10 Best Healthcare Content Marketing Agencies (2024)

The search for a healthcare content marketing agency isn’t always easy. While there are many content agencies out there that can write great content for general topics, such as the best retirement homes or the best vacation spots, there are far fewer that can do a great job at writing content for the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to technical content.

With healthcare content, factual accuracy is key, and it takes genuine subject matter expertise to curate content that is both factually correct, informative, and written in a way that’s easy to understand for the intended audience. 

To make the process of finding an agency to work with easier, we will cover the basics about healthcare content marketing agencies, list the ten best agencies out there, and provide tips to ensure that you find the right agency for your unique needs.

What is a healthcare content marketing agency?

A healthcare content marketing agency is an agency that creates content in various forms, specifically for the healthcare industry. These content types may include written forms, such as articles and pages, in addition to video and other mediums of content. 

Some agencies may focus on one aspect of content marketing, such as content creation, while others may focus on content strategy or content distribution. There are also agencies that offer full-service solutions covering the full spectrum of strategy, creation, and distribution. 

Within the ‘niche’ of healthcare content agencies, some may specialize in B2B SaaS, while others may focus on content that’s for patients. Overall, it really depends, as the services offered by agencies differ widely, both in terms of the type of content they create and the specific niches within healthcare their content falls under.

Why work with a healthcare content marketing agency?

Healthcare is an industry that requires a lot of compliance, and ensuring you’re creating responsible content is essential. It requires subject matter experts to pull this off, and in general, it’s not enough to use any old content agency to create content about serious subjects that could include cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.

It’s important, not only for your company’s reputation but also for the safety and well-being of potential consumers of your content, to work with agencies that aren’t necessarily healthcare-specific but, at the very least, have extensive experience serving clients in the healthcare space. 

Agencies, unlike freelancers or in-house teams, are generally more expensive, especially specialized agencies, but they have several advantages, such as quicker turnaround times, a more professional experience, and a larger capacity for scale and growth. 

While the upfront costs may appear more expensive, in the long run, working with a content agency can be more cost-effective as you’re only paying for the service you’re getting, as opposed to paying the additional costs that come with full-time employment, for example. 

But this is only the case when you work with a top-notch agency that knows what they’re doing and has a track record of getting results for other clients in the healthcare industry. 

Best healthcare content marketing agencies

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing agency that originally started as a healthcare content agency. Having worked with some of the world’s largest healthcare publishers, such as Medical News Today, PsychCentral, and Healthline, Writing Studio is one of the leading agencies if you’re looking to create content at scale in the healthcare industry – whether you require content about dental health, neuroscience, or nutrition and dietetics.

The team consists of content managers who manage your project and the writers and editors who create the content, including medical doctors, PhD researchers, and other science graduates with various specialties. 

In addition, the team is up-to-date with the latest search-friendly practices when it comes to writing content that is not only factually accurate but also performs well in search engines by fulfilling the correct search intent and providing users with the best possible experience and the latest healthcare information. 

Overall, Writing Studio is an excellent place to order content at scale for the healthcare industry without compromising quality.

2. Aha Media Group

Aha Media Group is a team of healthcare content writers and strategists that provide content strategy, writing, and training for various healthcare companies, including B2B, tech companies, hospitals, health systems, medical centers, and more.

With an incredibly impressive client list of Stanford Health Care, Cleveland Clinic, UCLA Health, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, you can rest assured you’re getting the best healthcare content marketing when you partner with Aha Media Group – albeit probably not the lowest costs. But if quality is the priority, they’re a great option.

3. Intrepy

Intrpey is a healthcare marketing agency that describes itself as the intersection between medical market expertise and patient growth. They’re a data-driven agency that works exclusively with private medical practices and healthcare organizations, helping them to increase revenue and generate patient appointments.

Whether it’s video marketing, graphic design, or medical SEO, this agency, with a 100% focus on healthcare marketing, can assist you. There’s a reason why leading surgical practices and MSOs, including Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics, Center for Vein Restoration, and Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, trust the HIPAA-trained team of experts at Intrpey.

4. OHO Interactive

OHO Interactive is a digital agency that partners with smart, ambitious healthcare brands that want to create compelling digital content experiences. Using their proven healthcare marketing expertise and over 25 years of experience, they can help you overcome challenges and steer you toward growth and success.

OHO’s team of content strategists and writers will help you plan and produce content that amplifies your brand and increases organic search traffic. Best of all, they’ll do it in a way that ensures benefits are sustained over the long term. 

OHO takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and what your patients and customers need by conducting stakeholder interviews, audits, analytics reviews, and competitor analysis. Then, they create an action plan that elevates your content marketing and gets results.

5. Siege Media

Siege Media is an SEO-focused content marketing agency that helps brands scale. They work with brands across all industries but have plenty of experience working with healthcare companies, including industry leaders such as Healthline. 

Siege Media promises never to waste your time and to deliver exceptional content that your competitors simply cannot match. This content marketing agency is perfect if you’re looking for the full package – content strategy, content creation, digital PR, and content distribution.

6. NoGood

NoGood is a leading growth marketing agency that helps brands achieve measurable and scalable growth in a professional, compliant manner. Their talented team of marketers, creatives, and data scientists bring a startup mentality to the medical marketing world, meaning they’re about delivering impressive growth fast.

