10 Places to Find Legal Content Writers for Hire

Whether you own a law firm and want to start a blog, or you’re a marketing agency with multiple legal clients, finding the right legal content writers to write your blog content and web pages is crucial.

Law is a complex industry, and factual accuracy is essential. Often it can be difficult to find great writers, especially if you need content at scale, as quality can suffer in return for quantity. 

In this article, we’ll break down ten places you can find legal writers for hire, and provide you with tips on how to make a good decision and hire the right writers or company for your needs.

Why hire a legal content writer?

First and foremost, hiring a writer that has genuine legal expertise ensures your website and blog content is factually accurate – which is essential for all industries, but especially for law. A legal graduate will have a far better understanding of how the law works, how to conduct proper research, the nuances of legislation, and how to write in a way that represents a firm in a professional manner.

In addition, hiring a legal content writer is beneficial for marketing purposes, as blog content can improve your SEO, drive more targeted traffic to your website and help get more qualified leads through your law firm’s doors.

10 places to hire legal content writers

There are many places you can hire a writer, including job boards, agencies, small studios, and marketplaces. This list contains a variety of providers so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing service that writes legal content. They only hire legal graduates to write legal content and also have editors with legal experience to edit the content, including J.Ds. They can write both blog content and general web pages, as well as press releases and white papers. With experience serving both agencies and small firms, Writing Studio is able to consistently deliver factually accurate and optimized content on-demand and at scale.

2. Verblio

Verblio is a content creation platform with over 3,000 U.S.-based writers. Verblio is primarily focused on blog writing but also offers other content writing services as well. They have experience working with both marketing agencies serving law firms and have over 70 legal writers working for them. They are able to fulfil both small and large orders and work on a monthly subscription basis for delivering content.

3. Juris Digital

Juris Digital is a digital marketing agency that’s specifically for lawyers. They help law firms with various aspects of their digital marketing, including content writing. Whether you require blog posts, press releases, ad copy, or practice area guides, JurisDigital’s team is able to write content for you. Unlike other content writing providers that offer fixed pricing, they offer custom pricing for each client.

4. Express Writers

Express Writers is a content writing provider that writes many different types of content, including blog content, ad copy, white papers, and podcast summaries. They offer legal content as part of their ‘specialty’ content range, which is priced at a higher rate per word due to its technical nature – allowing them to hire subject matter experts. They offer an easy-to-use platform where you can directly order and receive your content all in one place.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where you can find all types of writers for hire. Whether you need a legal writer to write an academic article or SEO content, the vast pool of talent on this platform makes it easy to find a fit, not only for the type of content you need but also price range. To hire writers here, you post a job, wait for applicants, or send invitations; then you discuss the terms and hire the freelancer. 

6. Indeed

Indeed is the world’s largest job site. Thousands of writers are looking for work here daily, including those with legal backgrounds. Indeed can be especially good for hiring legal writers for more permanent part-time and full-time roles. Though, you can also find freelancers and contractors here too. To find a writer, you post a job, and then they’ll apply with a cover letter and resume/CV as with any standard job post. 

7. Nomos Marketing

Nomos Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that provides a variety of digital services, including blogging for lawyers. They know how to write for SEO, hire qualified lawyers, and are able to write with the right tone and style for your firm or clients. To get started, you schedule a call with their team and discuss your content needs with them. 

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. A large portion of working professionals have profiles on LinkedIn, and so it can be a great place to find new writers. You can post a job from your company page and have people apply, as well as “boost” the job post for additional impressions. You can also use the search function to find legal writers, connect with them, and share your interest in potentially hiring them. 

9. LawRank

LawRank is a legal marketing agency that provides various services, including content for SEO purposes. The content they write is written by attorneys and JDs and is optimized to perform well in searches to generate traffic. They have a clear focus on creating expert content that drives an ROI and may be a particularly good choice if you’re specifically looking for SEO writers with a legal background.

10. Semrush Content Marketplace

Semrush Content Marketplace is a content writing service where you can order content on demand. While they do write on all topics, including law, it’s not necessarily guaranteed that a lawyer will be writing your content. That’s not to say the content is low quality, but it’s an important consideration as this could affect the consistency of quality. Semrush Marketplace makes it easy to order content. You enter your specifications, receive your content, and request revisions if necessary. 

Tips for hiring legal content writers

1. Know what you want

It’s important to know exactly what type of content you’re looking for and what quantity, as well as the technicality of the writing required. This will help you identify the best provider. For example, if you require 200 articles per month, then an agency is a better choice. While as a small law firm, it may make more sense to hire a freelance legal writer to write one blog post per week.

2. Ensure they’re legal experts

If you’re creating content for your law firm or for your legal clients, it’s important to write credible and accurate content, both for the reputation of the company and for the legal safety of readers. When working with a writer or organization, do your due diligence to ensure they have writers with legitimate qualifications and experience writing your content.

3. Do they understand SEO?

When it comes to craeting articles and web pages that attract readers from Google searches, an understanding of how SEO works and how to produce content with SEO in mind is essential. When considering working with a person or group, ask them if they’ll be taking care of keyword research, or ask them what good SEO copywriting means to them.

4. Check for previous testimonials and samples

When it comes to purchasing anything online, whether it’s a writing service, a vacuum cleaner, or a freelance legal writer, checking for previous reviews and/or testimonials is important. This is a great way to reduce risk and ensure the person or organization you’re about to work with is credible and will follow through with what they claim to be capable of doing. Furthermore, be sure to request to see previous writing samples to understand what you can expect from them.

5. Start small with a test

If you’re looking to hire a legal content writer or a legal writing company to produce a small or large amount of content, it always helps to start with a test. After you’ve made a shortlist, test them with a single article, page, or even just a few hundred words. This way, you can ensure the quality is at the level you’re looking for and be more confident moving forward working with them.

The bottom line

Hiring legal content writers is a great way to expand your law firm’s online presence, increase traffic, brand awareness, help your target audience by answering their questions, and attract qualified leads.

Hopefully, this list has given you a good place to start looking for the right writers. If you need legal content written for your website or clients, our team at Writing Studio can help. We’d love to hear about your legal content needs.

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