10 Reasons to Use Managed Marketing Services

Marketing can be both difficult and expensive.

If you want to cut costs, you can. But in doing so you sacrifice results. This can be less cost-effective than comprehensive marketing.

If you’re looking for a professional marketing apparatus, you are looking for some form of managed marketing. Professional marketing can help you bring your business to the next level. But in-house marketing teams can cost a fortune. That’s why many companies opt for managed marketing, a middle-ground in terms of cost.

What is managed marketing? 

Managed marketing services use a managed service model. Another company builds the right marketing team for your business, cutting costs while ensuring the right talent is on board. They hire marketers and manage the outsourcing of your marketing. This is normally done to provide lower costs and a level of continuity. 

Managed marketing is ultimately meant for enterprises that are too large to wing their marketing with non-professional methods, yet too small to hire a full-time marketing team. Small-to-medium-sized businesses can normally afford managed marketing services and gain the talent they need.

If your business needs marketing but can’t accommodate or doesn’t need a full in-house marketing team, there are several reasons to use managed marketing. 

1. Developing a strategy

The first step to successful marketing is developing the right strategy for your business. Marketing strategy lays the foundation for successful campaigns. A managed marketing service involves an outsourced team thoroughly going through your business plan. They will assess goals, risks, and current challenges for you. Then they will develop a strategy that complements your business’s strengths while covering for its weaknesses.

Marketing strategies are created to achieve specific outcomes for a business in a specific situation. So, a managed marketing service means a team of professionals can work together to come up with a plan catering to your customers and your business’s needs. They will find out factors such as:

  • Mediums for advertising and other promotions
  • Content creation
  • Customer profiles

Managed marketing services bring the right expertise to the table. They know how to scale a marketing plan for your business. Their job is to make your marketing simple. They do that by managing it professionally while you focus on your business.

2. Professional results

Managed marketing services are meant to bring you professional results without the need for a full-time department of your own. They handle existing marketing issues and create a roadmap for you. What this means is more:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • SEO results
  • Public trust
  • PR professionalism

You get professional service and results in a more carefully compartmentalized package.

3. The right people

Unless you are a marketing expert by practice, it’s hard to find the right talent for every situation, right when you need it.

Managed marketing means having the right people when you need them. For many business types, this is a challenge. It can be hard to find the right content creators for your niche. The more rare or specific your niche is, the harder it is to find content creators for hire that understand your customers.

With a managed marketing service you work with, you can relax while they find:

They essentially act as outsourced HR for an outsourced team. They find the right people for you while cutting your costs and not straining your management.

4. Cost efficiency

Content creator salaries vary widely. Hiring full-time content creators can provide an excellent return on investment. But for small companies, the investment’s cost and risk may not be necessary or justified. Each kind of content creator will specialize in one or a few mediums. In the long run, you may simply not have enough work for them to do.

Managed marketing services were created with this problem in mind. That’s why these services can find you the right people and assemble them as needed, for the price that’s needed. While continuity is great, many small businesses don’t need a full-time team to get the value they need. Compartmentalizing marketing and the value it creates is what managed marketing is all about. The service simply ensures you get the value you’re looking for at the cost it’s worth without having to pay for more.

5. Time efficiency

Time is money, and spending the time finding the right marketing professionals is costly. In addition, you have to vet potential professionals and make sure you’re finding the right ones. Managed marketing solutions are used to this kind of work. That’s why they can see to it that the right services are rendered efficiently. Saving time and money (for the same ideal result) is the service they offer you. 

6. Scalability

Scaling is important as well. Businesses that can scale up or down according to market conditions are better situated to perform well long term.

In terms of marketing, managed marketing services are the most scalable option. When market conditions and your business go through changed, they will help accommodate those changes in your marketing.

If you need to cut costs and don’t need as many marketing services you can pass on that information to your managed marketing service provider. They will deal with the downsizing of your outsourced marketing. Likewise, if you need more continuity in your marketing, they can help you materialize that.

Managed marketing solutions help you set the foundations for a fruitful marketing system in the future. They are a flexible and scalable option for growing businesses.

7. Marketing infrastructure

Successful marketing requires more than just a few knowledgeable employees. Marketing professionals have various areas of expertise. They have and know how to use several different tools and software. Regardless of whether it’s video editing or copywriting, marketers come equipped with the right tools.

When a young and growing business starts attempting marketing for the first time, a lack of expertise is one thing. But lacking the right infrastructure, including tools and the processes needed to make those tools work, greatly reduces the business’s ability to achieve results.

There’s more to marketing than a lot of people realize. The more time that passes, the more true that becomes. Making marketing projects work requires businesses to man all stations. But first, those stations need to be set up…

By using managed marketing services, you’re not just outsourcing expertise. You’re outsourcing the need for all the tools and broader marketing infrastructure that big corporations pour a lot of time and money into setting up.

8. Dwindling sales

All marketing functions aside, a managed marketing service is the kind of organization that a company can go to when sales are dwindling.

You don’t need to know anything about marketing to utilize a managed marketing service provider. You just need to know that they have the connections and expertise to handle subpar sales figures. They are used to working with both fast-growing and stagnating businesses.

Marketing isn’t just for businesses that have already gotten a running start. It’s for businesses with momentum on their side, or companies that need new solutions. These service providers work with the newest and most up-to-date marketing methods. They keep up with the latest trends so you don’t have to. So, if you feel your business is lagging where it doesn’t need to, managed marketing services present a new opportunity.

9. More options 

Managed marketing services is a broad field. Even if your business has a long-established marketing system in place, there are more options available. There are more types of events, advertising avenues, and communications specializations.

By reaching out for managed marketing services, small-to-medium-sized businesses can explore new options. Potential profits can be expanded with the help of outside eyes that can provide an external audit of your current marketing.

10. Structural changes

Managed marketing solutions don’t just provide quick solutions. They can play many roles for your business. One of these roles is directing your business’s existing teams. They are often used to simply develop new marketing practices that optimize existing processes. This can be done with the help of a few pros, or you can find service providers that can help make several structural changes.

The bottom line

Managed marketing services are good for many businesses ’ bottom lines. They provide cost-effective solutions for businesses that don’t yet have a complete and thorough marketing apparatus.

With the right managed marketing service provider, a business can optimize its marketing cost-effectively, or begin to make structural changes that can be scaled up or down as needed. In either case, it’s an option worth exploring.

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