NoGood’s reputation as a top healthcare marketing agency speaks for itself, having worked with leading healthcare and pharma brands like Spring Health, Providence, P&G, and Oura. So, if you’re looking for compliance-guaranteed growth strategies from an agency that has worked with the most prominent healthcare organizations, give NoGood a try.

7. Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal Digital Marketing is a marketing agency that provides scalable healthcare performance marketing strategies, including content marketing, to help the world’s largest healthcare organizations scale their businesses and impact. Their portfolio of clients includes the likes of North American Dental Group, Upperline HEALTH, and Bayada.

Cardinal understands what it takes to grow, having scaled from a 2-person SEO company to the 60+ person healthcare marketing agency it is today. They promise to bring their tenacity, proven growth strategies, and results-driven approach to your healthcare brand, whether in dentistry, mental health, dermatology, or any other medical field.

8. Digitas Health

Digitas Health is a globally connected healthcare agency with offices in Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, London, and Tokyo. They’re all about delivering immediate change through agile content creation, challenging the status quo, and seeking better, innovative ways to engage with customers.

Digitas believes its success lies within its team, a diverse collection of brilliant writers, strategists, art directors, programmers, musicians, activists, and more. By bringing together people who are driven to do amazing things, Digitas has helped countless healthcare brands achieve transformative growth.

9. Healthcare Success

Healthcare Success is a team of innovative specialists that partner with healthcare clients to deliver quantifiable results through data-driven content marketing. Healthcare Success understands the challenge of getting health and medical content right – it requires deep industry knowledge, which their experienced healthcare writers and strategists have in abundance.

Healthcare Success aims to craft on-brand ethical messaging that empathizes with your target audience while providing them with the information they need as patients. This agency also offers content marketing strategy advice to help you identify the best plan to meet and exceed your content marketing KPIs. 

In addition to planning and creating content, Healthcare Success can help with multi-channel distribution and amplification to ensure the right eyes see your content. 

10. Medico Digital

Based in London, UK, Medico Digital has helped healthcare organizations of all sizes utilize effective digital marketing to drive positive health outcomes. This innovative marketing agency promises to transform your healthcare business by helping you successfully navigate the fast-paced digital world and connect with your target audience.

Whether it’s the relationships they’ve forged with leading healthcare brands, such as the NHS, Mayo Clinic, and Spire Healthcare, or their 4.9 out of 5-star Google rating, Medico Digital clearly demonstrates that it’s a reputable healthcare marketing agency with a proven track record of success.

Tips for choosing the right healthcare content marketing agency

We’ve provided a great list above, but you shouldn’t just choose one and hope for the best. Keep the following tips in mind to help you choose the right content agency for your unique requirements.

Define your needs

A good content agency will advise you on how to approach things, but it’s a good idea to define your needs before reaching out to one. It would be best if you had a clear understanding of your objectives and what you want to achieve from your content. 

This might include knowing the volume of content you want to produce every month or having other aspects ready, such as SEO research, if you’re not planning to use the agency for that part of the process.

Start with a small trial or meeting

Never commit to long-term contracts without having some proof that the agency will likely do a good job. You can never know for certain if things will go well, but you can reduce risk by doing due diligence, for instance, starting with a small order of 1-10 articles before committing to 100+ per month. 

Likewise, you can hop on a call or two with the agency to see if you vibe with the team or if they are competent enough in the area you’re hiring them.

It’s not worth risking it when choosing an agency you’ll potentially spend thousands or even millions of dollars with. So, please spend some time researching them, or, better yet, test a few and possibly work with several agencies to diversify your risk of content projects going sour.

Note their communication style

If an agency’s got good technical skills, but their communication skills suck, don’t work with them. Most people would rather work with great people who are perhaps 80% as talented but respond quickly, are friendly, positive, and dependable, versus someone who is ‘100% talented’ but never replies, delivers late, etc. 

It’s important to see an agency as an extension of your team – and just like you’d only hire great people as employees, the same mindset should apply when looking for a content agency to work with. 

Ensure they have good communication skills before signing anything – which is something you can make a judgment on based on meetings and email correspondence with their team. Furthermore, make sure this judgment is based on the specific people you’ll be working with, not only the charismatic sales folks selling you their services.

A positive track record is essential

Remember not to just look at the reviews on their website. Clearly, every company will publish the best reviews on their website, which is perfectly fine. But to get a better sense of the company’s track record, check out third-party review websites such as Clutch (particularly B2B services), Trustpilot, and Google reviews; these are some of the good ones, but there are others, too. 

You can also check out Glassdoor to see employee reviews if it interests you how the company treats its employees. In addition, check for case studies; you want to see that they have gotten the results you expect for companies similar to yours. For instance, look for proven case studies in healthcare that validate their expertise in the industry.

If you want to be really detailed, consider reaching out to past clients to get a genuine idea of how they experienced working with the agency in question.

The bottom line

There are many health content agencies to choose from, but only a select few are actually worth partnering with. Hopefully, this list gave you some clarity, not only on which agencies to work with potentially but also on what makes a good agency. 

Remember, never commit to long-term contracts with any agency before you’re sure they’re a good fit – whether that means doing a trial or extensive research. Just like hiring an employee, do your due diligence! It’s better to hire (or, in this case, partner with) slowly and fire fast.

It’s also OK to partner with multiple agencies if each specializes in a certain area of content marketing. If you can pull this off (albeit it’s a bit more complicated), it can have more fruitful results. For example, you may have one agency create content briefs, another write the content, and another publish and distribute the content.

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