10 Places to Find LinkedIn Profile Writers for Hire

For most people, their LinkedIn profile is their main online professional presence. This makes it important to have a well-written profile that tells the person reading it your skills and achievements.

To help you find a writer who can write you a stand-out LinkedIn profile, we’ve rounded up the 10 best places you can find one online.

Why hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer?

There are several reasons why you should hire a LinkedIn profile writer. Firstly, they’ll help write a profile that highlights your best attributes and achievements in your career. This is important because a lot of people are very modest and don’t like to highlight their strengths as much as they should. Second, your profile will come across to readers of it as much more professional. Third, professional LinkedIn profile writers know how to include the right keywords, so your profile will appear in the right searches. This is especially important if you work in sales or business development.

1. Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing company that provides businesses and individuals with professional writing services. One service we offer clients is LinkedIn profile writing. All you need to do is give us information such as your skills, achievements, and job history and we’ll be able to write a new LinkedIn profile for you.

Once we’ve written your profile, we’ll deliver it to you to be able to read and request any revisions you require. We’ll then complete the copy and deliver the final version back to you to upload to your LinkedIn profile. This service can be booked by clicking the “Let’s Talk” button.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another great place to find a LinkedIn profile writer. The freelancer platform allows you to post a project and then invite freelancers to apply to do the project for you. From the proposals you receive, you can then select the best candidate for the job and pay them through the platform. 

You also have the option to search Upwork for LinkedIn profile writers and then view their profiles and select the best freelancer for the job. When using a site like Upwork always make sure you view the freelancer’s previous work, so you get a good idea of their skills.

3. LinkedIn

You can find LinkedIn profile writers on LinkedIn itself! They offer a service that allows you to request proposals from freelancers to work on a project you have, including writing a LinkedIn profile.

Once freelancers send you their proposal to do your project you can then select the best one and hire them. Always make sure you check each freelancer’s past work so you can check how well they write. 

4. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers (RPW) offers a LinkedIn profiling writing service for professionals all over the world. Each profile is written by a professional writer and is optimized with the right keywords to appear high in search results.

Using this service is as simple as visiting their website, filling out a form with your information, and then paying for the service. They will then write your profile within 3 to 5 business days and deliver it to you in PDF format.

5. Top Resume

Top Resume is another LinkedIn profile writing service that you can use to improve the readability and performance of your LinkedIn profile. To use the service you need to sign up on their website and then order a “LinkedIn Profile Makeover” service. The company will then match you with a writer who has experience writing about your industry.

Once you receive your new LinkedIn profile, you’ll have the option to request edits so you’re 100% satisfied with the final result. This service costs more than others on our list but you will likely receive a very well-written and unique profile.

6. LinkedIn-Makeover

LinkedIn-Makeover (not affiliated with the company LinkedIn) is an online service to write and/or polish your LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive to employers, customers, and other people you want to impress. 

Using this service to write your LinkedIn profile is as simple as booking a call with the company and one of their writers will then reach out to interview you so they can understand what you want your profile to say and who you’re trying to reach. The company offers its service to individuals and businesses who want more than one profile written.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform to hire freelancers like writers, designers, developers, and more. One category of freelancers that you’ll find on the platform are writers who offer LinkedIn profile writing services at fixed prices. Simply search for writers who offer this service and you should be able to find the right writer for your profile.

When using a service like Fiverr, make sure you check out previous profiles the freelancers you are thinking of working with have written, and don’t always choose the lowest price option as the quality may be low.

8. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is another platform to find freelance writers for you to hire to write your LinkedIn profile. All you need to do is signup to the platform and post a project ad and then freelancers will get in touch to try and convince you they are the best writer for the job. 

Once you’ve found the best freelance writer to write your LinkedIn profile you can receive and request edits to your content through the platform and make a payment to the writer when you’re satisfied with the final copy of your profile.

9. TextBroker

TextBroker is a platform to find content writers to hire to write content, including LinkedIn profiles. To use the platform, create an account and then post a project. You can then choose the level of experience you want your writer to have, your desired turnaround time, your budget, and other preferences.

A writer that best matches your preferences will then write your LinkedIn profile for you and deliver it back to you within the agreed timeframe. You can then upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

10. Resumeble

Resumeble provides a range of resume writing services to help you get more job opportunities, including LinkedIn profile writing. This service can be ordered through their website and involves one of their expert writers first reviewing your current profile (if you have one) and then re-writing it to make it more compelling.

During the writing process, you’ll be able to contact the writer directly to discuss how you’d like your profile to be written and to request any edits. Once you’re happy with the profile you can upload it to your profile.

The bottom line

There are lots of places to find LinkedIn profile writers. Regardless of which place you look, make sure you ask the writer for examples of their past work so you can check how well they write. Also, don’t go for the lowest priced option as this will likely not be the highest quality writing and your profile will not be as good as it could be.

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