10 Places to Hire Freelance SEO Writers

If you’re not already aware, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most widely used techniques by online marketers to increase website traffic and subsequently bring in more customers.

Over the past couple of decades, it has become a very specialist field and so if you’re thinking of implementing or improving your SEO strategy you should consider hiring an SEO writer.

To help make hiring a specialist SEO writer easier for you we decided to put together this extensive guide.

Before we give you an overview of the 10 best places to hire freelance SEO writers and give you some practical tips for how to hire an SEO writer, we will start with a rundown of why hiring SEO writers is important.

Why hire SEO writers?

There’s no point in publishing content if no one reads it. Hiring a writer with specialist knowledge of how SEO works means that not only will they write you engaging and interesting content, but the content will rank high in searches and thus bring your website more qualified traffic.

An expert SEO writer will be able to undertake keyword research and then include these keywords in the content in a natural way so that search engines pay attention to your content and ranks it high. SEO writers will also know how to write SEO-friendly titles, headings, and meta-descriptions to give your content an extra boost.

Overall, to get the best performance out of your SEO content strategy you should work with a specialist SEO writer as the extra cost of doing so will more than be made back through increased website traffic and sales.

10 websites to find SEO writers for hire

1. Writing Studio

The first website on our list is Writing Studio. Writing Studio offers a professional and expert SEO content writing service to companies all over the world. When you work with us you will get access to a highly trained and skilled team of SEO content writers who have all been thoroughly vetted and have a track record of success.

Our team will take care of every aspect of your SEO content needs from keyword research to writing the content in any format you wish so you can publish it straight away. We can write all major types of content such as blog posts, product descriptions, website copy, and articles. 

Writing Studio also has some of the most competitive rates in the industry with prices starting at just $0.20 per word for orders under 5000 words, $0.15 per word for orders between 5,000 to 10,000 words, and $0.125 per word for orders over 10,000 words.

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2. Semrush Content Marketplace

Semrush is most famous for providing software tools and products to online marketers. But they also offer a content writing marketplace that you can use to hire SEO writers.

To find an SEO writer you need to create an account on their website and then place a content order with all of the specifics of what you require. The company will then give your content order to one of their online writers to write it for you.

Every piece of content they write includes doing SEO so that it will rank high and perform well. When you work with the company you can expect to pay above-average rates (for the industry) but since they include SEO services as part of the price you can expect to get great content from them.

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3. Verblio

Next on the list is Verblio. They are a content writing agency that offers a full range of SEO writing services to businesses of all sizes and in all geographic locations. The main benefit of working with a writing agency versus hiring freelancers is that the agency will manage every aspect of the writing project for you. However, you will have to pay more for this increased level of service.

To work with Verblio, you go to their website and either request one of their client managers contact you to discuss your SEO content needs, or you can create an account and start ordering content. Once you’ve placed a content order one of their writers will produce your content and you can then request edits until you are happy with the final product.

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4. Brafton

Brafton is another full-service marketing agency that you can work with to produce SEO content.

To work with the company, you need to go on their website and fill out a detailed form explaining what content needs to be written and how much. They will then provide you with a detailed quote. If you accept their quote their expert writers will then write your SEO content for you.

If you work with Brafton you can expect a high level of customer service, however, according to their website they charge around $100 for 100 words (includes SEO research, editing, etc.) which is vastly more expensive than other options on this list.

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5. Upwork

Upwork is one of the world’s largest platforms to hire freelancers, including freelance SEO writers.

To hire an SEO freelance writer, you need to go to the Upwork website and create an account. You can then either post a job ad with all of the details of your project or search for writers and then create a shortlist. Writers will then submit proposals to do your writing for you or you can ask your shortlisted candidates to do a test piece. You can then hire the best candidate and they will do your SEO writing project for you.

On Upwork, you can expect to pay between $15 and $80 per hour to write your content. The biggest downside of Upwork compared to writing companies is that you’ll have to manage the project yourself and edit the final product or pay for an editor to check it.

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6. Blue Corona


Blue Corona specialize in home services marketing and help plumbers, carpenters, and electricians, and other home service providers set up and execute local SEO strategies.

To use their service, you go to their website and fill out a detailed form with the details of your business and your SEO marketing goals, and then the company will contact you to discuss how they can help you. The company also offers a free “SEO website check” whereby they will check your website out and give you a full report on how your website can be improved.

If you own a home services business working with Blue Corona might be a great option for you since working with these types of local businesses is their specialty.

7. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is another content writing company that has specialist SEO writers you can hire. The company offers both a self-service option or you can work with a content manager for an extra fee. 

Crowd Content claims to have over 6000 writers in their network who can write all major forms of SEO content for you such as blog posts, articles, and product descriptions. Each writer is given a star rating (between 1 and 4 stars) which makes it easier to select high-quality SEO writers to hire.

When you work with the company you can expect to pay between $0.022 and $0.12 per word based on the rating of the writer. However, if you choose lower-rated writers you might not get high-quality work from them.

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8. Express Writers

Express Writers is another content writing platform you can work with to get high-quality SEO content for your business. Like Crowd Content they give each of their writers a rating to make it easier for you to choose which SEO writer to hire. However, instead of star ratings, writers are grouped into 4 categories: general, expert, specialist, or authority writers.

The more experience the writer has the higher they are rated and thus the higher you have to pay them. Express Writers might be a good choice for you if you’re looking to work with an individual writer but want the protection of hiring them through a company that will ensure the writing is completed to a high standard.

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9. ContentWriters

Next on the list is ContentWriters. You can sign up to their website and then post an SEO writing project that you want to be completed. They will then give your project to the most qualified writer they have in their network. You will then receive the completed work and you’ll be able to request edits until you’re happy with the final product.

Unlike other services in this list the company doesn’t charge per word, instead, they charge flat fees depending on the type of content and the overall word range of each piece of content. For example, a 300-500 word blog post that has been optimized for SEO will cost you $110 and will be delivered within 5 business days. These rates are high for the industry, but they have good reviews and have worked with reputable brands.

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10. WordAgents

The final place on our list to hire an SEO writer is WordAgents. The company markets themselves as a specialist SEO content agency and all of their writers are US-based.

When you work with Word Agents they will take care of every step of the content production process, starting with extensive research on the topic and keyword research, right through to writing and editing the final product.

Word Agents will produce high-quality content for you and they offer quite reasonable rates if you order over 20,000 words of content to be written. However, if you require much less content to be produced there are better SEO writing services you should consider working with.

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Tips for hiring SEO writers

Once you’ve chosen where to hire an SEO writer here are a few tips for how to ensure you hire an SEO writer that knows how to get results.

  • If you require the SEO writer to do keyword research, ask the writer what tools they use and show you some examples of past keyword research.
  • Ask them to provide you with examples of their past work that has ranked high in search results. This will show they understand how to write for SEO.
  • When reading their past work make sure they can write well and produce engaging content that your customers will want to read. One thing to look out for is that they include keywords naturally, and they don’t just stuff the content with keywords. You should also make sure they understand how to include internal links using anchor text into the content as this is another important SEO technique.
  • If they provide references for past clients, ask their references if the prospective writer was easy to work with and kept to deadlines.

The bottom line

SEO is an important part of online marketing and to get the best results you should hire a specialist SEO writer. The main thing to consider is how much money you’re prepared to pay as this will help you determine the best place to look for your writer.

For example, if you have a low budget and you’re prepared to edit the content yourself using a service like Upwork might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you spend a little bit more you can work with an expert writing company like Writing Studio that will manage all your SEO writing needs for you – and most likely get better results.

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