you want to write in a given period. You’ll be able to write as much and as little as you want. The sky’s the limit! 

Tips for finding the right freelance writing job 

From how to showcase your experience to what to expect once you get started, here are some tips for finding the right freelance writing job for you. 

1. Build a writing portfolio 

Before you find potential clients, it’s worth putting together a brief writing portfolio to showcase your capabilities. If you’ve never written for a client before, you can still include copy of any type that highlights you have the right writing skills. Writing portfolios can be online portfolios (websites) or a cv-type document. Whatever portfolio you choose, ensure you have a good mixture of long-form, short-form, technical, and casual writing styles.

2. Reach out to several platforms 

Most freelance writing platforms will have a dedicated “contact us,” button for aspiring writers looking to join their database. If your profile looks good, you will usually get sent an email for any follow-up questions or communication before you get started. Once started, you’ll get assigned writing projects based on your background and expertise, and these projects can be fairly regular. 

With some freelance writing platforms, like Fiverr and Upwork, you can get started straight away. However, these platforms are based on reviews, and top-rated freelance writers who get the most work have often spent years on that platform and have completed lots of writing projects. It may require some time before you get enough clients if you choose this option. 

3. Read up on their policies and pricing 

It’s always great to find a platform that compensates their writers well and ensures the entire process is smooth and fair. If you’ve reached out to a few platforms and heard back from some, now’s the time to read up on the fine print. Have a look at their policies on pricing, potential revisions, and how often they get in contact with you for work. Does this align with what you’re looking for? 

You can also browse some reviews from previous and current freelance writers who have joined that platform, by using review sites like Glassdoor or Trustpilot. If the writers get paid on time, receive adequate compensation for their skill level, and have a general positive view on the platform, it’s good to go. 

The bottom line

A freelance writing job can be an incredibly rewarding side hustle, hobby, or source of income. In 2024, the freelance writing job market is still booming so it’s a great time to get started. You can find clients through writing agencies or freelance platforms, and finding the right fit for you is key to getting the most enjoyment out of your writing.

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